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140K word what-could-have-happened epic fic makes me HAPPY in my HAPPY PLACE. You guys know how hard AUs hook me.

Seriously, I just forgot about all of my stress for about five hours. So fucking good.

And there's an 85K WIP sequel that I am going to be haunting like ghosts because OH MY GOD THIS STORY.

So uh, if you ever wondered what might have happened if Harry Dresden had signed on with Marcone back in Fool Moon and how that would have affected the rest of the series, I highly, highly recommend The Matter of Chicago. It's deliciously plotty, has a delightful slow-burn romance, and Marcone takes lessons in running a city from Vetinari, I could not have specifically asked for anything more fantastic.

Now, I've been sitting in this chair for basically the past twelve hours, I really need to take a shower.

Oh hey, does anyone have Spotify yet? I got it this afternoon and I'm really digging it. I never thought I'd need an alternative to iTunes but I like the social aspects of Spotify. I like being able to share my playlists. I went through and added all my favorite songs on this computer to one playlist and I've been listening to that for the past eight hours. It's awesome.
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Someone crossed over Doctor Who and The Social Network.


Place That Don't Know My Name, in which Eduardo becomes a time traveler.

AND THE BEST PART IS: it has a 40K sequel which I am off to read right now!



also, godDAMMIT, I have so many things to watch already, I can't really make time to watch The Social Network again... but I was kind of stoned the only time I saw it and really, who needs an excuse to watch Jesse Eisenberg? And, uh... yeah, the ponies can wait, I'm probably going to do that tomorrow afternoon instead.

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A Dozen Different Hours is an incredibly masterful blending of Alice in Wonderland with Sherlock Holmes, following what happens when the detective is tasked with finding the kidnapped Alice. Lewis Carroll is being held for her abduction, but he insists he didn't do it, and Watson convinces Holmes to take the case... and then things get really, really weird. It's got sections narrated by the Cheshire Cat (who, in this steampunk version of Wonderland, is a clockwork creature), parts of it are Watson's recollections, and on the whole it's just an incredible take on what could happen. It's hard to get the quality of dreams right in prose, but this author's managed it perfectly. And the art that goes with it is some of the best I've seen yet, especially the one in chapter 22. ♥

It's fairly long-- it was written for the Holmes Big Bang-- but it's entirely worth the time it takes to read it. I can't recommend it highly enough.

And now, I get to go swimming! 92 degrees is ridiculous, I'll be glad to go underwater for a while. Sometimes it's a wonderful thing, knowing how to swim.
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Well, I really did intend to get sleep last night, but then I got so pissed off I was literally shaking with anger, and then I got depressed, and then I realized, hey, I have 27K worth of awesome fanfiction to beta-read to distract myself from epic fail.

So I just finished doing that, and you guys, you are going to be blown away by [livejournal.com profile] moorishflower's incredible AU skillz. I am a sucker for AUs, and this one is particularly splendid, with a clever sort of meta-ness running through it, spot-on characterization and just brilliant description all the way from start to (spectactular!) finish.


So, Sam/Gabriel fangirls, keep an eye on Moorish this weekend, and the rest of you... should read it anyways because it's fantastic. :D

And now the sun is up and I think I might be able to sneak out of the house without rousing the mutts or my parents so I'm going to go on that walk, probably not all the way to the lake but at least around the block, because it's going to be way too hot to do it after I wake up this afternoon. So walkies, then sleep, possibly with food in the middle because I didn't actually have dinner yesterday, just a coffee milkshake and a Twizzler pull-and-peel, which is so not healthy and also not very filling, and I should have known better than to not eat after giving blood because I am clearly halfway out of my mind at the moment.

Maybe food first and then walkies. I could have soup! Chicken soup with stars, like I am five years old.

I really wish I could find my earbud headphones. I would ask if anyone has seen them, but unless one of you has been stalking me ninja-style, you don't actually know the contents of my bedroom...

...so I wish the stalker on my flist would speak up and tell me where they are.

and, uh, wow, this makes six posts in as many hours. I am so sorry for clogging up your flists, guys. Go tell me what you love about yourselves and I promise I'll shut up until at least 3pm.
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The best story in existence is finished now. But she has promised side stories and maybe a sequel, so it's not like I don't have more awesomeness to look forward to!

So, hey, if you just haven't been reading History, Repeating Itself because it was a WIP, it's finished now. Go read it.

