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Rules: Tell me you want to play and I'll pick up to three of your fandoms. Then update your journal and answer the following questions:

1. What got you into this fandom in the first place?
2. Do you think you'll stay in this fandom or eventually move on?
3. Favorite episodes/books/movies, etc?
4. Do you participate in this fandom (fanfiction, graphics, discussions)?
5. Do you think more people should get into this fandom?

[livejournal.com profile] boombangbing gave me Daria, The Good Guys, and Pushing Daisies.

1. I was 13 and there was a sarcastic cartoon girl who looked like me on the TV. Immediate role model, for better or worse. (I think better.)
2. I'm not really in the fandom. I own the DVD set, but the fandom itself is pretty nonexistent even if I wanted to be more into it. I'll always be fond of the show, though.
3. The Invitation, Cafe Disaffecto, Pinch Sitter, Arts N' Crass, That Was Then, This is Dumb.... most of the first two seasons really.
4. Nope, not at all.
5. Well, it's a bit late for it, but I think every teenage girl with a brain should see at least a few episodes.

The Good Guys
1. I don't remember. It was on after Lie To Me? I thought it looked interesting so I didn't change the channel. And I was right.
2. It's more of a casual thing for me than a real fandom. I mean, I watch it with my mother.
3. Bait & Switch, $3.52, Small Rooms
4. I haven't yet, but that doesn't mean I won't ever. I could see myself writing something for the series.
5. Yes! It's a fun show. Not brilliant, but solidly enjoyable.

Pushing Daisies
1. I think I came in already loving Lee Pace, but the entire premise of the show caught my attention from the first time I heard it promoted.
2. I used to be into the fandom a lot, but the cancellation of the show has pretty much killed off the fandom. It will always be one of my favorite series, though.
3. Pie-lette, The Fun in Funeral, Bitches, Bzzzzzz!, Frescorts, Comfort Food, The Norwegians
4. Yeah, I've written Pushing Daisies fic. (For Kink Bingo, even.) I posted an Olive/Emerson fic and never finished a Ned/Olive story that was actually not all that bad. I also made a few wallpapers.
5. Absolutely. It's not a long series, but it's so fantastically done. I want it to live on via DVD the way Firefly has.
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Where do our fandoms collide, friends? TELL MEEEEEEE (yoinked shamelessly from [livejournal.com profile] frontyardninja and [livejournal.com profile] perdiccas)

[Poll #1620993]

...dammit, I knew I'd forget one. I meant to put Leverage on the list, I really did!


Nov. 23rd, 2009 10:06 pm
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Heroes... kind of feels like it's wasting time these days. At least the one organic-feeling relationship in the show is back on the rails. xD I was pretty much not thrilled by anything I saw tonight except Adrian Pasdar fucking knocking it out of the park.

Lie to Me needs to keep putting Lightman in mortal peril because he's hot when he's desperate. Or, you know, do what they're doing next week and send him to Vegas, because he's even hotter when he's being bad. :D

Now, the hawk-like watch and wait for Big Bang Theory... and I should go do my laundry.


Sep. 9th, 2009 03:27 pm
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Fall = new TV. So this is what I need to know.

Tonight, 9PM, Fox - Glee
I'm test-driving it for the first time tonight, because I passed it up back when everyone was wigging out over it months ago. So we'll see how that goes.

Tomorrow, 8PM, CW - Vampire Diaries
I'll be totally honest, I'm only going to watch this because of Ian Somerhalder. Hopefully it'll be worth it.

Sept. 17 (Thursday), 9PM, Fox - Fringe
OMG OMG OMG FRINGE I'm really so excited about this one, probably more than anything else coming back. *makes grabby hands*

Sept. 21 (Monday) 8PM, NBC - Heroes
I'm excited about Heroes too, just not as much as Fringe. xD

Sept. 23 (Wednesday), 9:30PM, ABC - Cougar Town
Another one I'm watching just for an actor, this time it's Dan Byrd. We'll see.

