Jun. 18th, 2009

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Dear fandom:

McCoy does use other insults besides "green-blooded hobgoblin" and "elf". Seriously, "I'm a doctor, not a ___" is a catchphrase; not being more creative with epithets is just lazy. (And, yeah, keep that down to once per fic unless there's a really good [read: hilarious] reason for more.)

Also, what I said about t'hy'la last week? Still applies. It's not a goddamn pet name, all right?

Also also, n00bs please go watch some TOS. Chekov is not all that sweet and innocent. Seriously, I don't even know seventeen year olds NOW who are as naive as he's being characterized sometimes. He's sneaky and brilliant, okay? And although I know I've been guilty of this, pleeeeeeease stop writing out his and Scotty's accents phonetically. Please.


PS, I'm sorry for bitching so much, here, have a link to a story that made me snort cranberry juice with lols: High Times on the USS Enterprise.
"This," said Sulu, holding up a plastic baggie with a flourish, "is Warp Core weed, lovingly grown in the 'ponics system by yours truly."

"While I am aware of your ability as an herbologist, Mr. Sulu, I am unaware as to how cannabis will better help me understand humans."

"Cannabis won't help you to understand humans, Spock. But smoking it will. It will relax you and help you get in better touch with your senses and emotions," Jim paused for a moment, "I think."


In the past... uh, five hours... I have gone from 130 tabs to 65. I know, 65 is still ridiculous, but at least I can close and reopen Firefox if I need to... it took a half an hour for all the pages to load the last time I had to restart. :o My name is Dani, and I am addicted to tabs. I need help to break the habit... xD but right now, I just need sleep.
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If there is one person or more on your friends list who makes your world a better place just because they exist and who you would not have met (in real life or not) without the internet, then post this same sentence in your journal.

Pretty much the majority of people I know right now who make my world a better place, I only know through the internet. I love you guys ♥

Today is the kind of grey and boring that makes me want to sleep the rest of it away... instead, I will cuddle up to some pillows and zone out while pretending to... do something, I guess. xD
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Devil in the Dark = ♥

What isn't to love about this episode? Lots of banter, ~mind melding with Jabba the Hutt's stony sister~, "I'm beginning to think I can cure a rainy day!"


Ahahahaha, Spock's sense of humor ftw. xD

Hortas. lol. Why do I think I've read a novel with a Horta crewmember on the Enterprise? Am I making this up? Hm.

Off to Memory Beta I go, I suppose...


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