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Yesterday was CRAZY. I mean, one of the craziest things that has ever happened to me, happened yesterday afternoon.

The day started off normal enough. Dennis drove me to Albany, we talked in the car, I genuinely like spending time with my brother, he's a good person and really funny to boot. So we went from New Bedford to Albany pretty much uneventfully.

Then I got on the bus in Albany. Around Schenectady I could see the sky getting dark ahead of us, and I started catching flashes of lightning, which was pretty neat. I pointed it out to the lady sitting next to me, and we started watching the sky in earnest. Then once we got past Amsterdam, the sky turned black and we could see a huge cloud start dipping down. She said "Is that a funnel cloud?" and I said "No, it's just a really big cloud..."

Then about thirty seconds later we drove through a fucking tornado. Right through it. Everything was whipping sideways, I was afraid the bus was going to tip over, Kate and I were holding onto each others' hands for dear life, it was the most terrifying thing that has happened to me since the car accident with my brother in 2006.

Someone got video footage of the tornado touching down. Not from the bus, someone who lived in the town.

The driver didn't pull over or anything, he just kept going, and he was really very steady and calm about the whole thing... until he called it in to his supervisor and then he sounded pretty shaken up about it.

I was shaking like a leaf after that, Kate was shaking and crying, so I gave her a Xanax and took one myself and ten minutes later we were laughing about it... but my god that was so fucking scary, I never want to live through another tornado, I probably would have cried if it hadn't happened so fast.

After that we drove through three more thunderstorms from Amsterdam to Syracuse, and when I made it to Syracuse in one piece, Shane and Mary were waiting at the bus station for me. We stopped at Mary's house to pick up her PS2 so we can have DDR nights on Fridays, and then drove back to Wells.

When I got back, I went over to Fairlane to hang out with James and got sidelined by Evian, who is back in town now, hooray! She is staying in Fairlane until she can get an apartment. I am glad to have her back, I missed her dearly. Then James and I went down to the lake and that was really nice because we had my umbrella, and the lake looks really pretty with all the raindrops splashing into it.

Today I have been putzing around Cleveland. I got all my actual work done in about a half an hour, and I was planning on doing homework for the rest of the time but I... kind of got sidelined because Threadless is having a $10 sale. So I bought um maybe seven t-shirts for myself and one for my brother? Maybe? >.> I really need to get rid of some t-shirts before I get new ones, I have too many, it's ridiculous. But these are all so cool! I finally got the TARDamask shirt! And fucking around on Facebook, and now updating LJ... so I'm going to go do the reading for Psych of Environmental Sustainability, even though I'm trying to drop the class. I haven't gotten any word back from my adviser about what classes are being offered next semester.
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So like I briefly mentioned, I am going to Plattsburgh tomorrow. This is good, I wasn't sure I'd be able to afford it this summer, but the combination of my brother driving, couch hopping, my father's permission to use his credit card, and not getting that job means I can afford it both money and time wise. I just have to get in contact with some people. I would like to be able to see Mandy Morpurgo's new house, I'm hoping Amber will let me crash on her couch for a few nights, it would be nice to roll a blunt with Kelly, I want to see Amanda Brown's kids. I want to go to the Cornerstone Bookshop before it closes down. I want to get a milkshake. I would really like to robotrip and walk around downtown, because I miss living so close to the river and the monument.

I will be there from the 28th to the 6th... so about a week and a half, which will be fine if I can do my laundry at some point. On the 6th, Dennis and I are driving down from Plattsburgh to New Bedford and meeting up with Mom and Julia there, and then I'm coming home on the 9th.

But. Since I am not entirely sure where I will be sleeping on any given night, I am not sure what my internet access options are going to be. I will always have my cell phone with me, and I will endeavor to at least check my email nightly.

It is weird that Auburn doesn't feel like home, but Plattsburgh doesn't feel like home either. I don't know if that means Aurora is home (scary thought) or if I'm just emotionally homeless.

