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So I've been mainlining amazing Kirk/Spock novel length fic and then I went through most of a recs list and Ginni just gave me a list of 100 more and it's been a really enjoyable way to spend a lot of time! And Ginni and I have been watching the movies (Khan and whales, aw yiss) in preparation for our marathon of TOS episodes next Saturday. On Friday we are going to get our insignia tattoos. For Halloween we're going to be genderswapped Spock and McCoy (she's going to get a gorgeous curly brown wig), but she's ordering her uniform soon, because...

I was looking for Trek posters and stumbled across a lifesized cardboard cutout of Spock. And on Facebook I said if anyone bought him for me I would take him around Albany and take pictures, totally not expecting anyone to do it, and then [livejournal.com profile] citizenjess swooped in like Tony fucking Stark asking for my address. So this whole production is thanks to Jess, and I certainly hope it will be entertaining, because it's going to be Spock and me and Ginni going around town with a tricorder. Her boyfriend is going to take the photos.


And we have just been driving each other to uncontrollable laughter planning this, and it's going to be amazing.

And then the first weekend of August I'm going to RenFaire with [livejournal.com profile] l_loire and [livejournal.com profile] hearts_blood, and I'm absolutely sure that one of the fantasy shops has pointy ears. I very briefly considered dying my hair dark but the red looks so good on me, so a bob wig (oh, I don't know, Spock with a braid would be pretty hot...) I really don't want to wait until Halloween to do this so hopefully like the end of August.

....um, oops, I went on eBay to look at wigs and I caught a cheap one 55 seconds before the auction was over so I just completely impulsively bought a long dark brown curly wig, and Spock in a braid is a thing that is going to happen.


Now I have to look up tutorials on Vulcan eyebrows.

I am now looking forward to this away mission as much as I am looking forward to Faire.

Thank you, Jess, you have given me an insanely wonderful gift!
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Dr. Leonard McCoy. But not movie Bones, original series Bones. Because I've identified with Bones for over a decade, he basically does what I want to do with my life, which is help people and be sarcastic and compassionate. If not Bones, then the Holodoc, because once I had a dream about being a hologram and it was pretty awesome and yeah, I do believe that he's a person as much as a program, I have no problem with calling AIs people, Data is clearly a person, the Holodoc didn't really start out as a person but he definitely became one.

And yes, the doctors are almost always my favorites, except in Next Generation. Although Beverly's okay, she's just not my favorite. Q is my favorite from TNG. It would also be cool to be Q.
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While I was in Plattsburgh, I picked up two 7" records at Cornerstone Bookshop. They're like, the early version of audiobooks, I guess. "Original stories for children inpired by Star Trek." I don't know who reads them (actors or random people?), who wrote them (no author listed), or where they came from, and I really don't know how to get them off the records and into a computer. But! I bet one of you knows how to do that!

So if anyone could assist me in my quest to turn these into mp3s, I would be really grateful and send you something awesome along with the records. Like, a mailable baked good of your choice (cookies? cupcakes? brownies/blondies?) in batch size, of course.

The stories are In Vino Veritas and The Time Stealer. The art on the sleeves is all The Motion Picture era. These are 30 year old records with the plastic wrap still on the cases. It's kind of amusing, really, but it would be better if I could actually hear them, you know?

My AbPsych teacher thinks he is funny, but really, he can't answer a question without completely losing the point. My Personality teacher is genuinely funny, and reminds me in equal parts of Rodney McKay and a science teacher I had in middle school. xD Guess which one I didn't have trouble staying awake for.

I really need to get in to see Lisa and Dr. Mehrhof sooner rather than later. Tomorrow I MUST call and schedule appointments. Absolutely have to. Because even though I'm okay, really, I still kind of feel like I'm a sideways glance and a harsh word away from another breakdown. Ugh at my fucked up head. :/
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Yay, a couple of answers for Top Fives!

[livejournal.com profile] moorishflower asked for my Top Five Trope Scenarios. :D I'm going with fanfic tropes, not inherent-in-the-show tropes (although they can and do overlap xD)

honey, you been around as long as I have, everything's a trope sooner or later )

[livejournal.com profile] ozfroggirl wanted to know my Top Five Star Trek Fanvids.
thank goodness for delicious! )

Anyone else? C'mon, I love doing these! :D


Aug. 7th, 2009 10:47 pm
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I probably should have realized that I was bound to spend some time crying at the end. Knowing what's going to happen and being emotionally braced for it aren't nearly the same thing.