Sept. 28 (Monday), 8PM, Fox - Lie To Me
FUCK. Why'd they move this? Now I HAVE to download on Mondays. Bastards.

Well, at least that isn't a whole lot of TV, and I'm more than likely going to drop a third of them. I didn't catch up on Supernatural over the summer like I told myself I would, so I don't get to watch that. I missed all last season of Criminal Minds, so I'm not watching that either. Not too complicated, just unfortunate with the Heroes/Lie To Me overlap. Ah well.

I have class in half an hour and I don't know where Julia is with the car. :/ At least this class shouldn't take long, it's another simple lab to prove we can take measurements.
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Hey, if you want a wonderful thing, you could try episode 1 of Pushing Daisies! *pimp pimp pimp*

My new favorite show, let me show you it! Seriously, stick with me here.

Do you like: Heroes, Dead Like Me, Wonderfalls, Amelie, Stranger Than Fiction, Big Fish, A Series of Unfortunate Events, or AWESOME MODERN FANTASY? Then you will like Pushing Daisies. (Official ABC site.)

This is Ned. He is a piemaker. Also, if he touches a dead person he can bring them back to life. If he touches them again, they go back to being dead for good. Because of that, he's kind of averse to touching people, even alive ones. Socially awkward but a creator of damn fine pies. (Lee Pace omgIlovehim)

This is Charlotte, or Chuck, Ned's childhood sweetheart. They hadn't seen each other for a long time, and then the next time they did, he'd just brought her back to life. Which means if he touches her again-- bam. Girlfriend in the ground. She's adorable, optimistic-- especially for a dead lady-- and has a pretty, pretty smile. (Anna Friel)

This is Emerson (obviously). He's a private investigator, and he convinced Ned to touch murder victims, get the names of their murderers, and send them back to eternal rest-- while they collect the reward money, naturally. I still can't see him as anything but evilcorporationman from House, though. (Chi McBride)

This is Olive. She works at Ned's pie shop as a waitress, and also she wants to get in his pants. Get in line, lady. (Kristin Chenoweth)

Also, the show is narrated by Jim Dale, the man who reads the US Harry Potter audiobooks.

There's the same kind of not-quite-real but wonderful details that made me fall in love with ASOUE, the quirky humor from Dead Like Me and Wonderfalls, the sweet love story angle of Stranger Than Fiction and Amelie, and the asskicking awesome writing from all of the above. This is seriously going to be one of the best shows this fall, and I encourage you all to give it a shot-- if not now, then when it's on broadcast TV.

Here's a more comprehensive review.

And now I get to go get my college stuff done. :D
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I just made like a million scene boy icons, so here, have a gratuitous one. Pete Wentz lika da monkey.

Still coughing, still feeling so blah. One more dose of vitameatavegemin Airborne and I hope this sick will be blasted out of me, though.

OH MY GOD WHAT YES~! Christopher Eccleston + being on TV = OTP PLUS IT'S HEROES OH GOD YES *fangasms*
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I guess it's a good thing I made all that icon space, because after zipping through episodes 2 and 3 of Torchwood, I HAD to go icon hunting. xD

Now I am going to Kristin's house. Buh-bye everybee!
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I'm just playing catchup again... so on Friday Amber got her car back, and we did little things like running to Little Al's and things of that ilk, and we had le fun.

Then on Saturday, Amber's car broke again. That was short-lived. And now it runs, but she doesn't want to drive it because when it breaks, it's really freaky. Wait, was that Friday? I have no temporal senses... it broke on Friday, Saturday I went to the mall with Julia and Kristin and we all got shirts and stuff, it was good. I now have like five movies with John Cusack, but not Say Anything, which I have never seen. And also Saturday EVERYONE was at Kelly's place, and George got me and Kristin and there were blunts and pipes and all sorts of fun things. So that was Saturday...

Today it was rainy, and Kristin and I cleaned her room, and we watched horror movies varying in quality from awful to Ghostbusters, and wrote, and it was also good. And also today, there was Studio 60 on the Canadian channel, and mmm tastes like spoilers )

My hair is wonderful when I rub it with a towel a little and then let it air dry. I have the most perfect silver-screen curls right now. I'm going to look like a banshee when I wake up, but now, with no one to see me but my sister, my dad, and the cat: I am so cute.