Anyways, I need to go to sleep. Long day of driving ahead of me.
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!!!!! 90 people have downloaded my audiofic of History so far! I AM SO DELIGHTED I CAN'T EVEN PUT IT INTO WORDS.

The train ride went very well. I only loaded four radio plays on my iPod, and I finished listening to all of them by the time I hit Albany, which gave me an hour to do not much of anything because Amber got pulled over for speeding outside of Lake George and didn't make it to Albany until 3. So I sat in the cafe tooling around on my iPod, and some sixtysomething year old lady with a Touch came up and asked me to help her access the internet. So I got to use my geek skills for the power of good!

Then Amber and Kevin and I went through the mountains to get back to Plattsburgh and it was a long drive but it was really gorgeous and I wish I'd had my camera out instead of in my bag in the trunk, damn. Kevin knows all the cool little Adirondack lodges and back roads and stuff. And we're going to go hike Mount Jo next week! I'm totally hiking an Adirondack mountain this summer~~~~~

Last night I spent a lot of time at Mandy's, basically voiceposting the fuck out of her. I talked for like an hour and a half straight about everything that's happened to me since May, I felt like I was being obnoxious because I'm insecure in conversation. xD She's going to her sister's wedding this weekend, I told her to take a million pictures. ♥

Then we made it to Kelly's, who now lives with her sister Sadie and some guy Jon, and Amber and I got drunk, and we and Sadie played Scrabble, and it was fun. :D

So far this morning Sadie and I have been fangirling at each other, which is a little weird because we don't actually share any fandoms-- she's a theater geek and an anime fan-- oh, well, we do share one fandom, because we're going to have a Glee marathon here as soon as Kristin shows up with the DVDs. But anyway, cross-geeking, and she's going to listen to that Bleach audiofic I did, which makes me happy. :D The plan for today is all Glee for sixteen hours straight, or as long as we can go without passing out.

Hey, give me internets:

Please? :D
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This is totally because of Granada group-watch last night running overtime and too much exposure to the hotness, but I totally had a dream that I went to a party Jeremy Brett was hosting and talked to him for a long time. He was ultimately charming. ♥ My dreams need to maintain this standard of excellence and I'll be very happy when I wake up!

My mother is ordering my copy of Bending the Willow today, too. ♥

I was woken up by the FIOS guy poking his head into my bedroom and asking if I had a TV in there. I think I squawked. I definitely clutched the sheet to my chest like a blushing maiden. Then I fell out of bed and directed him to my sisters' rooms. He was kind of cute. And now we have TV that won't cut out eight times a show looking for the satellite, hooray.

Today all my plans revolve around Holmes again. First there's the encore watch of the Russian Hound of the Baskervilles, with Sir Henry's incredible mustache and that amazing fur coat that deserves its own billing in the credits, and then I promised [livejournal.com profile] lemonflav_lopfe I'd watch The Disappearance of Lady Frances Carfax with her so neither of us has to suffer through it alone. xD Then after that I have to record two chapters of History if I want to get it finished by the time I leave on Wednesday. I also have to come up with a playlist of Holmes radio plays to load on my iPod for the train ride to Albany and back.

My weekends are dedicated to the Great Detective and I am perfectly content to have it be so. :D

I also have to get my purse and my messenger bag ready to leave. There is a lot of random junk in my purse that needs to not be in it any more, and I have to decide what books are coming with me, and the last thing I have to get ready is my toiletries bag because I need to pack my pills after I take them and also shave my legs Tuesday night. it is imperative, otherwise I cannot get away with wearing all the shorts and dresses I packed, and basically that is all I packed because it's supposed to be over 80 degrees every day I'm there. Traveling always makes me nervous that I'll forget something. I have to remember a hat and my spare glasses and a gift for my brother (I totally got him a candle because his house smells like butt, it's really a very selfish gift because I have to stay there with him and I prefer the smell of pineapple orchid) and I really have to be very careful with my money this time because I seriously cannot afford to overdraft my checking account, the fees are ridiculous if you do that.