I think my best bet for now is a shower and a clean set of sheets on my bed. Cleanliness is next to sleepiness, after all.
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I just hauled all the laundry down and started it up, then carried back 80% of total towels owned to the bathroom and put them in the box in a nicely symmetrical way. :D Folding up my laundry, going to vacuum the second floor (Julia did the living room :D) and then it is me and the internet and Star Trek 2. KHAAAAAAAN.

Something I've been thinking about abstractly for a while but never really unpacked before: Tell me about your favorite canon character (any show/movie/book/musical/folk song/. Not just a name, but a full description that encompasses everything about that character. What you like about them, what they do, little details about who they are... but you can't reference other characters while you're describing them.

It's really hard for me to do. And to try and keep my head on straight. That probably made no sense, but it's been on my mind. Hohkay, Vacuuming starting... NOW

Mid-vacuum thought: someone should make a Spock fanvid to The Sound of Settling by Death Cab For Cutie. Y/N/MFY? Is anyone taking fanvid commisions? (possibly in trade and not money >.>) Inspiration?

Vacuuming end! xD The house will look good when Mom and Dad get back. Even my room is brighter and wider than it was.

I almost lost a fan out the window. At least it wouldn't have taken Butcher with it this summer. xD Julia and I watched him walk along the top of our chain-link fence like a sneaky hunting gymnast. And Xena proved that she's a narc in a sneaky puppy-eyed way.

Okay, movie time, back in two hours. :D Vacation for my brain.
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I just got a whole bunch of awesome new icons~~~ \o/

Okay, this is mostly a hilarious Star Trek link post, so... enjoy it! :D

One week in space, because as disaster-prone as the Enterprise is, they can't have a red alert EVERY DAY.

Actual dialogue from episodes, rearranged and made hilarious: Kirk and Spock's comic, and Spock and McCoy's comic (which I think is way more funny)

The cover of an honest-to-god Star Trek doujinshi. The subtitles: "Extremely cute captain, Mr. Jim" "Super cool Vulcan, Mr. Spock" I really thought that was nu!Chekov, not Kirk. xD I really desperately want to see a scanslation. I have a feeling I would be laughing for DAYS.

This is ZQ talking about comics. I'm still not entirely sure how he's involved with their production, but what the hell, they sound like interesting comics anyway!

I'm finally getting bloodwork done tomorrow. I have to fast from midnight until whenever it happens, which should not be a problem, lol. Maybe I shouldn't make cookies so I won't have any temptation laying around... or maybe I'll just go to bed before midnight. xD Typing that reminded me I'm hungry, though. Lunchtime!
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City on the Edge of Forever is such a good episode. I can't decide if the crowning moment of awesome is McCoy's CRAZY EYES or Spock in jeans, though. >.>

...the jeans win, yeah.
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Proof that William Shatner is actually a 13-year-old boy and Leonard Nimoy is the most awesome man on earth:

Shatner's Raw Nerve- Interview with Leonard Nimoy

Go. Get it. Watch it. Be amazed by how freaking cool Leonard is.

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In which Jim loses his tribble, and goes through the entire crew trying to find it. Most inappropriate storybook EVER! AWESOME.

Does anyone else think it's weird that Spock's first name isn't pronouncable by humans when he has a human mother? I'm sorry, I'd insist on being able to yell my own kid's name. "S'chn T'gai Spock, you stop playing with your sehlat and come in for dinner right now!" Doesn't really work, right? I'm just saying, I'm not even near as strong-willed as Amanda Grayson, and I'd have a problem with it...

I've downloaded more porn today than I have in the past three months before today. IN THE NAME OF RESEARCH. No, really. And if that research involves everything by Elijah of Corbin Fisher that I can get my hands on, well, he's so damn hot I'll be submitting my findings with scorch marks on the paper. >.>

The personality defect quiz )

Huh, I got brutal-er from the last time I took this test... I used to be the Starving Artist.