...and I swear one day I will stop pimping this story. You know, after I finish recording all 45,000 words of it, and [livejournal.com profile] gyzym stops playing in the sandbox. So eventually, maybe, one day.

But I kind of hope not. :D
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Yeah, that 150,000 word fic I said I needed to not be reading? I read it. I read it all and it took me hours and oh my god, where does Supernatural fandom even get this much brilliance, I don't even. I guess with a fandom this big you get more brilliance, and it rises to the top, or something.

The Sky trilogy by starandrea. If you want to read awesome, slow-building Dean/Castiel featuring the combined awesome of the Harvelles, Gabriel, Anna, Chuck and Becky, Ruby, and more assorted angels than you can shake a stick at, that has a kickass plot and the best resolution of the Michael issue I've seen yet in this fandom, go read this story.

...yeah, so I kind of suck at recs. I can't even explain it. It made me laugh, it made me get teary, it made me go all tense because I couldn't read fast enough to keep up with the action and I basically wanted to mindmeld with the story. It's really, really good, and definitely worth the time investment of reading basically an entire novel in one sitting. Or, you know, you could do it in multiple sittings if you're not ridiculous like I am.

Also, and not unrelatedly, I need more Supernatural icons. Anyone want to point me in the direction of a quality iconmaker? I don't like things with lots of brushes, tiny text, or weird coloration, I do like innovative cropping, clever text, and animated icons. halp?
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I really, really love when I read a fic that's so good and chest-wrenchingly emotionally stirring that I get a stupid grin on my face that won't go away. Like, I am having a physiological reaction to this fanfiction and I don't even mean that in a sexual way! okay, maybe that way too BUT MOSTLY THE SMILING

Just, wow, there are a couple of stunningly good writers in Chuck fandom and I just spent, um, three hours or so reading [livejournal.com profile] imkalena's fic and getting aching cheeks from this stupid fucking smile I can't make go away because goddamn, yes, this is what I am looking for, fucked up and complicated and fundamentally world-changing relationships and really there isn't much of a reason to smile until the end except reading something really well done is enough of a reason to smile sometimes.

I don't even know, I should be asleep, or at least not ranting semicoherently about fic.

Just, if you are interested in Chuck/Casey at all, go read Dirty Work (all three parts) and I hope it makes you as happy as it made me because it made me really, really happy.

....oh, I just realized that Day 15 of the 30 day meme was probably supposed to be "a fanfic" and not "a fanatic". LAWL. So consider this my official meme response fic rec?
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So, I can actually load fanfic on my iPod Touch to read on the go.

Give me some recs, people!

The very first thing I'm loading on is If You Were The Last Man On Earth, if anyone is interested in my reading list. xD
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I am crazy bitch hormonal right now. I had a pretty good day but all I want to do right now is cry.

That's stupid, though. There's no reason for me to feel so bad, except my whole body hurts and I just want to crawl into bed and stop existing for a couple of days. This is going to be great for all those tests I have to deal with over the next couple days. Awesome.

But you don't want to listen to me bitching, so let me do something that might actually be interesting and rec the Star Trek Big Bang fics I fanmixed.

Terminal Point, by [livejournal.com profile] posyvanilla, is an awesomely action-filled story about Kirk's quest to get Spock back after his first officer has been kidnapped and the trail goes cold. She hits so many wonderful little moments between characters, and her Uhura is one of the best I've read yet. The first time I read this fic, I was on the edge of my seat for a good portion of it. She's rated it R, but I personally would call it PG-13. Here's my mix to go with it.

For those of you who like your fic more porny (so, most of you. xD), Lie Back and Think of Starfleet by [livejournal.com profile] curiouslyfic is an interstellar romantic comedy involving Kirk, Sulu, the mythified story of their epic romance that has spread from one crazy-ass planet to all its colonies and then some, and the idea that Starfleet will forgive you if you accidentally get married on an alien planet... but once you do it 25 times, you're pretty much not even trying to avoid it any more. It gave me the lulz most mightily, and also it's pretty hot in places. and here's the mix for that one.