Agh, planning.

edit: Apparently my father is going to visit Massachusetts for three weeks starting the day after I get back from Plattsburgh. I really hope this makes the house easier to live in because he's been making Rachael and my mother absolutely miserable lately.
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My first [livejournal.com profile] gulf_aid_now winner has contacted me with the fic she wants me to do... and I have no idea what fandom it's for. It's anime, I know that much, and I want to say it's Bleach but I'm not positive. It's been a loooong time since I've had to pronounce anything in Japanese and my accent was always fangirl-tastic anyways. I hope I don't mangle anything too severely! I'd feel like a total idiot if an entire fandom saw me fail, even if it's not a fandom I'm part of. I still have to poke [livejournal.com profile] brighteyed_jill (my most faithful audiofic purchaser!) and [livejournal.com profile] taliatoennien about their choices.

I intended to do the sixth chapter of History today, but I couldn't bear to leave the air-conditioned room, and I can't record with it droning in the background. Tomorrow and Thursday aren't going to be any better, temperature-wise. I may retreat to the basement again for the sole purpose of recording and then scurry back up here. I'm very glad Rachael sleeps over at her friends' homes more often than here, or I'd be shit out of luck and sweating my way through every night. Not appealing. Well, it's only 74 now, that's liveable, but it's still much warmer in my bedroom.

I'm considering cold-messaging an author and asking her if she minds if I record one of her stories. [livejournal.com profile] candle_beck's The Narrator would become the longest one-shot I've recorded, but her prose screams to be read aloud, I swear to god. (On the other hand, if she says no, I'll be kind of mortified that I'm not good enough to do it. maybe I just shouldn't ask. NEUROSIS TIEM NOW)

....oh shit, my stockpile of truffles is going to be WRECKED. I should have put them in the freezer on Sunday when I saw this heat wave coming. Shitshitshit. I'll be eating them through straws now.

In better news, Amber has said she can pick me up from Albany on the 14th, so that makes my ticket there a cool $26 instead of $58. Sweet. Plus I get to spend two hours in a car with one of my best friends instead of four hours on a train with a book for company. Much improved! So I have a way to get there and a place to stay while I'm there, that's two out of the three vital things, and I'm sure once I make it to Plattsburgh I can whinge/wheedle/beg/bother/bribe my brother into driving me back to Albany on the 25th. Vacation planning: nearly complete. :D

I have $215 in the bank and $15 in... some pocket of pants I put through the wash, I think and hope, at least. That should be plenty to sustain me for eleven days, and I can make it through August without spending any money, I think. I can't remember if my father ever gave me the $250 he promised me as a graduation gift (he probably did), and hey, he still has to take me dress shopping, I almost forgot about that. I don't need a new dress to go to Plattsburgh, the ones I have will do just fine. I maybe could use a new swimsuit though, the one I have now is pretty ugly. I know I have a second one, I just can't for the life of me find it.

I am kind of sad that Dr. Giaccio put me back on Wellbutrin instead of Aplenzin. It's basically the same thing, except the Wellbutrin tastes like chalky ass, and the Aplenzin didn't taste like anything at all. Seriously, it makes a difference when you're taking it. Bleah. I think it's doing the trick, though, I don't feel nearly as manic this week as I did last week. Good stuff.

I have to figure out what books to take with me to Plattsburgh. I think I'll be done with my Dresden Files re-read (if I spend all of the next two sweltering days doing nothing but reading, which is entirely possible) by then, and I'm considering bringing one of my Holmes compilations to re-read, even though I just read them five months ago. I also have Sherlock Holmes and the Ice Palace Murders, which just came in from Paperback Swap today, and The Patient's Eyes: The Dark Beginnings of Sherlock Holmes, which is about Arthur Conan Doyle and Dr. Joseph Bell, upon whom Holmes was modeled, or so I've heard, anyways. They're both supposed to be very good books, but something in me wants to go back to the canon first.

