Jun. 13th, 2009


Jun. 13th, 2009 01:33 am
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An hour after taking the damn pill, 45 minutes after laying in bed trying not to think about anything and completely failing to even approach sleep, I return with a task: either my tabs are getting cleared out or I'm going to get tired and go to bed. And if I clear them out and I'm still not tired, I'm going to take another one of the pills and maybe another depending on how long it's been since the first one.

Hooray for chemically induced sleep, amirite?

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ELL OH ELLLLLLLL the universe is like, playing jokes with me. I am completely unsurprised at who I got. xD

That said:

Hello, bold remixer! If you are a Heroes writer, chances are that you may know me (is that pretentious? I am kind of generally-known, right? o.o) and thus know that I am really, really not picky about how people play with my fics. Tags are here, and they should be pretty clear. If you prefer a masterlist, this is for Heroes and this is for everything else. My only other eligible fandom is Star Trek XI, and as long as you write slash I've probably seen you around. :)

I didn't keep a safe story, anything I write is fair game. Do what you will. (note, I am not suggesting this, but I have been told I can't do drama/dark fic... if that's an angle you work.) It's mostly porn... almost entirely porn... and it's all fairly decent-sized, between 1000-3000 words.I hope you find a story that will work for you to do! And if you need to ask questions, feel free to send an intermediary, or leave an anon comment here.

And thank you for signing up! Now let's have some remixy fun~~~~~

oh god yes, the Lunesta works, bed! glorious sleep!
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Does anybody else pull their own hair a lot?

I've been doing this often since I cut it short; just sitting at the computer, reading, doing nothing... not so much in the car because I like it to look good in public, but I just caught myself doing it. It's not like I yank on it, just wind a hand in and pull till it kinda hurts.

...well, at least I'm not biting my nails.

All of my prescriptions are filled, and my dad gave me a new bottle of Lunesta, so I am a-okay on that front for another month. I have no refills left, so I *have to* schedule with Dr. Mehrhof... I can do that on Monday.

OH HEY. Remix stories go live on MY BIRTHDAY! That. Is. Awesome. Because I'm probably not going to be doing a goddamn thing that day, and immersing myself in remix!fic seems like an excellent idea. I'll admit that I'm kind of awed/intimidated by my assignment. How do you remix perfection?! Gaaahhhh. I'm also entertained by who it is, though. Don't it just figure? xD

So hey, other remixers, how's it going? Are you excited/pissed by your assignment? Have you picked a story to remix yet? I kind of know what I want to remix, but it's three seperate stories in a series, not one story, and I don't know if that's allowed. :/ I can always pick another (there are lots of good ones) but this made me go ~~eee!~ right off.

And, as usual for a challenge, if you need a beta say the word! Unless you're remixing my stories, in which case... :3!

Okay. Today I would like to watch some more Star Trek. Before I do that, I have three tasks I *must* do: email Carol, take my winter clothes to the basement (and switch laundry, doesn't count), and clean up my computer-side table. MUST DO. *srsfais*
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Vulcan jokes:

Knock knock.
Who's there?
Logic who?
That is an illogical question, as you have been informed who is knocking.

Ba-dum TISH!


Jun. 13th, 2009 07:53 pm
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No, really, there is nothing to say except godDAMN, Karl Urban.
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Okay, I know I've been putting off making that Trek recs post, but THIS NEEDS TO BE SHARED NOW.

[livejournal.com profile] boombangbing just did the most kickass, awesome, hilarious and sweet epistolary/image fic since Shoebox Project.

How To Get Your Man

Chekov takes advantage of Kirk's ridiculous party behavior to play anonymous admirer to Sulu before the Valentine's Day dance. Spock is not amused by the misuse of official channels for frivolous behavior. Kirk is amused by ~everyone~.

Seriously, drop what you're doing and go read this right now. It's really perfectly executed!


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