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Hey guys. I wrote True Blood gen fanfic. About Sam, if that's interesting to any of you.

A Day Like Today

By the way, how does a person suck less at coming up with titles? Is there a workshop I can attend or a book I can read or something? Because I always have the feeling that my titles really suck.
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I dreamed that I was at a hospital with my family, visiting someone, and I walked away and somehow ended up helping an Asian lady deliver twins? And then I had to sneak away before anyone realized that I wasn't a doctor after one of the babies slid off the bed and fell onto its head. WEIRD.

Anyway, [livejournal.com profile] toestastegood is running an awesome "Five Acts" challenge that I am going to try to participate in, so here it is:

Five Acts Meme

1.) Make a post at your journal/fic-place/wherever containing your list of your five favourite acts to read about, and underneath that list the fandoms/pairings that you like.
2.) I will have a master-list up: comment there with a link to your five-acts entry and I'll add it to the list.
3.) Go to other people's lists and comment fic all over their gosh-darn FACES.
4.) ???

And by "PROFIT" I mean "YAY PORN!"

my five favorite acts, in which I prove that I am actually really pretty vanilla )

So this will be fun, and a good warm-up for the Merry Month of May Masturbation Fic Challenge which I am kind of planning on participating in, if I can actually write porn again.
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Oh. Today is apparently WIP Amnesty day. So I will post part of my favorite scene from this Chuck fic that has eaten my brain because seriously in what universe is it okay to think about writing porn while watching TV with a person you're not attracted to? YES I WAS THAT BORED

did someone call IT? )

If anyone expresses interest, I'll actually turn on my netbook and post a snippet of that Neal/Mozzie fic I started in January.
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Oh hey, I'm almost at twice the required word count for this story already, and it's not even halfway done yet. It's been a long time since I've broken the 3000 word mark... nine months, actually. I have no kind of stamina at all for writing, it's almost laughable. Last March I wrote 30,000 words... this March I'll be delighted if I hit 10,000.

It really doesn't do me any good to compare myself back to when I had hot and cold running inspiration, though. It was nice to have words on tap, but it's good even though I have to struggle with every sentence I write now. I second-guess most of my dialogue because I can't tell if it's witty or just trying too hard to be witty. Do real people talk like this? I mean, I do, but do real people?

No, I'm not a real person. I just play one on TV.

....yeah, I think it's time to step away from the keyboard for a little while.
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Okay, maybe I am just setting myself up to take a fall, but... [livejournal.com profile] chuck_slash is hosting an epic AU fest and I had to claim a prompt. So I'm going to be writing a cheesy magical love story and hopefully it'll be light and fluffy enough to keep itself going, because everything else I write keeps getting bogged down with the hot and heavy. So. Unrelenting fluff. I might even only keep it to a kiss. That'd be a shock and a half. I just need to write something, so why not do it for a challenge? (psst, anyone write Chuck and like dragons? I put in a prompt... nobody's going to pick it though. :C )

And why is it that I'm off championing the rare pairings? I guess I used up all my popular-pairing mojo on Mylar way back when and now it's all sidelines for me. Whatever, Shaw is edible and I'm going to write the hell out of him.

Speaking of light and fluffy, [livejournal.com profile] tiptoe39 is hosting the Second Annual WAFF-a-thon. So if the urge strikes you, go write some shameless fluff for the cause. Many fandoms, one goal: cuteness.

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\o/ I finished that fic! If anyone feels like reading Big Bang Theory slash, well, have at it!

I have some kind of pathological need to write rare-ass pairings. And tiny fandoms. I don't know what it is, but... agh, I'm going to be totally on edge until someone reads it and tells me I'm not entirely off with my characterization. Somebody take pity on me. xD
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I got an invite to Archive of Our Own which precluded my naptime, and I've been adding fic, but now I come up against an important question.

What do I add?

I mean, I could put everything that's on my writing journal there, but how much of it is really good enough to put up on a multifandom archive and not just my little, very insular corner of LJ?

So far, I've put up the rarer things I've written: Fringe, Inglourious Basterds, Pushing Daisies, a Star Trek fic in a pairing no one else has put up, anda Heroes fic that's a retelling of a myth. I'm kind of weeding through to see what I really like, but I'm a harsh critic.

If anyone has any suggestions, or fic of mine you think should definitely be there, or... basically anything but mockery, I appreciate the input. :D
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I finished an actual story for the first time in, uh, over a month now... close to six weeks, actually, UGH... and it's Inglourious Basterds fic. What.

Alarm is a very short piece about Shosanna's alarm clock going off. I blame [livejournal.com profile] amory_vain and my sister for this whole mess.

I don't know when my parents will be home, but I've done the laundry and the dishes. Julia can do the vacuuming when she wakes up, eventually, and I'm going to... do more podfics, I guess. Try to finish something I started writing back when inspiration flowed like water from a tap, hot and cold running words burbling together seamlessly, liquidly even.