...I'm just killing time until the Ambien kicks in, at this point. It might be offset by the Dr. Pepper I had with dinner at midnight, though. Why do I do things like that? Because I'm terribly silly sometimes, I suppose. Oh well, time to go play Frontierville until I pass out!
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My mom just interrupted me halfway through recording this chapter. "Who are you talking to?" Um.... >.> So I explained audiofic in as few words as I could-- I don't think I've ever explained fanfiction to her, but she's a creative person, I'm sure she understands the inclination if not the fact of fandom-- and she just gave me a look like "okay, my eldest is slightly nuts" and went about finishing her laundry. xD

I'm kind of glad she gave me a break, actually. This chapter is pretty emotionally gruelling to read. I'm just glad she came in during the Chinese food scene and not a bit where Watson is waxing rhapsodic about Holmes's ass. Or the part where I had to sing Lady Gaga, that would have been terrifying/embarrassing. Not that it's not embarrassing enough that the internet at large is going to hear me singing Beautiful Dirty Rich. I swear my voice is much better than that with accompaniment, I suffer from acapella recording, and also I was trying to keep it in character, meaning just a little bit out of tune. xD Yeah, excuses excuses. I know you're all going to laugh at me anyways.

I got to talk to my brother today. He said he would really rather not have to pick me up from Albany, and also it's like $40 in gas to get there and back, so I would owe him $80 to pick me up on the 14th and drop me off on the 25th, which... is basically how much money I would save by taking the train to Albany and not through to Plattsburgh. I just really don't want to have to wake up at ass in the morning to make the train, and to deal with that layover in Schenectady again. Maybe I could see [livejournal.com profile] l_loire and his wife for a couple of hours, that would make the wait much more bearable. If I could just get Dennis to agree to get me to Albany on the way home, that would make a significant difference... or maybe I could get my parents to foot the cost of the tickets, in which case I would can my travel-related complaints because hey, if I don't have to pay for it, that suits me better than just fine.

My bastard cat caught another baby bird. He picks on the little ones, he's such a jerk.

Tonight I am going to sleep in my little sister's room, because she has an air conditioner and I don't, and the only other A/C in the house is in my father's domain, into which I dare not intrude. (Well, I could sit in the living room if I wanted, I just couldn't sleep there with him watching TV all night.)

Now, though, I have about twenty minutes of recording left to do if I'm estimating correctly. So far I've only made one screw-up in 15 minutes of reading, that's pretty fucking stellar for me. Editing is going to be a cinch if I keep this up.

Oh. I'm totally going to use Facebook to try and arrange my birthday party. :D I've never used Facebook to set anything up before, I'm kind of excited about it. Of course, first I have to find out where I'll be if I'm not going to be at Peabody's all night long...
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I am touched in the head, because I don't have to go to Women's Camp with my mother but I'm going anyway to make her happy. I really like spending time with my mother, and apart from all the Jesus, this is a pretty good way to do exactly that.

Anyways, I'm kind of looking forward to it, actually. It'll be nice to get out in all that open space without any internets to keep me busy. I'll have books and a notebook in case I get the urge to write something, and my iPod for music, so I'll be fine, really. I badly need some time away from the internet, it's been all I've done the past few weeks (months? years?).

So I'll be gone for the weekend. Don't miss me too much while I'm gone. I'm going to do the 30-days memes a day in advance so I don't have to catch up when I get home on Sunday. My Farmville plots have been planted with a three-day crop. I am taking care of my internets business so I don't have to worry about anything.

I may or may not have time to do an audiofic before I leave. If I do, it'll be one of [livejournal.com profile] superkappa's.
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Peace out, cub scouts. I'm off.
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Okay. I'm all packed up. With the exception of the blanket and pillow I'll be pulling off my bed as I leave tomorrow, everything that's going with me is stuffed pretty much to the brink of not being able to zipper up my duffel and Bag of Holding which, uh, totally doesn't live up to its name, I should have been able to fit everything in there without it bulging! xD But it does an admirable job. I have presents... very little ones, for a couple of people, and the quilts for Hunter and Kensie because kids get my love more, lol. I hope they like the quilts as much as they liked the books I brought last time... or more, because I don't think a couple of books suddenly turned Hunter from an X-Box kid to a reading kid. xD

I'm excited and worried even though I know there's nothing to worry about. More excited. I know where I'm staying, I have a vague idea of what I'll be doing while I'm there, hopefully I'll get to see everyone and spend at least some time with each of them. I'm kind of apprehensive about seeing one or two people... mostly a "do they secretly want to see me or am I the only one who cares?" kind of thing.

