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Okay, I am reproducing three of the family portraits here on LJ because I would like to finally introduce you to these people I talk about all the time. Come meet the Cregans.

first, the ladies )

then the men )

family photo )

I don't know, I can see the resemblance between all of us except between me and my father. I have no idea what I inherited from him aside from my mental disorder and a propensity toward addiction. Physically, I mean. I learned a lot from my father about what it means to be a good person and what you have to do to take care of other people in an administrative sense. I learned what you have to do to take care of people in an emotional sense from my mother.

There used to be much more of a resemblance between Dennis and I. Not so much any more.

Anyway, that's my family.
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So we saw Grown-Ups, which was... funny in places, not consistently funny, and only mildly funny, not hilarious. I wouldn't have paid to see it on its own but as a double feature it wasn't bad. I didn't expect Colin Quinn to be in it. I used to have the most savage and irrational crush on him back when he did Weekend Update. (You all know my taste in men leans towards the questionable, just shut up.)

And then we saw The Sorcerer's Apprentice, and fuck all the haters, I really enjoyed that movie! Nicholas Cage was bearable, Jay Baruschel was just dorky enough to hit my buttons dead on, and the romantic female lead had a college radio show. Represent, yo. xD Alfred Molina was suitably ominous for an evil sorcerer, and I want his hat. Like, really, give me that hat now, I need to have it.


So I'm not really that much of a physics geek-- I'm okay with practical application of the basics, I did well enough when I took it in high school, and I can more or less keep up when I read Stephen Hawking (next up: Carl Sagan. If his writing is half as entertaining as watching him is, I am totally sold)-- but having the main character be a total physics geek was really science-hot. My brain perked up and went "hmmmmm." You know, I could do with more intellectual men in my life, really. (Not that I'd be able to keep up with one if I had him, most likely, but hey, I could try.)

And we got ice cream before the movies. :3 Mom was in a bad mood because she just found out that Rachael shoplifts, like, immediately before we got in the car, but by the time the first movie was over she seemed happier. Which is good. I like it when she's happy, it needs to happen more often.

I found out today (in the pool, actually) that bipolar disorder runs on both my mother and father's sides of the family. I thought it was just Mom's side at first, and the aunt who has it isn't even my mother's full sister, it's her half sister, but no, I have a full uncle who's got it, and Julia and I are pretty sure our dad is bipolar and just won't admit it. I thought he was just depressed but now that I think about it, I have definitely seen him manic more than once. So that means fully one half of my immediate family is certifiably psychologically disturbed. (The rest haven't been certified but I have my doubts about them.)

My big plan for tomorrow: bring the Wii back downstairs and get my ass doing some yoga already, I have been horribly remiss in my exercise and going swimming doesn't really count for too much when I spend most of my time floating around. Also laundry, and maybe finding some place to store these comforter sets until the end of August that ISN'T my room. And starting Turn Coat, since I'm going to finish Small Favor before I go to sleep tonight.
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which means I did not post ten times in the same day, technically.

It is kind of silly how happy I get from just texting my brother. I don't know why I don't do it more often. I text him maybe two or three times a month on a really communicative month unless I'm going to be in Plattsburgh. I talk to him on the phone maybe once a month, probably actually less than that, and almost always when we talk on the phone it's because he needs me to do something for him online (buy his textbooks, get something on ebay, validate his netflix subscription, whatever), and yet... almost all the time when I am done talking to him, I have a smile on my face.

As weird and unpleasant in parts as the summer of 2008 was, it was mostly a pretty good time, because I was living with Dennis and he's just a good person to be around, emotionally speaking. Maybe not legally speaking, as he has a definite problem with authority figures in general and cops in specific, and maybe he's kind of an alcoholic (okay, he's definitely an alcoholic), but he's just... charismatic, and generally a really nice guy. He's fun. I wish I had half the charisma my brother does, I would have no problem making friends then.

Anyways. I just finished texting him, as you might have guessed, and I'm just really happy with everything right now, which is a feeling I haven't had in a while, so I'm going to try to hang onto it for as long as I can.

I have an appointment with Lisa tomorrow afternoon. I just have to remember to tell her about all the time I'm not happy, because sometimes I get distracted and forget that hey, she's my therapist, she's the one person on earth I don't have to put on a happy face for.

Oh hey that reminds me to take my pills. Good call, I have forgotten about them three times already today, because my brain is apparently made of tissue paper.

and hopefully tomorrow or Wednesday I will get the call that my new glasses are ready, and then I can show them off to all of you. They're nothing special, really-- yay, medicaid-- but they're new, and I think they're flattering enough. It's been a while since I've had glasses with frames that go around the whole lens. xD

I think... I think I'm going to try to write for a little bit, actually. Wish me luck!
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In order of request!