Heroes is on in 20 minutes. I am really really tired of hearing people hashing out a spoiler that really shouldn't be surprising to anyone to the point of thinking that maybe a friends cut wouldn't be such a bad idea. This could just be PMSy bitchiness, but the idea has been building for a while now, so maybe not. I don't know. If you are offended by this paragraph, you can preemptively cut me. :P

God, I really hate it when my hormones kick my bipolar from fairly well managed into rapid-cycling like a fucking yo-yo. The past two hours have not been a fun time to be in my head. :(

before I turned into a head case I thought I looked kind of cute today. only one picture came out worth showing though. )
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Fic rec a day for the past three days. I'm not GOOD at saying why I like a story, only that I do, so... if you like the fandom, try the fic. Right now you get wizards, because I am in a magic-loving mood.

October 3: Dresden Files (TV canon with bookish influences)
May Winds and Terrors, by [livejournal.com profile] beachkid

This fic is entirely made of fragments of memories, not just of Harry Dresden's life but those of his predecessors. Each shard of narrative goes with a fragment of a poem by Sappho. The way [livejournal.com profile] beachkid echoes the poetry in the detail-rich, small but vivid moments landed this fic in my favorites-of-ever list.

October 4: The Young Wizards series by Diane Duane
Lips to the Vessels, Throats to the Heavens, by Yuletide Fairy

There's a section of space that's eating wizards and spitting out normal mortals-- if it spits out anything at all. Nita and Kit get sent to investigate, and what Kit finds in that trap is not a wizard... it's a Power. The one you least want to be caught in a trap with. While Nita races to get her partner out of trouble, Kit's figuring out on his own how to escape the Lone Power's prison, and the only viable option is to take the fairest and fallen with him.

October 5: Heroes AU fic
The Foundlings, by [livejournal.com profile] doctor_caduceus

I love AUs. I love AUs that let me love the things about a show that remain when the show itself isn't sufficing any more. And I really, REALLY love Doc's AUs, because she's got such a flair for taking the characters I know and putting them in such unlikely times and places and they're still pitch-perfect the characters I know. This is a fairy tale, about an orphan boy taken in by a ruthless king and queen, and about the foreign dragon whose death will determine the heir to the throne. And it's brilliant. (Expect to see a lot more of Doc's work in my recs this month.)

October 6: The Farseer Trilogy, by Robin Hobb
Five Things That Never Happened to FitzChivalry Farseer, by anotherusedpage

This tiny series of AUs gives little yummy bites of ways Fitz's life could have been different, if only... if only he'd not been ashamed to be Witted, if only his father had never abdicated, if only he'd become a dragon, if only. I know only a couple of you have read the series, but if you have you need to read this.

I think I'm going to switch off fic recs with sharing music, so the non-fandom people get something out of this month too. So expect music in the next couple of days.
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day one • a song
day two • a picture

day three • a book/ebook/fanfic
day four • a site
day five • a youtube clip
day six • a quote
day seven • whatever tickles your fancy

Dust In The Wind is a perfectly-seasoned crossover of Supernatural and American Gods.

They are the gods of the open road and the hunt, of classic rock and stupid luck, of truck stops and greasy diners, of dollar beers and pool halls.

They remember things they've never seen. They remember the hammer strikes of the first railroad – the precursor to Route 66, drawing together the high-collar east and the dusty wild west. They remember the first time Ford's engine roared to life. They remember the paving of the first highway, the invention of the drive-through, the first time an electric guitar sang and wailed. Everything that makes them who they are, makes America what it is. They know it all like they know their own names.

They are the spirit of the wanderer and the pioneer, the soul of America. This impossible country imagined in lofty dreams, built with the sweat and broken backs of the day laborer and the blue-collar man. They stand for the underdog, the few and the brave who will fight for what they believe in, no matter what the odds.

They are the feeling conjured by the sight of an empty highway, leading to some unknown destination beyond the horizon line. That sinking sensation in the pit of the stomach and the thrill in the heart, when the taste of adventure is as palpable as blood on the tongue.

That is where they live.

Do yourself a favor, even if you don't know one canon or the other, even if you only kind of know who the Winchesters are and don't read Gaiman, and go read this, because it's brilliant.

...shit, I don't even have a Supernatural icon anymore. Have a little boy with a toy car instead.
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I think the GQMF meme has shown me my true calling.

Capslocking: it's not an action, it's a lifestyle.

Ahahaha, no seriously, but I think I am kind of hilarious at doing them. I know making myself laugh isn't necessarily an indicator, but I put effort into them!

You guys, [livejournal.com profile] boombangbing did it again, and by "it" I mean "hilarious alternative-media fic", by which I mean TwitterEnterprise. Go on, read it from the bottom up. If you don't catch lolpox, you must be Vulcan.