You know, fuck it, I'll come out and say it: I'm worried about seeing Kristin. This is worse than seeing an ex because for five years she was pretty much my other half and then there was the messy breakup that left me feeling more raw and hurt than any romantic relationship ever did, and last time we saw each other we pretty much agreed that it was stupid to be mad still but we're not friends any more and sometimes I still wake up and think "wow, weird dream, I should tell kristin--oh right, not." So I'm going to see her, more likely than not, and she'll be all unaffected like she is and on the inside I will be five years old holding out my hand waiting for my best friend to take it and that's going to pretty much ruin me for social interaction that day unless I get too stoned to care, which, honestly, I probably will anyway. Hooray for drugs.

So there's that one little problem with my whole gleeful little trip. But aside from that I'm just excited and happy because I miss everyone so much and I want to hear everything they've been doing even though I don't have a lot to say for myself because, hello, my life is pretty much interesting only on the internet and even then it's not a sure thing. "I got into a bunch of new fandoms" isn't going to cut it for small talk with... pretty much anybody except Kristin and maybe Amber, and Amber already knows because she reads my LJ.

Really, I just need to shut up and go to bed and stop worrying because my friends love me and everything is going to be fine. Right? Everything is going to go just fine.

Maybe if I keep telling myself that, I will start believing it, and then I won't have a panic attack instead of going to sleep, because I really need one of those like I need a hole in my head.

(but on the plus side my dad loaned me money against my book buyback funds so maybe I can get my semicolon tattoo after all. Nothing fancy. Times New Roman, about a font 36, simple and clean and classic and right behind my right ear. At this point it's as much for the pain as it is for the symbolism, which is probably a little bit fucked of me, but at least I'm not hurting myself, right?)
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God, that's kind of scary. A small passenger plane crashed into a residential high-rise building in New York City this afternoon. ._.

But if we stop taking vacations, the terrorists win, so Kristin and I are still on track to come down tomorrow. We should be arriving in the city around 8pm, finding our way to Kristin's friends' house, and then Friday the fun starts.

Friday: 4pm: Lemony Snicket, at Barnes and Noble (Union Square, 33 E 17th ST). We'll be arriving early, possibly ridiculously early.
9:45pm: Katy Pfaffl, at The Living Room. (154 Ludlow St.)

Saturday: The Halloween Really Really Free Market, at some point in the afternoon.
Lunch/dinner with Kait at Peanut Butter & Co. (240 Sullivan St.)

Sunday: Catching the train home at 7:40 am out of Penn Station.

So, hey, if anyone wants to make a claim on our free time, say something! Just be aware that we're both poor-ass bitches. xD
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HOLY BALLS, Y'ALLS. I am t-minus two hours and thirty five minutes from getting on the midnight train going anywhere train to NYC. *FLAILS*

I packed last night, and while I usually pack like a moron, I think this time I actually have, you know, OUTFITS and not just random piles of clothes. So that's good. I have all my random personal stuff.. I have three books, just in case I get tired of iPoding it on the train... I have all the food ever, between my backpack and my purse.

Things I need to grab: A pillow, fleece blanket, and Mr. Squishy; cellphone and charger; shit I think that's it I'm ready to go.


So, yes. My schedule, as I know it, is up on Google Calendars and public; if anyone wants to hook up with me, give me a call or send me an e-mail and we'll see how that'll work! And...

Yes, I think I'm ready to say it.

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For some reason (which, in a surprising turn of events, I know full well: Semagic isn't staying in the toolbar, when I minimize it goes poof, and I don't have the patience to write a whole entry in one go usually), I haven't been updating LJ so much. So, uh... here goes!

There are exactly 27 hours between when I started this post and when I get on the train to NYC. AAAAAAHHHHH.

