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Woo. It's warm out there, and I have come to the conclusion that, my GOD I am a fat chick if I can't walk down two streets without breaking a sweat. Westaff isn't that far, and now I wish I'd walked there on Friday because then I might be employed next Monday instead of having to wait two weeks. But anyhow.

The recruitment lady at Westaff was very nice, and after I take a tour at Mold-Rite Plastics (classy, eh?) I could start at $9.65 an hour for third shift. Which works just fine by me, except Mold-Rite is on Main Mill, and that's a pretty good walk from here. I should get a bike. Hey, anyone gotta bike they don't want? :D?

Anyhoozle, I have most of my list done already! Hoorah! If I don't get a ride over to the other side of town, I'm going to have to put off going to Soloski's office to tomorrow (and, hey, my appointed counsel is SO NICE. Aww.), and if I don't get some packing tape I'm going to have to put off the mailing things. But I already have one BPAL auction up on the eBay machine, and I'm going to be adding more as the day drags on. I mean, passes. xD

Weeeooo. I need to eat something, like, srsly. Although I stepped on the scale today and saw 179 for the first time since probably high school. So that's heartening. Kind of.
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Help me, LJ, you're my only hope!

Last night my father told me that if I wanted to get a good job in this town, I should be a bartender. It's true, I'd have a dozen places of potential employment within a few blocks of my house, and people around here do like to get drunk.

So here's the questions:
Has anyone on my flist been a bartender? What's it like?
How many drinks does the average bartender actually have to remember?
I have the Savoy Cocktail Book and I know a few alcoholics, is that a good enough course/set of lab rats? Where does one find a bartending course, anyhow?
Anything else I should know?

And on the topic of alcohol, here's an article on how to stock your bar for summer for under $300. I seriously doubt that bar would last a summer, at least in my social circle. Especially considering that the usual method of drunkenness goes something like: buy a bottle, empty the bottle, buy a new bottle. But kids don't do cocktails, the savages. xD
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Going for my job interview.

Wish me luck. :D
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Yesterday after the audit, my dad was told he can't pay any of the volunteers meals&transport compensation. So that means basically everyone except my parents, Erica, and Crista are now volunteers in the truest sense of the word.

That doesn't mean I'm going to stop. My parents need me here, until they can find a replacement. But I'm definitely about to be putting the whole go-get-and-turn-in-applications shit into overdrive. And probably I should stop spending money except for paying bills. (:/)

My mom wants to take me driving after work. I'm probably going to convince her to stop on base so I can run in and apply at Macro. I applied in high school and never followed through with it, never even got trained. But I know as long as I apply it's a sure thing, and then I can work up to something better.

The question is, can I actually be as disaffected as I pretend I can be? Or is that job going to kill my soul? Apparently my brother got bitched out for wearing a hat AND HE DOESN'T EVEN WORK THERE YET. To which I cry a resounding "What the fuck?"

Aside from that, the world is pretty good. I had a spring in my step walking over, and 3 degrees felt kind of like 25 because it was blowing my hair back and I felt badass. The signups at [livejournal.com profile] rpfremix are up, and I think I want to do it-- I don't know if I have three pieces long enough, though. Maybe if I can do that Joe/Patrick for the [livejournal.com profile] slutrick March challenge in time.

Breakfast is a jar of mandarin oranges. Mm.
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Today has been hectic. People really don't get the concept of an appointment; I've had three walk-ins and almost everyone I had scheduled to come in, came in either really early or late enough to make me frustrated.

But on the bright side, I got to see both Lacy and George :D They came by to steal drinks from the gym. (This is socially acceptable when you realize that we have literally a six foot high, twenty-five foot long stack of donated, just-past best-by-date soda, coffee drinks, and energy drinks in the gym right now.) And Lacy's definitely coming back into town tonight, so that's going to be a sure ride if I want to go to Kelly's AND a way to the mall if she wants to go. But I think George already wanted me to go with him today. Oh my god too much mall.

I got one Christmas card sent today! Woo! What I need to do, I've realized, is address the envelopes first and then write the cards out. And for people I'm sending books to, I'm just going to wrap them in brown paper bag and tape the card to the front. WO INNOVATION!

Today I redid my userinfo. And I need to talk about Fall Out Boy more in general, and Patrick more in specific. And I should pimp my weemofic here instead of just posting it to [livejournal.com profile] we_are_cities and acting like I'm not all up in the band RPS, because I totally am. (Because they make it so fucking easy, really.) I've been using the Pandora Radio to keep myself amused-- and it is amusing, coming up with TAI and P!atD on the Fall Out Boy station. Because they belong there.

aaaaaaah too many people here. go away people.

