Sep. 7th, 2017

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Remember when I was like "I want to update on a monthly basis again"? hahaha yeah me neither

Anyways... hi, it's September and my entire life is writing MST3K fic and watching TV with Spencer.

The summer seemed to pass really quickly. We went to MA twice, once with Sadie and Colby for the Mountain Goats concert (the show was excellent, but everything surrounding the show was annoying, but Spencer and I spent the next day at my parents' house and that was really good) and once for Rachael's engagement party barbecue. Yes, my youngest sister is getting married. She asked me to be a bridesmaid.

McKenna from Wells is also getting married and also asked me to be a bridesmaid.

I'm trying to be good about bothering Spencer about wanting to marry him. I haven't even brought it up in weeks. We've been together 10 months this month, but July was the anniversary of us meeting, and I knew pretty much when we met that we'd end up together. I just.... gah, it's killing me that everyone I know who's getting engaged/married is younger (sometimes much younger) than me. I know that shouldn't matter, that I should be working on my own time, but... idk, I just want to make him mine.

(although I can't imagine myself with his last name yet and he won't take mine, lol)

I have written over 100K words of Mystery Science Theater 3000 fanfic in the past five months. My long cute plotty backstory fic about Kinga and Max has turned into a sprawling monster of a series that covers from Kinga's birth up to the current day and my endgame is OT3 family feels (because somehow the kinky threesome porn I wrote for Kinga/Max/Jonah is all the same story as the backstory stuff) and Kinga taking over the United States and fixing everything Trump fucked up. I'm also going way overboard with cute AUs, in the past week I've written: bakery AU, college AU, Doctor Who AU, library AU, museum AU, and in the week before that I wrote an 8K Mirrorverse AU where Jonah is a bioterrorist and Kinga is a CDC infectious disease specialist trying to cure his engineered plague.

Oh yeah, I set up a Mirrorverse fic challenge for the fandom and a few people participated! to the best of my knowledge it's the first MST3K challenge that's been run through AO3, although all the people are also on Tumblr/Discord... we set up an MST Discord server that I volunteered to admin and it's just been nonstop fan chatter there which makes me super happy.

I've been backing Lotolle on Patreon and she does one sketch for each backer each month so I've been spending all my freebies on MST fanart-- so far I've gotten Max with a kitten, Kinga as a spy, and Jonah in a suit. Plus I've been leveraging my weird quasi-sugar-daddy thing to get commissioned art, so I got a cute one of Max and Kinga on a couch, and a hotter one with Jonah and Kinga and Max in the shower (that's actually fanart for the story that made me realize that the OT3 series and the origin story series are the same series).

I'm also kind of sort of recording podfic again? at least I recorded someone else's MST fic and everyone seemed to like it. And I'm offering podfic and written fic for the Harvey charity auction but I'm lowkey terrified that no one will care and I'll look like an asshole who thinks her dumb fanwork is actually worth something when it isn't and... gah.

At work I've been co-opted into helping at circulation in the mornings because they're chronically understaffed and I'm terrifyingly efficient at processing bins so that usually takes up a couple hours when I get to work, but also we've had a shortage of actual stuff to do up in CMS so it's not like I'm being dragged away from anything important. And circ staff are SUPER grateful for the help so it's nice to feel needed. Katie is going on maternity leave, tomorrow is her last day of work this year. I gave her a fleece blanket and she loves how soft it is.

Oh yeah, CMS got kicked out of our office because the library wanted to give our space to a Headstart program, so we got moved to the boardroom, which is smaller but actually a lot nicer than our old space. It's... cozy, lol, and the wood paneled walls make it feel warmer than the half-assed unpainted walls in our old space. And now Jendy is in her own office which is REALLY nice being able to talk freely without her overhearing everything we say. My coworkers actually REQUESTED that I put my pops on the windowsills to liven the place up, lol. And now there are tiny people on the third floor and the poor IT department can hear the singing/screaming through the wall. Better them than me, lol.

Aside from that... Spencer and I finished watching Futurama, binged Bojack Horseman (which he refuses to continue watching with me), and we're currently almost through season 2 of Chuck and just started Stranger Things. He's also showing me the Spiderman cartoon from the 90s which is pretty decent. I'm REALLY enjoying rewatching Chuck and I'm excited to finally finish the series, and I'm glad that Spencer is enjoying it too. (I'm trying to avoid writing fanfic because I don't want to get knocked out of my MST groove.)

uh... things are going okay otherwise, I guess. I'm redecorating my living room in MST3K art. Oh, I got an MST3K tattoo for my birthday! It's one of Emily's silhouette tats, Joel's head with the bots inside, and I love it. I'm planning on getting it into a whole half sleeve when I can afford to, god only knows when that'll be. I think the next thing I add will be the Deep 13/Moon 13 badges, and then the SOL up on my shoulder. I figured I've loved it over half my life, it's a good thing to do a sleeve for. MST fans are so cool and friendly, this fandom is great.

and that's about it this time around.


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