And that is all.
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So I think I officially don't like Harriet on Studio 60. Just, she bothers me. I love Tom and Simon, though. And Matt and Danny and Cal and Jordan. Basically everyone. xD And the whole show. I think I might have spotted the Seal of the President on a shelf during one scene...

Tonight I almost got caught up with How I Met Your Mother, too. Barney is still the ultimate reason to watch that show. Alyson Hannigan needs to eat a sandwich or a piece of cake or something and dye her hair back to red, she doesn't look as good brunette.

I'm all belligerent and bitchy tonight, aren't I? Miserable unfun little me. Feh.

One more story, and I will have finished three story tables this year. I can finish it by the time I leave for NYC. Hell, I might have all four tables done by Christmas. And then next year I will write nothing at all, because I hate my own writing and I basically suck at everything. :D

I need to split all my pills before I go to bed tonight. Note to self. I also have an assload of things to take tonight. Wheee.
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Things I did not need after forgetting my Lamictal in Plattsburgh and being unmedicated for a week:

This week's Prison Break.


Rrrrrrrrrrr. Staying up for Studio 60. Because Studio 60 will make everything better. Please.

....okay, you know what? I need a damn good reason to keep watching Prison Break when it comes back on in three weeks, and I don't even think my crazy pookie is going to cut it as a reason now.
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If anyone finds Dancing With The Stars on YouTube, point a girl in the right direction? Even if it's just the Tucker part. Actually, just the Tucker part would be best.

House = as always the love. Cameron is getting slightly less annoying! And oh, poor misguided Wilson. Chase and Foreman bickering is always, always lovely. And Cuddy? Underwire, right. Nice tits anyway.

Standoff now. Just.... mmmm, TV.

Also? Gina Torres in Standoff = hottie mchotass. Oh man. I will take a slice of that with whipped cream on top, please.
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I've spent all day watching Arrested Development, and will continue to do so until I... probably finish the first season, at least. Because it's really good. xD George Michael makes me want to give him so many hugs.

My father came home. The only thing he's said to me so far is "Is all this laundry dirty?"
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Fall TV schedule, including, to the best of my research at the moment, everything I'm interested in watching and, when available, premiere dates:

8pm, FOX: Prison Break (8/21)
8:30pm, CBS: How I Met Your Mother
9pm, NBC: Heroes (9/25)
10pm, NBC: Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (9/18)

8pm, FOX: House, M.D. (9/5)
9pm, FOX: Standoff (9/5)
9pm, CW: Veronica Mars (on notice) (10/3)

9pm, CBS: Criminal Minds (9/20)

9pm, CW: Supernatural (9/21)
9pm, CBS: CSI (9/21)

10pm, CBS: NUMB3RS (9/22)

I need to try harder to do that sleeping thing. I really haven't been trying hard at all.
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So stations are starting to reveal next fall's lineups. Assuming nothing's going to change (ha!) I can already start planning my viewing schedule.

Monday: Prison Break, 8pm (How I Met Your Mother, 8pm)

Tuesday: House, 9pm (Veronica Mars, 9pm)

Wednesday: Criminal Minds, 9pm

Thursday: Supernatural, 9pm, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, 9pm (CSI, 9pm)

Friday: Numb3rs, 10pm

And there's nothing scheduled for mid-season that interests me. Holy shit, Thursdays are going to be busy. I can download CSI and Supernatural, I guess, and keep my fingers crossed that Fox will keep replaying Supernatural at 11...
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Prison Break finale spoiler ranting )

No one wants to do anything tonight. This is why I need to learn how to drive, so when Kristin and I want to go do things, we don't have to rely on other people to get us there. :/ Watching Prison Break alone is nowhere near as good as watching it together.
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gay? or not gay? NO ONE KNOWS )

space? yes. )

My mom made tuna casserole for dinner. Eyerollingly good.