Okay. I'm cool. Bored but cool. Mmhm. Gonna address these cards while there's ladies filling out papers. (Almost never men. Too goddamn proud, men are.) Wheecards.
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Who's the best person in like the world?

It is [livejournal.com profile] furryhatsrock, verily.

She did all my kettle-calling for me today, because she is love. And while she did that, I got all the stats caught up and some stuff done for Christmas Bureau, and yeah.

This is basically Kristin:

And she did fix it. ♥

side note: lmfao Tamiflu causes the crazies! I COULD HAVE TOLD YOU THAT.



Sep. 13th, 2006 12:55 pm
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I am not a bad person. A little moody, a little naive, but not a bad person, right? I like to help people.

But god help you if I find out when I'm trying to help you that you've been lying to me.

This guy who comes in for lunch every day with his skanky, attention-whoring wife (I've talked about Faith before, and what a problem she and her now-deceased mother were at the soup kitchen), and is creepy in his own right, came in for assistance today. While his harpy of a wife is singing her omgwroteitmyself! songs at my poor mother, he's like "Yeah, I need food for six." I pulled his file-- there's three listed. Wanda came in and was all, "Six nothing, there's just him and her." And his defense?

"Oops, it must have slipped out."

PLEASE. I am too well-bred to punch a lying asshole in his face, or he would have been pooping teeth. I can't fucking STAND it when people try to take advantage of us. We're here to help, not to be your personal supermarket.

And her song sucks. I can hear her from out here, and I wish I couldn't.

ANYHOW. I've been wasting my morning on Facebook, adding groups and things. The mini-feed? Creepy. Definitely creepy. I don't know why people need to know what I'm doing as I'm doing it.

This morning I woke up with a cat on my refrigerator. I put her on my bed and she promptly began to purr, then tried to eat my hannd when I petted her. My right hand looks like a war zone now. Damn cat.

I look hot today. Sort of nerdy professorish. Khakis, tight tan sweater, light brown corduroy blazer-thing. I'm hot. *strikes a pose*

In an attempt to wake up with anything but Rufus Wainwright in my head, I went to bed with classical music on. When I woke up: Casanova in Hell. DAMN YOU, RUFUS. But now I want to watch The Libertine, because Johnny Depp ftw.

Yeah. Back to work for my sorry ass.
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Probably not ALL DSS offices. I'm sure that somewhere, in a magical land, they're efficient and empathic and helpful, and they actually pay attention to the circumstances and needs of their clients. And people get around on unicorns and magic carpets, and there's universal health care that works...

Still, I'm not talking about magical fairy land, I'm talking about right here in Plattsburgh and/or the good ol' USA. Let me share a few stories I've heard over the past couple weeks, with the names omitted to protect the horribly violated.

1) Due to the privatization of prescription plans instituted under Dubya, a woman with serious health problems is unable to receive aid for a secondary condition caused by treating her first problem. Either one could potentially kill her-- if she stops the first treatment, she'll get really sick. But she's really sick because of it as well, and although the secondary condition is treatable, the private company now insuring her doesn't think it's worth $5000 every two weeks to basically save her life. If Medicaid was still covering her, this wouldn't even be an issue. But nope, gotta fuck around with the health care system.

2) Food stamp bitch 1: To receive food stamps, you have to either have a very low-paying job, or go sit in a room for 8 hours a day doing literally nothing. If you get a job, you get a pitiful sum after jumping through ridiculous hoops. But who has time to get a job when you're fulfilling a completely absurd condition of getting help in the first place?

3) Food stamp bitch 2: A family of five (two adults, three young children) were getting food stamps. The mother found a job, but wasn't able to actually start working for two weeks. DSS completely cut off their food stamps as soon as they found out she was employed, regardless of the fact that she couldn't get a paycheck for a full month after that. When she tried to explain this, the response? "Too bad, you have a job, you should be able to provide for your family now." This woman literally broke into sobs sitting across from me while she filled out the application for aid. (I ended up loading her down with eight very full bags from the food pantry, and them my mom went in and added two more. We're both complete suckers for tears, but even if she hadn't cried we would have done the same thing.)

I see cases like these all the time, not just working in the Salvation Army but because my friends are also getting fucked by the system when they need help the most. What the hell is this department for if they aren't actually helping people? It's the most inefficient and soulless fuckup of an excuse for a social service organization I've ever had the dubious fortune of actually helping people in the wake of.