Yesterday, there was an incredibly kickass rainbow in the east, because it was halfway raining in the afternoon and then we turned and BAM-- end-to-end rainbow, as vivid and thick as I've ever seen one, every single color, and there was a double rainbow much fainter over the first one, also end-to-end. I wish I had a real camera, but I took some pictures with my cameraphone and hopefully they caught some shred of how awesome it was.

I think part of the reason my jaw is hurting is because I'm clenching it without even realizing. I woke up from a fairly okay dream and had to unclench it. Maybe I should start wearing a mouth guard to bed? :/

Today, I have work... and a chiropractor's appointment... I have to run to the orchard, which is right across from the chiropractor... I have to finish packing, and double-check everything in there... and then there's Prison Break and Heroes tonight. (Caught Studio 60 last night, yay Canada!) I am fairly confident in my ability to do everything I have to do.

The cat is asleep on the chair, and every time something happens, her little ears perk up like furry antennae. xD She's so cute.

I stayed up way, way too late last night, but it was worth every non-sleeping second. xD

My hair, now that it's dark brown, looks very Shane-from-The-L-Word when it's wet and unbrushed. Very wild in a sort of sexy way. Unfortunately, when it dries it goes FOOMP and curls up and looks silly. xD

And now to work.
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First, so no one can pay attention to it: the 66% positive meme. Plz?

Second, OMFG BURLINGTON YAYZ. Kristin and I, as planned, took the ferry over from Port Kent to Burlington. Yesterday was cold and dreary and a little rainy, and the lake was very unhappy. And so then was my stomach. Green? Me? Quite possibly. When we got off the ferry, we took a taxi out to the hotel (and on the way, saw the cute blond boy from the ferry hugging his girlfriend for like an hour on the sidewalk. Awww.), which was conveniently placed RIGHT NEXT to the mall. Sweet! So we ransacked that through (I got the cutest black and blue, Asian-patterned silk, bustier thingy), went end to end and then left again, much improved for the trip. CHUCK NORRIS PINS. Seriously, whoever made those for the WIN. "Love doesn't hurt. Chuck Norris does." Hell yeah. After that, we went back and swam around the hotel pool. I did laps until I got out of breath... so basically five lengths of the pool. Chilled in the hot tub some, ordered up Italian to the room, and watched Dane Cook on HBO. He's funny as hell, I didn't realize that before, but man... anyone got a Dane Cook CD they want to throw my way? I'm willing to trade, I have almost 10,000 songs on my computer and there's got to be something to trade with anyone. xD

Anyhow, that was yesterday. Today was a whole different story, because last night also involved a bunch of amaretto and coke, and I woke up.... with a hangover. :o I never get hangovers, but I've been actually taking the pillz, so it turned out badly for me. We checked out and waited like half an hour for a cab, tried to stash our bags in a bike locker but ended up just leaving them in the back room of a skate shop (Local Motion, if you ever hit Burlington check it out) by the waterfront (people in Burlington, seriously, are SO NICE and so easy to trust), looked through a handcrafted-t-shirt-art-gallery next door, and then took the long walk up to the Church Street marketplace.

The restaurant we went to for lunch, The Five Spice Cafe, was not only right on the way there, but INCREDIBLE. So good. All Asian foods, and the way the lunch works-- Kristin looked it up and we had the Dim Sum brunch-- was that everybody got an empty plate, and then the waiters would circulate through the room with big trays full of little dishes, each with a different food on them, and just hand out what you wanted. I had noodles with sesame peanut sauce, sesame chicken in a dumpling wrapper, some chicken with a berryish sauce on it, samosas, grilled eggplant which was spicy as hell, and something called "Evil Jungle Prince", which is basically the best name for food ever, even though I didn't like it too much (chicken with coconut-lemongrass sauce...?) It was awesome, anyhow, and on the way out some old guy was like "How'd you like it?" and as we talked to him I realized he was the owner. xD Which was cool.