And I should probably read up for the psych tests I'm undoubtedly going to have this week. And do the back botany homework he never actually asks for. And I have to get a new white t-shirt tonight to wear for my forensics lab tomorrow. And probably clean my room...
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Yay, a couple of answers for Top Fives!

[livejournal.com profile] moorishflower asked for my Top Five Trope Scenarios. :D I'm going with fanfic tropes, not inherent-in-the-show tropes (although they can and do overlap xD)

honey, you been around as long as I have, everything's a trope sooner or later )

[livejournal.com profile] ozfroggirl wanted to know my Top Five Star Trek Fanvids.
thank goodness for delicious! )

Anyone else? C'mon, I love doing these! :D
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I just realized that there is no point in me having most of what's in my makeup drawers, because I wear makeup quite literally four times a year tops. I don't do it daily, and I haven't in years. This is partially out of laziness, partially out of not caring too much what people think of my looks, and partially out of simple disinterest. Although, with the rise of guyliner, I can't use "why should I wear it if men don't?" as an excuse. xD

Not that there's any point to this announcement, except maybe "oh wow, pack rat is cleaning things up some more?"

My sense of responsibility did not improve overnight. I think this is balls. I should get something from life for making it to another year, and I think leveling up in self-control would be appropriate. Curse you, responsibility, I need you to work on improving you!

WOW, GOOGLE, FAIL. My iGoogle is reporting that it's -39 degees out. Feels more like 70 to me...

Is there a collection of all the scenes with Luke and Sylar anywhere? I need to start my LxS exchange fic, I know mostly what I want to do (don't know if my recipient would object to an AU, hrm) but it won't work so well if I don't have the characterization absolutely pat.

...so, remix authors are supposed to be anonymous until the 26th, but are we allowed to fess up if our remixee correctly guesses who we are? >.> notthatthathappenedoranything. IT'S THE SEMICOLONS, I SWEAR. They give me away every time. xD

[livejournal.com profile] moorishflower, the lizard necklace has taken a status no necklace before has held: I wear it to bed, too. Usually I can't wear necklaces to bed because I'm really sensitive to choking feelings, but this one is just snug enough to hit the line between "oh no it'll get caught on something and kill me" and "oh god too tight get it off!" ♥

Working on my [livejournal.com profile] heroes_slash award votes... I've got a few scattered ones and the last five for Category 1, it'll probably take me most of the week to get the rest done because there are so many nominations. Clearing out the small categories is easy though. xD Working my way from least favorite (Death Fic) to most favorite (Fluff) is like rewarding myself for being good...
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Your result for The Quick & Painless ENNEAGRAM Test...

9 - the Peacemaker

you chose BX - your Enneagram type is NINE (aka "The Mediator")

"I am at peace"

Peacemakers are receptive, good-natured, and supportive. They seek union with others and the world around them.

the rest of the quiz result )

omg, [livejournal.com profile] heroes_het_fic awards came out today! I already knew about the ones I made my own banners for, lol, but! Shared Sparks took 2nd for Best Episode-Centric, All Along the Watchtower took 1st for Best Arthur/Angela and 2nd for Best Angela Characterization, Make It Work took 1st for Best Noah/Sandra, and Hey Juliet took 1st for Best Rare Pairing (G-PG-13). \o/ )

Congrats to everyone else who won! :D

I had a dream that the weather next week was supposed to be between 105-120 every day, and I was freaking out because I was afraid my bedroom would spontaneously combust... I know my book collection is a fire hazard, but my subconscious needs to chill out.

New icon, it makes me lol every time I look at it.

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I am having serious problems separating canon from what I've read in fanfiction right now. I can SEE it and HEAR it but I'm kind of sure it didn't happen...

At least I've got an idea for my Remix fic now. It's hard having someone really talented for your assignment, I don't want to disappoint her. I wish I'd taken advantage of how inspired I felt earlier, but I lost it. If only I could go back in time and tell myself to ignore my cousin.. xD

Well. Research for the remix might help get me on track again. Focus, I can has it?
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Okay. I kind of fucked up and promised Mikey I would play Guitar Hero with him even though my plan today is basically sit down and do not get up until your [livejournal.com profile] remixredux09 fic is at least halfway done. Which is worse, lying to an eight year old or losing the feeling of "I CAN DO ZAT" that may/probably will fade soon?

I kept putting off watching Torchwood last night for some reason... no, okay, the reason was definitely because I don't think I deserve it until I've finished at least SOMETHING I'm writing right now. I have going: the handporn, a post-pon-farr McCock cuddlefic, my treknovelfest fic, the "collars" fic for kink_bingo, and I've basically abandoned the Sulu-gets-court-martialed and McSpork-cuddle-for-warmth-on-ice-planet fics. And ALL of those are on hold for Remix, unless I suddenly get a really fucking good idea for one of them.

oh god *facepalm* and I still have to start the LukexSylar Christmas exchange fic, and I promised I'd do banners for the Heroes Het Awards (yo, [livejournal.com profile] psycho_llama, any word re: winners?), and goddammit, the kid just came up here, I hope I can get away after a couple of songs. x.x

PS: Go download my music or I will make pouty faces at all of you.
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Exchange reveal is up! I'm massively entertained that everyone knew I wrote the Sylar/Danko but no one guessed the Sylar/Ando! I thought THAT would be the super obvious one....