I'm sure that it helps people. I'm sure of it. But all I see, and this is probably why I bitch, all I see are the people who don't get any help. The ones whose kids are hungry because they make too much for food stamps but not enough for food and rent and utilities. The ones who literally come in with the clothes on their backs and not too much else. And even here, we have our restrictions, but I do what I can to bend the loopholes in their favor, because that's what you should do when your purpose is to help people.

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Surprising NO ONE, I didn't go home last night. I'll do it tonight. Maybe. (oh god worst daughter ever my mom hates me.)

Yesterday was a very, very long day at work; I think I know what I'm going to be spending all my time doing today unless they put me on register. That would be fixing the CD section, for anyone who was wondering. You know those return bins on the sides of all the racks? Yeah, the ones in our store are sadly very full because people can't learn the freaking alphabet and put things back from where they get them. -_-; And I found more empty CD cases, too. I kind of hate people. Especially pseudogoth emo kiddies that steal bad music. x.x Anyway, I was doing that for about three hours yesterday and I still didn't have them finished, mostly because I kept having to run up to backup registers. xD

I extended my hours of availability yesterday, 12 to close every day but Sunday. Jim was like, "You won't open?" and I was very honest with him, "I'll open if you really need someone to, but I've never done it and I tend not to be fully conscious until closer to 11 or 12." He just laughed and nodded. So I guess for now I am the go-to girl when there is a need for time to be filled, because I'm always free. (roffles.)

On the plus side, though, I am still totally in love with working at Borders. My coworkers are all great, the job is mostly easy and fun to do,and I actually can help people 90% of the time when they need to find something, order something, whatever. I still have a slight problem with out-of-print orders, and I don't think I'll ever get the hang of the periodical section (which is organized by the whimsy of the IPT crew), but for the most part? I'm starting to rock at my job, and I adore it.

Hopefully, I will have my computer back by tomorrow night. Right now, though, I gotta go shower. :D

eta: also, I had a dream in which I hit Logan Echolls with a wet towel and he fed me peanut butter fudge. Strange but affectionate? Sure. I don't mind, he was sweet. ♥
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I really, really hope that some time this week they stop putting me behind the register all day, because every time I'm on register all day I want to cry by the time I leave. For reals. No real reason I can tell, I'm good at the smile-friendly-have-a-nice-day thing, I don't suck too too bad at cashiering (and like Joe said, "it's never too late to trans abort!"), and it's not HARD, I just... would rather do something helpful than something functional, I suppose.

On the topic of being nonfunctional, I'm two sentences in on a two-page paper due tomorrow at 10 AM. But my room is pretty clean, I made another post to [livejournal.com profile] muse_secrets, and I have two things ready to mail tomorrow, two more half-done. ([livejournal.com profile] evil_kat, I'm so sorry, I suck. I loaded your package down with extras, plz don't hate me for being slow.) I also watched Run Lola Run when I got home, and dude, Lola/Manni OTP. I love it. It's such a good movie. I kind of want a Lola icon; has anyone seen any good ones?

Tomorrow, between classes, I have to check at financial aid and make sure I've taken care of everything I need to. I'm pretty sure I have. And then I need to know when my refund check will be in, lols, because I have credit card payments to make. Oops.

Also, hopefully, tomorrow, I will get my book, my paints, and my BPAL in the mail. I would be exceedingly happy-- nay, delirious!-- if I got all four packages I am expecting. But I don't think it'll happen. I'll settle for my book so I'm not falling behind in class anymore.

Last week I ate breakfast and I actually stayed awake in all my morning classes. I think I need to try that tomorrow, too. Except, you know, finishing this paper first, and not writing LJ entries or cleaning to procrastinate anymore... yeah.
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*delirious twirling*

I love my job.
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I went and signed up for classes today. 13 credits; Environmental Science (4, with a lab), Human Development (3, a psych course), Intro to Painting (3, I always wanted an art course), and some history class (Modern Western Civ) that I'm going to replace because there is no way I can get up to the CCC campus for an 8 am class. No way at all. Everything else fits in neatly with my brother and George Tyndall's schedules.

After I shower I have to go fix my FAFSA and TAP and remind myself to print those out tomorrow, aaaah. And bring them back up to Financial Aid so I can get a deferment and not get kicked out of college again. And I have to ask my parents about the SA scholarship and getting that done. And I still have to go buy books. I am not freaking out, I am just a little stressed.

I start work in something like forty-one hours. No, I lied, I am freaking out, I'm just going to go freak out in the shower.

nothing fits together. why haven't I just thrown this stuff away yet?