Church Street was, as ever, most excellent and today was even more special! This weekend was the fortune cookie sale-- which means that a lot of businesses on that street had a bowl of fortune cookies with 10 to 40% discount tags in them, and when you checked out you got to pick one. I always got 10%, but still! And the lady at Full Tank (a most wonderful head shop) gave me 20%, because she was awesome. So I got pipes as gifts-- a very belated one for my brother, who LOVED it, thankfully, and one for George for helping me fix my computer up, and one for me because that's how I roll? It's cute, anyway. And I'm going to pass the dormouse on to my sister as a birthday present in a month.

At 3 we met up with [livejournal.com profile] insomniac_tales's sister, Becky, at Ben and Jerry's, and chilled there with delish ice cream in waffle cones, then did the other half of the street with her. I ogled the paperback edition of Areas of My Expertise, actually physically licked the audiobook copy (I'm healthy, don't worry), and left Borders empty-handed because I'd gotten like five books at used bookstores already. Got some Fresh Mint tealights at Yankee Candle for me, when I went to get big candles for my mom. Also hit up The Body Shop and got some edibly delicious-smelling perfume (satsuma and vanilla), lip gloss, and tea-tree face blotter tissues. Also also hit Lindt Chocolates and got mad crazy chocolate. I came this close: |----| to getting a bar of 99% cocoa chocolate, but I got the 70% instead because 99% would put me off chocolate for a month.

We got sandwiches at a great place next to the Flynn Theater, but I can't remember the name of it, and we ate in the park across the street. On a bulletin board were posted about ten or twelve pink and blue sheets with big ampersands in the middles, so I took my sharpie and added "hearts;" to all of them. xD It was awesome fun, and Becky is incredibly cool, but that is where the Vermont adventure ends, because from there we got our stuff and caught the ferry home.

Upon getting home, I crashed a bit, then went to deliver pipes and hats to Dennis and George. Like I said, they both liked them-- George liked his hat the most, he said he wouldn't even take it off to shower xD -- and I got to see my brother's apartment for the first time. It's pretty nice. They (he, Kyle, and the other guy who lives there, Kyle's brother) have a four month old pit bull puppy named Riley. Frank brought over his pit bull, who is I think a year and a half old, Smoke, and Riley was trying to eat Smoke. xD All biting, and the bigger dog was like "*sigh* kids..." and batting it away. It was pretty funny.

Came home, took a nice long bath and listened to the first disc of Dispatches From The Edge, finally, which was not a good thing to do in a candlelit bath tub (walls of water! mass graves! suicide! yeah, I feel way relaxed.), but now I'm all clean and warm and ready to call it a night.

Today was a good day. I am happy. :)
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Back when I saw them in concert with My Chemical Romance, I didn't really get sucked into Thrice. Their back-of-the-stage banner was interesting, and Image of the Invisible was catchy, but I wasn't there for them.

On impulse, I stuck Vhiessu into the CD player while I took my shower, and I was a little bit blown away. Because seriously, this is a good band, and I wish I'd picked up on that earlier. Some of these songs are sparking little memories of louder music and people singing along, and.... it would have been cool if I'd appreciated seeing them live more than I did.

Anyhow. I'm ready for Vermont. My bag is packed, I look cute and I smell good because all my shower stuff is awesome (pink grapefruit hair, lemongrass face, ginger body... I'm lickable!) and I am, in fact, psyched. :D

I think there's internet access at the hotel, but if anything, my posts until tomorrow night will be voice posts, so! Adios, LiveJournalLand.
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Mmmm, nothing like being woken up at 9:30 by parents looking to borrow DVDs for their kids.

Anyone who knows me knows that my DVD collection is heavily populated with drugs, violence, sex, and a whole lot of swearing. I have, maybe, 10 appropriate movies. And I still managed to find one for the girl and one for the boys, while I was mostly asleep. Because I am a winner.

Anyhow. I found out last night that even having a lockable door does not guarantee me privacy, so that's... sad.

Ew. Someone with a crying baby just stopped by, AND the dog has gas and decided to sit next to me when I came back in. Double whammy. Kids and pets.