Also I finished that wingfic if anyone wants to see. >.> C'mon, Kirk with eagle wings, you know you're curious. (or you think I'm an idiot, which I can also accept)

More of general interest, I made a mix of ten songs for uneven relationships for [livejournal.com profile] moorishflower my love, and you should go check the track list and download it because I have the best taste in music they're all really good songs.

AND the meme!songs post is coming, the songs are being uploaded ~as I type this~

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Okay, I know I've been putting off making that Trek recs post, but THIS NEEDS TO BE SHARED NOW.

[livejournal.com profile] boombangbing just did the most kickass, awesome, hilarious and sweet epistolary/image fic since Shoebox Project.

How To Get Your Man

Chekov takes advantage of Kirk's ridiculous party behavior to play anonymous admirer to Sulu before the Valentine's Day dance. Spock is not amused by the misuse of official channels for frivolous behavior. Kirk is amused by ~everyone~.

Seriously, drop what you're doing and go read this right now. It's really perfectly executed!
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Please, click this link. Don't do it for me, do it for yourselves.

Because you know you want to read about Jim Kirk starting a frat at Starfleet Academy.

Don't even lie, I KNOW you do.
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Now that my hair is so short, I can take five minute showers. However, the radio was EPIC FAIL. My choices were commercials, country, or Christian. COME ON, CLASSIC ROCK, YOU BITCHES. *sigh*

However, landing on Family Life Network is kind of hilarious when the heartfelt songs to Jesus come off like everyday people love songs, just gay. :D Yes, invite him in. He DOES want to repair your relationship and love you... and he really likes it when you call him Lord. xD

It's so hot out, my Skittles are already kind of soft before I even put them in my mouth, wtf.

I'm all tearful now because [livejournal.com profile] irisbleufic inadvertantly reminded me of one of my favorite authors from back when I was a baby!slasher, and oh, Jane St. Clair always could wring me out. If you're familiar with the canon already, go take a peek. Til Human Voices Wake Us is the one that got me all wistful.

Rachael is going on a cruise and she won't be back until June 1st. She just left (or is in the immediate process of leaving) now, and the house is going to be so quiet without her... it's to be proven whether it'll be restful-quiet or eerie-quiet.

Now that I have an actual works-in-progress folder, I realize how many things I've left unfinished. The Art Appreciation trilogy languishes without its resolution; Shades of Gray is probably done after I finish this third part, whenever that happens. Stories for challenges that have long ended. Half-written things that I read through and can't remember where I meant to take them. Part of me knows I never delete anything-- I still have unfinished fanfic things from early high school, for god's sake. I'm a pack rat. But when I look at them, I feel... not resentful, but annoyed with myself.

Mm. I'm about to do something stupid and go out for a walk. (It's 87 degrees out. Eurgh.) The things I'll do in the name of sorority. (Sisterhood, not Greek letters.)
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So, I've been bookmarking fic like mad lately, because omg, STAR TREK! And I am planning on making a rec post of the best, but this one could not wait, and it needs to stand alone so you all notice it.

A Formal Dance in the Bowling Alley, by [livejournal.com profile] loneraven

Here are some things that James Tiberius Kirk, Captain, does not understand about the Enterprise and her crew.

It's PG, it's gen, and it is sheer brilliance. Raven's a TOS fan, and that experience gives layers to the reboot characters. You can tell when an author truly loves who she's writing about, and that shines through from start to finish. It's a wonderfully funny story, touching on how Kirk relates to his crew, and. Really. It's glorious!

GO. READ IT. If you are even a casual fan of the movie or series, you will love it, I promise.
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Another recs post from the kink meme. Fangirls rejoice, all others beware. xD

this time I'm going to do het first. SHOCKER. (not the hand thing, just... surprise.) )

If you like it, then you should put a comment on it.
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First, let me note: I dreamed about getting nothing but fic prompts all day from Twitter. xD Gee. I wonder how that happened.

Okay! Now. I know you're all aware (even if you don't care) that Yet Another Heroes Anonymous Kink Meme is going on. I am going to rec my booty-patootie off under the cut, because there is so much brilliant fic happening in there.


Go! )

...wow, it took me two hours to do that. :O Go, read, comment! (ESPECIALLY comment, I know how nice it feels to get feedback!)


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