Jan. 16th, 2006 05:54 pm
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who has work on Thursday and Friday night?


that WOULD be me kthx.

5-9 Thursday and Friday for training, and next week I get put on the regular schedule, OMFG AAAAAAAH!



Jan. 10th, 2006 06:16 pm
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Who has an interview tomorrow at Borders?

I do believe I have an interview tomorrow at Borders.


2:30, interview with Paul, AAAHOMG. *flail*
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I work, as if you didn't all know, at the Salvation Army. I'm a secretary, I handle a lot of the social services work and answer phones and stuff. So I deal with a lot of the batshit crazy element of my community.

On the phones, though, things are usually bearable. I had a call today that pissed me off so much I was literally trembling. And this lady isn't even part of the community.

Me: the lovely, usually level-headed secretary
BSC: the batshit crazy "Christian"

BSC: "You don't know what Christian is!"
Me: "Trust me, I know from Christian, and you, lady, are no Christian."

remove the plank from your own eye before you remove the speck from that dude's )

So, yeah, maybe I'm a hypocrite, maybe it's stupid to argue something I'm not entirely faithful to, but I HATE HATE HATE stupid faux-christians who just make the really faithful, decent, Christlike ones look like a bunch of tools by association.

Un-dear lady who called me today,

Please. Come to my church on Christmas. I dare you. I know what your voice sounds like, I know you're not from around here.

You know what? You were right about one thing. I'm not a born-again Christian anymore, and I have no qualms at all at punching your fucking face in. Not even on Christmas.

I triple-dog dare you, bitch.

Yours in Christ knuckle-cracking anticipation,
your friendly neighborhood Salvation Army secretary.
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In honor of the season-- no, really because I was sick of having roots and sick of being a redhead and sick of being obviously, patently fake in my appearance-- I dyed my hair back to as close to its natural brown as I could find in a box. Or rather, I let my little sister dye it for me. Now I just have to do something with how horrible it looks as a style; the color is fine (I think).

Damn, my camera phone is good. ANYHOW.

So achy and weak today. I wish every day could be three days before, when I had that burst of creative energy. I just want to go back to bed now. Stupid being a girl.



Ugh, so today. I have to finish the volunteers' stats. I have to finish at least three drabbles for I Hear Voices, and I'd like to at least break 1,500 words for not-nano writing (which I should probably plot out more).

And if I get all the writing done, I will go out and buy the biggest freaking pomegranate I can lay hands on. Oh, god, tangy fruit goodness. I love the end of autumn for pomegranates and pumpkin pie/pumpkin bread, and I think my mom owes the family an apple crisp or three for the season still.

Autumn food = the win.

Okay, okay, filing, then stats, then writing. And hopefully somewhere in there, losing the feeling of needing to puke.


Sep. 22nd, 2005 09:51 am
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WHILE I'm already being a bitch, maybe I should talk about my work a little bit.

No, ma'am, we won't furnish your house for you. Get some milk crates and work your way up, just like the college kids do. Just because you have to pay at the thrift store doesn't mean it's going to be any more that $15 for a bed, probably. If you want to hang up on me, you can go fuck yourself on a bare floor.

No, sir, lying to me about the last time you were here won't get you food assistance quicker. Actually, you won't get any at all. Can no one read the "EMERGENCY FOOD PANTRY ONLY" sign? That means you every-six-month users have to go hit up the rest of the pantries in town. What? You already used them all and you have no food in the house? Well I guess you shouldn't have spent everything that's not food stamps on cigarettes and scratch tickets. And stop having kids, for the love of god.

No, Tom, I don't want to talk politics with you. I don't want to plot to make my Republican mother freak out. I have to live with her. I don't want to hear about your awesome sound system, I don't want to borrow your DVDs, I don't want to debate the Stones vs. the Beatles. I want you to leave my office.

No, creepy guys from the soup kitchen, I don't want to talk to you. At all. Please get out of my office. Please don't hit on me while I'm in line for lunch. Just stop it.


Okay. I feel better now.

Dear reasonable people in actual need,
Sorry about all those assholes who make me snappy and suspicious. I like you. I really do.

your friendly Salvation Army secretary.
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I overslept and had a fucked up nightmare/dream where I missed my aunt's wedding and found my Poppy's grave. So, yes, not pleasant.

and the oversleeping part just... now I have to stay at work until 3, and I'm in a miserable mood, and I'm still all broken out and just sore. My hands are shaking. So, yeah, not good or fun or any kind of wanting to even be alive right now.