Off the whining for a second: I did buy my train tickets already! I will be arriving at Penn Station around 8 pm on Tuesday, September 26, and leaving from the same at 8:15 am, October 2. Thursday is all about the Gaiman/Hodgman affair (tehehehehe), and at some point on Friday is the Prussian Blue musical. I'm keeping track of all my stuff to do on Google Calendar, because I'm smooth like that.

SO. Would anyone in the NYC area like to, say, do lunch or anything while I'm down there? Because I'd like to see and or meet some of you! Just, you know, leave a comment, let me know. ♥

and now, I throw myself back into the abyss of my day. *grabs a book, a banana and a drink, hides under the bed*
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Note to self: Amtrak- H571

Apparently, taking the train is cheaper than the bus. This may not be a new situation, but I have a very short memory, so.

But! The expense is not the point. The point is that Neil Gaiman and John Hodgman are going to be in NYC September 28th, and I would like a piece of that action. So. The train. It's $88 round-trip, with the coupon code, and I'd probably come down on Wednesday and leave on Sunday or some such.

So, should this happen (and I'd very much like it to), would anyone besides the Kaitness who is the cause of the trip like to make a claim on my time? :D

Also! Would anyone like a buttload of Star Trek novels? I even have three by William Shatner (plus his autobiography!). I just hate to throw out books, it feels like child abuse.
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Not exactly a meme, but something I saw on someone's journal which I felt beared exploring: If you could eat one celebrity based on taste alone, who would you eat? Someone said Sean Astin is the perfect mix of fat and muscle. Someone else said Suri Cruise.

I think I'd probably go for Elijah Wood. I don't really know why, he just seems like he would be tasty.

Anyhow. Tomorrow with a little good luck, my mom is taking Amber and Kristin and I to Burlington for good food and a good movie and maybe even some good shopping. I'm excited. She needs to relax, and my friends and I aren't exactly high-tension people. We'll need to curb the swearing a bit, but basically it should be a pretty good time. I have to get funny and non-sequiteurish cards to send to people. xD;

So I have to A) Ask my mom if she wants to do it after all, suggest time frame, B) Call Kristin and Amber and let them know, C) cash / deposit my check and Kristin's check, and D) have money for everything when we get there. Meep.

And I think I just saw over my dad's shoulder him making reservations for a hotel on the 16th. So, um... cool, potentially. :D

Tonight was most satisfactory, even though I'm all bugbitten again. Sparklers in front of Lake Champlain: good times!

And... now I'm gonna sleep! :D
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Mostly packed; about to hop in the shower and then get on the road.

If you need me, you have my cell phone number, if you think you need me and you don't have my number, send me a text message.

Here I come, Maine, be ready for me.
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Home now, OMG, this was the LONGEST and BEST weekend EVER.

Heads up, y'all, my little sister now has an LJ. [livejournal.com profile] 91cemeterydrive.

([livejournal.com profile] pocky_slash, I may jack your style and refer to her as 'the girlchild' time to time now. xD)

More of a full thingy on the weekend once I GET SOME GODDAMN SLEEP, OMG.
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Okay. The train? Was busted. I broke my glasses on the bus they used to take us to Albany, the train broke 15 minutes out of Albany, we were supposed to get to NYC at 7:40 and we made it there at 9:45. JESUS H.

But you know what? Fuck the travel, fuck the broken glasses, fuck all that because WE MADE IT. I have a spare pair, I can tape my broken ones (they broke at the nose, very Harry Potter), we got here okay, My little sister surprisingly rocks, and HI WE'RE HERE WITH SHELL AND AI FINALLY.

And last night, HARRY POTTER. AND MEETING KAIT. [livejournal.com profile] pocky_slash=love. also love, and spoilers )

In short, *orgasms*.

Then AFTER the movie, the car battery was dead, so we had to wait around. Until like 4 AM. It was okay, we had car raves, and Jason did a dramatic reading of "The House That Crack Built". xD

And, and, and, I LOVE BEING HERE.

Now to get ready for the concert, which is at 6. *FLAILS*


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