I spent the later part of the afternoon catching up on tee vee. House is THE WIN, I'm a little bit glad VMars is over so I can catch House on broadcast now. And CSI, oh man, I need to download the entire season just about, but I'm so in love with those characters it's not even funny. (also, hellooooo George Eads's stomach. How you doin?)

Also to download: all of Supernatural, because I need something to watch this summer. Possibly all of Prison Break. As much of Criminal Minds as I can. All of How I Met Your Mother from March on. Using the family computer as an extra hard drive? Why not? :D

Hopefully, Kristin and Amber will be coming over to watch the Prison Break finale, and then we're hopefully going out to do things. Hopefully. :D
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Um. I think I meant to say something about shows. Criminal Minds = A+++ would do business with again. I can't wait for next season, this is going to be good.

Watched the first two episodes of The L Word just now. 1: Shane is HOT. Like, whoa. 2: Damn, people have a lot of sex. Is that normal? Do normal people REALLY do it that much? Cause... yeah, a LOT. 3: I like Alice. And Shane. And Tim, and sort of Tina. Not so much Bette or Jenny. (Jenny's so goddamn emo.)

rkjgkrj. I have laundry to do that I haven't even STARTED and my father's picking me up at 9:45 for a dentist's appointment. I'm just gonna pop a couple caffeine pills and sleep until 3, then I have court at 4, then... what? CSI finale part 1. Packing the last of my stuff. I don't want to leave.

Just because I know things have to change doesn't mean I can't hate it when they do. *pout*
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Remember how I broke up with Lost last year?

Yeah, I just broke up with Veronica Mars.

It was nice knowing you, baby, but then you changed for the worst.

I think I'm going to throw up when this is done.

spoilery discussion of why )
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Last night I made a bracelet that is incredibly pretty. :D It's for [livejournal.com profile] bunnidarling and it's blue and silver and there are fish. :D I wish I had a camera, I'd take a picture of it, but I'm just going to have to mail it to her sight unseen. Hopefully it'll be more sturdy than the anklet I made that broke; I tried really hard to get the clasps on really good and if they break I'm going to cry.

Kristin and I have been watching Buffy. Season 2, and I'm amazed at how pretty Alyson Hannigan was back then, and it's so easy to see where so many things started when I just think about them. My thing for older men? Totally began with Giles. Redheads? Both Willow and Oz. (and don't get me started on Oz, oh god he was so adorable. "Who is that girl?" Oh, Oz.) And it's kind of scary how much old-school TV can rile me up; X-Files and Buffy are both middle school shows, and I can remember sitting on the edge of the uncomfortable white chair in our tiny living room, chewing my nails and squeaking and trying to shut up my little sisters when they wandered in. Talking about them the next day on the bus with Carolyn.

It's mildly alarming, mildly amusing, how much of the shows I remember. Punchlines I know a moment before they come. Plot twists that slide on familiar and comfortable as an old pair of slippers. Nowhere near as much recall as Kristin has, but enough to keep me wondering how the hell I still know these things or how the hell I forgot them in the first place. Lines I wish I was smooth enough to deliver. And I'm recognizing very keenly how much I love Joss Whedon's characters, how many parallels there are from Buffy to Firefly. Things Xander says that could just as easily come out of Wash's mouth. Little snarks that could be Mal and Zoe as much as Buffy and Giles. I think I prefer Drusilla's crazy to River's, though. xD

Anyhow. Alone in the dorm room now; I'm going to clean a little and write a little and pack as much as I can stand, and then more Buffy and at some point the first episode of The L Word, and make jewelry. Woo!
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I just watched the last two episodes of House. The two-parter.

Seriously, I need to stop watching TV. It's just wrecking my head. Oh god oh god oh god.

I don't think I can watch Veronica Mars on Tuesday. The reception is shitty, it's mostly static anyhow, and it'll be up for download in less than a day. I think I have to watch House, even if I have to fight off people from the basement lounge to do it.

Oh god.


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