Jul. 1st, 2009

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I took my sleeping pill at 1 and got back up at 2:15... before I try again, I found this with a quick search and I think I'm only one of many people I know taking Lamictal, so it's my duty to spread it:

If you have a Costco nearby, get your scrip filled there, because every other pharmacy jacks the price up, most of them by over 70%.

And if you're paying out of pocket because you don't have insurance, go sign up for Medicaid. I don't know about other states, but at least in New York, the full price of psychiatric care is covered, counseling and meds and all. (and if you make too much... have them cut your hours, it's a saving in the end, lol.)

okay, back to the bed, Dani vs. Sandman round 2, FIGHT
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still not even close to sleeping

have tried most ways of getting tired enough to pass out

no luck

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Dear fandom:

The feathers on an arrow.

This word, it does not mean what you think it means.

the most entertained reader of mistaken words ever
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I finally ran a full virus scan on my computer. It took TWELVE HOURS. No wonder I don't do it more often. Didn't even come up with any real problems, just cookies from skeevy popup places. Arthur is in good health. ♥

Right now I am SUPERFUCKINGEXCITED because the Black Rose Saga just came up on SwapADVD and I AM ALL OVER THAT. You can't even buy it any more. Oh man when this comes I am going to put a needle right into my vein and mainline Utena until I start seeing Chu-Chu all over the place!

I got to go swimming today. One of the secretaries at the Salvation Army (the really nice lady, not the blind crotchety old man) has a beautiful house in Cayuga and lets us use her inground pool whenever we want. Today's the first time I went, and it was a lot of fun for not actually doing much, lol. I raced Julia twice and mostly just swum around the edges a few times, then laid in the sun for like... ten minutes. I really hope I don't burn. Usually my skin is so pale that I just reflect the sun's rays.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with an opthamologist, and after that (potentially) I am going to Syracuse with my dad and probably Julia too, to get my Aerie gift for the month and my birthday, so Dad can go to the Verizon store, and so I can go ogle the comic book shop some more. Seriously, I just want to spend an hour or two in there flirting with the cute geek with the nose ring geeking out.

The Postsecret exhibit ends on the 12th and I still haven't gotten to see it, but Dad promised that he'd take Julia and me before it closes. So that's exciting.

And I'm going to be gone for the weekend: Friday through Sunday, I'm going to Massachusetts with Dad and Julia and Rachael to be in Boston for the 4th, for the superawesome fireworks and to visit Uncle Mike and Vovoa. And hopefully, I have my fingers crossed, we will be able to visit the New England Aquarium because it's been over a decade since I've been and that place is off the hook with amazingness. I want to see some jellyfishes and some otters!

I made dinner tonight. Hooray for delicious vegetarian curry!
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I'm exhausted, going to bed early, g'night world.


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