So i'm just burying myself in work, even though I did most to all of it yesterday. And my website, because it's something I can just focus on. And I have to call the therapist to schedule an appointment, Or rather, I just did that, and I fucking hate answering machines, I'm such a retard, I hate myself. The doctor's going to think I'm retarded or something.

-_- One of those days. Please, please, please, someone shoot me in the head.
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So apparently when I make a big everything post, no one reads it. Or I stand alone with no commentary needed. So, for anyone who missed it last time, I'm trimming down my flist a bit-- some people who never post, some people who post a lot and I feel stupid for just skimming all the time, some people who just bore me. (Okay, one person. Insert stuck-out tongue here.) You know how often I make locked posts (i.e. never), so it's not like I'm shutting anyone out, I just think it's retarded to have a huge flist and skim so much every day. (My goal is to get back down to 100 people, honestly. And maybe back to like 30 communities.) So, it's not you, it's me.

That said. I am so nauseous right now. I'm just entirely stressed out for no reason at all except these obsessive little fears eating my head. I'm so stressed i"m breaking out. That's pretty goddamn stressed, and it's making me sick. On the plus side, I have the number of a therapist and I'm going to call and try to set up an appointment tomorrow. (also the DVR thing. eep.) But right now, sick and feeling gross and strung out. Ugh.

Got a bunch of BPAL in today-- Dragon's Milk, which is cinnamony warm deliciousness, Dorian, which omg nosegasm so good, Persephone, which is beautifully tangy and rosey, and Venom which makes me want to gag and I bet I could sell on eBay for a decent amount. *nods* Because it's discontinued and I think it's disgusting. But people have to smell it first. So.

I've been working on a site for my characters, to kind of parallel [livejournal.com profile] _angsty's Character Collective, and I finished the imageside of the site today. :D Now I just have to do all the text. I'm almost totally done with one character's page, only 11 to go! :D :D :D

I have no initiative. I think I need to be put on amphetamines or something. :D :D :D Yay productivity through drug use! :D :D :D

....yeah. Gonna go stare at the ceiling now.

Oh, wait. Today there was a couple in my office from that town in Mississippi that got wiped off the map. Gulfport? Yeah, Gulfport. And they were just... so chill, incredibly nice and still able to smile and laugh and I don't know how they do it, but I hope if I'm ever in a situation like that I can still go on without just turning into a shell. because I think I would, but seeing them made me hope a little.

Now, I'll go.
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I just finished eating a cup of frosting and whipped cream. ._. And it tasted damn good. I also just realized that the shirt I am wearing now (the button-down shirt, not the t-shirt) is one I haven't worn since Grandma's funeral; it still has the coupons I stuck in the pocket on the ride home.

I woke up at 9, stayed in bed trying to reel in my dreams until 9:20, gave it up as a lost cause at 9:25 and ended up at work for 9:40. WEIRD.

Also, 13 went to powder on me in five minutes today. ;_; It lasted longer the last time I put it on. And now there's a sort of vague citrusy-dark scent under the powder, but still powder. FOO. I cry.

Today, todaytoday, there is a birthday party for the Jessica, whose birthday is tomorrow. And I'm going to take pictures before I wrap her present because it's really very cool and I'm definitely going to make things like this put-together present in the future. :D yay. And I have to write out her card. WOO.

And also today, I have to call BHSN and be like "hey bitches, you never called back, wtf, don't make me go all crazy on your asses. YAR." and hope that they, I don't know, put me on a waiting list that ends before, um, November. Because I really don't want to have to check into the psych ward at CVPH just to get back to school. I would be very upset if I had to do that, actually. I'd do it, but I wouldn't like it.

Aha! Also today we're going to the movies! Cry_Wolf, which is totally not my type of movie but is oddly remeniscent of the first round of To Die For, so seeing it anyway. :3 And hey, one of the actors is Sam from Supernatural! Hawt. Thumbs up.

...okay, I'm going to get one of those scenty wall things from Bath and Body Works, because this office stinks like whatever they make in the soup kitchen and it's bugging me out. SPICED CIDER HERE I COME. Eventually. Can I write it off as an expense? Probably not. But can I try? Hmmm.

Man, I love my work playlist. Totally nonoffensive, totally groovy. *dances in swivel chair* And I hate it when I can't understand people with accents, I feel like an ass. I AM SORRY MR. TURBAN YOUR ENGLISH IS NOT GOOD AND MY COMPREHENSION IS FAILING. ;_;

....this is a good place to stop, I think. Mmm, frosting.


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