Jul. 23rd, 2009

speccygeekgrrl42: (bruised not broken : Sulu)
My dreams won't let me sleep! Either I wake up because in them I'm doing something (reaching, going down stairs, oh I hate waking up from going down stairs) or because someone's trying to get me to do something. This time it was Julia. She wanted me to smoke a cigarette with her, but I was making cool things and I didn't want to go... she just kept coming in, "Danie~~lle, come on," "hey. hey. hey come on." until I got up from my chair and, yup, awake in my bed.

It's so weird. o.o

AHAHAHA FUCK MY LIFE I just went downstairs because someone's in the bathroom up here and guess what, I FELL DOWN THE FUCKING STAIRS. I'm fine, but I'm going to look like someone beat me up all over my back.

You know, I have been suspiciously uninjured lately. It's about time something happened.

Ohhh yeah, I can see the bruises on my arms starting already. Awesome.
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omg, the music mistress asking for help? shock! horror!

But no, seriously, does anyone have "Ambien" by Amanda Palmer? I need it for a fanmix and searching google... well, gives me a lot of spam pages basically. :( Can anyone help me please?

While I'm going on very off-chances, does anyone have "Dulce Et Decorum Est Pro Patria Mori" by Regina Spektor? I can only find it on youtube, and I can rip it, but if it's out there in better quality, that would be super.
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City on the Edge of Forever is such a good episode. I can't decide if the crowning moment of awesome is McCoy's CRAZY EYES or Spock in jeans, though. >.>

...the jeans win, yeah.


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