Tomorrow, I need to clean my room until I find my glasses. I hate wearing these rimless ones, they make me dizzy all the time. But mostly, I need to wake up and stay up. This getting-up-after-2pm bullshit has got to go.
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I... I don't even think Jimmy Fallon is all that funny, but THIS IS GOLDEN.

Tu-Spock. Yeah. "Gimme that Dilithium Cristal!" ohgodalmighty. xD

There's a Sorting Hat meme going around, I guess as a follow-up to the "which HP character are you", but I don't need to do that. I already know I'm a Ravenclaw!

So I said I would post a summer playlist... well, this is *part* of what I have as a summer playlist, and it's not even all related to summer, and basically this is the cheap'n'easy music post version because I am ~bizzy ritin fic~ and stuff.

Gym Class Heroes - Clothes Off!
Eve 6 - Open Road Song
Ani DiFranco - The Whole Night
Dresden Dolls - Shores of California
Jason Mraz - The Forecast
Michael Jackson - You Rock My World
Foo Fighters - Best of You
The Academy Is - Neighbors
George Thorogood - One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer
Dar Williams - Troubled Times
Jack Johnson - Flake (.m4a)

Jul. 12th, 2009 11:22 am
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Happy birthday, [livejournal.com profile] etoile_dunord!

This is like, the cutest Trek art. Because a bubble bath is auto-cute! This artist did a whole bunch of Hot Fuzz fanart. Her style's really simple but I'm glad she's doing Trek stuff now. ♥ This one made me giggle like mad.

Oh, it's getting on toward noon, better wake Julia up.

...lol, I has a DeviantArt, I totally forgot about it because I made it in 2003. So if anyone wants to lol at my awful art from high school/early college, have at it xD
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E'erybody look at me cause I'm flying on a ship!

dammit friends, I'm a fangirl, not a doctor! )

Hell yeah, all I need is some silver ribbon and I got a promotion to Lieutenant!
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I'm exhausted, going to bed early, g'night world.
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Is it selfish of me to say that it's not as bad having writer's block when most the people I know are suffering the same condition at the time? I feel less like a loser when no one else is getting anything done either. >.>

I'm all twisted up in knots for Remix more than anything. Writing a story is one thing, rewriting another person's story is an entirely different sort of beast, and one that needs more careful handling. Especially trying to rewrite a story that still drop-kicks me across the room with how good it is after reading it, oh, ten times at least....

And that's being blocked on the stuff I have to do already, not to mention how much I want to grab a few prompts from the TrekNovelFest at DW. I want to write all of the Wounded Sky prompts I didn't make myself, and what a pain in the tuckus it is that Keenser's species never got named, sheesh, what's a good canon-following fangirl to do?

Anyway. Diversionary tactics of an amusing sort:

Star Trek Inspirational Posters (by Gary) It took me a while to work through all of them, but by the last gallery I felt both entertained and informed! For example, did you know that over half the Big Seven were on Twilight Zone? That Middle-Earth had starships? That you wouldn't like Scotty when he's angry? That Captain Kirk prefers to play as Yoshi during the weekly Mario Kart tournaments? That Data should not be allowed to upgrade his own GUI? OR MOST IMPORTANTLY, that Leonard Nimoy was absolutely nommable? Well, you probably did know that.

The world's most disturbing remote control: when not in use, it goes limp, "breathes", and glows; reach for it and it gets hard and stops glowing. Well. Now. That's a... yeah, that's *just* too late for Father's Day. Huh.

Centuries in the future, ceiling cat may not reach the stars.... but don't worry, ceiling Keenser is watching you. xD

This is the best prompt ever, and I am sad no one has filled it yet.
Someone on board of The Enterprise is *gasps* homophobic! Crew is sympathetic, because, come on, phobias are ridiculous but cute.
I want this particular phobia to be treated like any other, with different crew members being different spectrum of tolerance.:
- Big mean spider gay sat next to you in mess hall? AW. Poor you. *pats on the head*
- Come on, I bet he was more scared of you than you were of him!
- Phobias are illogical
- This is ridiculous! It's just a spider gay man! What's it he going to do to you, biterape you?

Bonus for a panicked middle night call to someone because there is a spider on a ceiling! are gay people living in the quarters next door! :O

Man, that video will never get old. George Takei is the man.