...well except for the fact that I made the damn Danko community because PEOPLE SAID THEY'D WRITE FIC and then I ended up writing most of what's on the community even though I NEVER INTENDED TO *facepalm* And that wasn't even my assignment, that was the pinch hit! Aaaaah what.

But now I can ascribe brilliance to its rightful recipients, and I must say I am not surprised to see who's behind some of the best fic from the exchange. Quality, ladies, QUA-LIT-EE.

Anyway, both stories will be going up in the fic journal posthaste, and then it's bedtiems for me.
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Yet Another Heroes Anonymous Kink Meme
Master list, part 2: F/F pairings, slash threesomes, RPS, crossovers

If you want to de-anon, please leave a comment with the specific prompts you filled COPY-PASTED INTO THE COMMENT. If you paraphrase, I will eat your face and then spit it out. If you filled one that someone else also did, please specify which one is yours.

If you have re-posted your fic elsewhere and would like your link redirected to the entry, leave the link immediately below the prompt it belongs to.

Don't forget: people love to be praised for their work! If you don't mind owning up to what you asked for, thank your nonny if they de-anon!

f/f pairings )

real person fic )

crossovers )
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Yet Another Heroes Anonymous Kink Meme
Master list, part 3: Heterosexual pairings and threesomes

If you want to de-anon, please leave a comment with the specific prompts you filled COPY-PASTED INTO THE COMMENT. If you paraphrase, I will eat your face and then spit it out. If you filled one that someone else also did, please specify which one is yours.

If you have re-posted your fic elsewhere and would like your link redirected to the entry, leave the link immediately below the prompt it belongs to.

Don't forget: people love to be praised for their work! If you don't mind owning up to what you asked for, thank your nonny if they de-anon!

Sorted by name of female participant.

Angela to Daphne )

Elle to Sandra )

threesomes )
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Sweet Charity holds a twice-yearly auction of fanskillz to benefit RAINN-- the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network. This is a pretty damn worthy cause, I think.

I have signed up to auction off two Heroes stories, written to specification, of at least 3000 words in length. SO. If you like how I write, and you want to make me very very pleased AND get a long fic with ~anything YOU want~ to see, check out the site, won't you? Bidding starts on the 28th and goes to the 31st.

And, you know, pimp me around. ;D A ho needs pimps, after all.

I'm signed up as speccygeekgrrl. Other Heroes writers there are [livejournal.com profile] 47_trek_47, signed up at trkkr47, [livejournal.com profile] jaune_chat, signed up as Jaune Chat, and [livejournal.com profile] pupnamedpeter, signed up as pupnamedpeter.

So come on, we're just begging to be bought! :D
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I can't disconnect Sylar from Billy Joel songs in my head. It's kind of hilarious. Only the Good Die Young? Keeping the Faith? And yesterday I was completely losing my shit listening to Always A Woman and thinking about Gabrielle.

I finished Saturday, woohoo, and Sunday is coming along like a dream. And then I will have finished a fic series! A seven-parter! This is speccygeekgrrl history! \o/ Once I'm done with this... one more part of Art Appreciation, and the V-Day fic. I am so psyched to tally up my writing for January. :D

Couldn't reschedule my missed appointment for this week, so I'm going back on schedule with Lisa next Monday. Then Tuesday I have an appointment with Dr. Mehrhof. As soon as we get a call from the YMCA, I will have an actual weekly schedule! I hope they have yoga classes at the Y, it's easier to do with a live instructor than a DVD.

To do list for tomorrow:
-shower. like, first thing.
-laundry! just one basket, for a change.
-a- response to quotes
-b- reading

-find flex binder so the big notebook isn't needed
-pay tuition online
-new ink cartridge?
-Jennifer coming sometime in the afternoon...
-pimp fic!
-class at 6

Woo. Okay. I swear, Wednesday I will not talk about fic all day long. I will be all interesting and witty and relevant. I promise. Just not today. >>
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[livejournal.com profile] heroes_exchange reveal went up, so now I can officially claim what I did:

All Along the Watchtower is set in the early days of the Company. How very complicated the interactions of a small group can be.

Caught is that 2600-word pinch hit I did a couple of nights ago, and apparently when I have to write fast, I get really dark. Ando and Hiro go way too far into the future and get caught by Evil Overlord Adam.

okay now back to bed I think I like Lunesta it works maybe too well though

oh my god 4 degrees out screw that BLANKET FORT TIME
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I need a distraction, and I want to write, and I'm a little bit hung up on the sequel to Marked.

So: toss me a prompt. Pairing, situation, phrase, quote, any or all or other.


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