Another most excellent thread from the meme: it's Chekov/Sulu, except told in diary entries, captain's/doctor's/first officer's log entries, and miscellaneous sources. Apparently there are at least four anons who have been spinning this yarn out, and it is ~hilarious~!

Last commentfic for this post, I promise: Kirk finds a sehlat for his first officer. Which is worse: being mauled to death by a Vulcan teddy bear, or dying from allergies to one? xD

To end this entry: I believe I may be shifting my oral fixation back from Skittles to sunflower seeds. This is probably only going to be beneficial, as far as my teeth are concerned.

Tomorrow is predicted to hit 90 degrees with a fierce thunderstorm in the afternoon. I'd rather the temperature be a lie than the precipitation...
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Devil in the Dark = ♥

What isn't to love about this episode? Lots of banter, ~mind melding with Jabba the Hutt's stony sister~, "I'm beginning to think I can cure a rainy day!"


Ahahahaha, Spock's sense of humor ftw. xD

Hortas. lol. Why do I think I've read a novel with a Horta crewmember on the Enterprise? Am I making this up? Hm.

Off to Memory Beta I go, I suppose...
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IT's ~*~ART TIME~*~ and it's a big one! I'M HUUUUUGE

dubious skillz in an art meme through here: it's fantastically ridiculous! )
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Okay, I know I've been putting off making that Trek recs post, but THIS NEEDS TO BE SHARED NOW.

[livejournal.com profile] boombangbing just did the most kickass, awesome, hilarious and sweet epistolary/image fic since Shoebox Project.

How To Get Your Man

Chekov takes advantage of Kirk's ridiculous party behavior to play anonymous admirer to Sulu before the Valentine's Day dance. Spock is not amused by the misuse of official channels for frivolous behavior. Kirk is amused by ~everyone~.

Seriously, drop what you're doing and go read this right now. It's really perfectly executed!
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TOS episode The Enemy Within. I know it's kind of lulzy to spoiler-cut over something that aired in the 60s, but I know a few people are watching the series for the first time, so.

this could be a horrible line, or it could be canon hinting that Spock likes it rough... )

Really, I kind of know I shouldn't get bothered so much because, hello, 60s, and we STILL have problems with the portrayal of women in television, but that stomped on my toes pretty hard.

...next episode, Mudd's Women. And again with the gender!fail.
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I am all nostalgia-fied tonight... so, have one of the prettiest examples of things I'm currently yearning to re-experience.

I wish I could have found a video that starts about 15 seconds sooner, when Anthy has Utena's head resting in her lap, then she carefully sets Utena down, picks up an axe and swings-- quick cut to Utena, sleeping -- swings and breaks a water pipe, and the lights go out. THEN this scene.

Anyway, it's probably the most gorgeous three minutes of anime I've ever seen, so... go enjoy the pretty and the nice music. (also, Toki Ni Ai Wa is totally an appropriate Hiro/Ando song. You know it.)

Part of my problem these days is dehydration, I think. That should be something easy to fix, right? Except I'm too much of a lazy ass to go refill my glass every hour or so. >.> I need a gallon jug mostly filled with ice and I'll be set all day long, I think...

I just ordered two of the Star Trek paperbacks I swore I had but can't find. >.> So now I think I will have all of the ones Diane Duane wrote, which is good because oh man I want to read The Wounded Sky and the text file ain't cutting it, that was such a great book. Diane Duane = the best ever, okay thank you bye.

Awesome Star Trek thing... Warning: Sound starts automatically. Second warning: This may make you wet your pants with laughter. TAKE A GOOD HARD LOOK AT THE MOTHERFUCKING SHIP. I think the best part is Nero with the tiny FML next to his head... No, the whole things's pretty brilliant. xD

If you have Twitter, go add LIVESTRONGCEO and... something about $25 grand, I'm not sure, go do it and you'll be doing a good thing for cancer research, okay?

I have begun my campaign of watching all of TOS. So far I am only three episodes in. Once I watch them, I am moving them into folders, "Good" and "Not Good." So far, The Man Trap was good, Charlie X was amusing but too annoying to be good, and Where No Man Has Gone Before just plain sucked. Next one up: The Naked Time! That one is AWESOME, not only for George Takei shirtless and swashbuckling. He was hella fine back in the day, for serious.

I leave you at last with one reason Charlie X was so amusing:



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