[livejournal.com profile] thirdsouthobbi wanted to see my favorite shoes.

is anybody surprised that it's a pair of Chucks? )

[livejournal.com profile] cruiscin_lan and [livejournal.com profile] savorvrymoment wanted to see the animals.

two cats, two dogs, and an iguana )

[livejournal.com profile] ozfroggirl asked for the view from any window in my house, and my bookshelf/DVD collection.

out my bedroom window, and inside my bedroom )

[livejournal.com profile] cellshader wanted my favorite outfit...
so have two of my favorite shirts. )

And now, random other stuff, including most of my family members and the place I spend a few hours every other night or so.
...and I don't mean my bed, actually )

And that's it for the picspam. If you want to see anything else, feel free to ask. :D
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Okay, last post before I go to bed but this is good news and I just couldn't keep it to myself:

MY DAD MIGHT BE ABLE TO BE FIXED. He won't get his hearing back, of course, there's really nothing that can un-deafen a person, but he could potentially get his balance back and not have to deal with vertigo every minute of every day! He went to a specialist today and apparently there's some hippie bullshit about Tai Chi and a no-salt diet (which sounds dangerous because people need salt to live) and I don't even know what else, but.

MY DAD COULD BE OKAY AGAIN. \o/ I'm so happy about this!

...of course, I found out on his Facebook because the man can't open his mouth and just TELL people things, that would be like communicating and Cregan men are allergic to that sort of thing... BUT STILL, EEEEEE.
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Today is my mommy's birthday! She is now 46. It's scary to think that she's getting that old because it means I'm getting pretty old too. She had me when she was 21, so she's kind of young compared to a lot of my contemporaries' parents.

I worry about her. She's been crying an awful lot lately. She's always been kind of hairtrigger with the tears but it's getting really bad and there's nothing I can do to comfort her because mostly she's worried that she and my father are going to be fired and if the Salvation Army kicks them out, they literally have nothing. The Salvation Army owns everything: our house, both cars, my parents' health insurance that they really, really cannot afford to lose, everything we need to live.

It just makes me sick to think that my parents would have thrown away eleven of the prime years of their lives to an institution that so obviously doesn't give a damn about them. Plus there's no way my father could go back to work with his Menier's disease fucking him up, so my mom would have to be the sole supporter of the house (except I would obviously get a job and do my part, because I might be a freeloader but I'm not a douchebag). She still has her RN's license and there are plenty of hospitals nearby enough that she could definitely get a job, but... we wouldn't have any place to live. Or any way for her to get to work.

Okay, I'm going to start crying myself if I think about this much longer. SO HELP ME OUT AND DISTRACT ME WITH A MEME:

Give me one character and I will tell you:

1. OTP for them.
2. Runner-up pairing.
3. Honourable mention(s).
4. Crack pairing(s).
5. Ship everyone else seems to like, but I don't.

...I do have fandoms besides Heroes, if anyone feels like mixing it up a little. :P

oh, my dad

Jan. 30th, 2010 10:21 pm
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Dec. 25th, 2009 05:20 pm
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My dad's ringtone for me is Build Me Up Buttercup.

I feel very positively about that! xD
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So I got down to 50MB of free space on my C drive a couple hours ago... that's fun. I've spent the time since then deleting programs I don't use any more (and playing Farmville alllll day, not gonna lie) and reclaiming space megabyte by painful megabyte. Then I realized that I only need the most recent Java update, so I'm in the middle of deleting all the old ones. That's a good gig's worth of space right there.

I can't even imagine how much worse my situation would be if I'd tried to install Sims 3 on C and not T. Thank god for extra hard drives, seriously.

Speaking of extra hard drives... it's been one year since I got my terabyte drive, and I have filled 300 of 931 available GB. Soooo... give me another year or two and I'll need another one! :D

I'm giving Dennis my 60GB iPod for Christmas. Kind of an auxiliary present to the sweater I got him with intent for the holiday. The iPod thing was kind of a spur of the moment offer, and god only knows how long the poor thing will last in his not-so-careful possession, but I hope he gets a lot of use out of it. I still have a lot of downloading to do to fill it up for him. Lots and lots of rap music. Like I know anything about rap (besides, uh, I like Jay-Z and Kanye is a punk but he makes good music) or most of anything else he listens to... at least I have the classic rock angle covered already!

Did I mention my littlest sister got arrested? Yeah, that happened while I was in Plattsburgh. She slapped some girl in the face and the girl called the cops. I really think Rachael's going to do some jail time at some point in her life... she has impulse control issues when it comes to taking shit from people. Just like Dennis has control issues with his mouth when he sees a police officer. He's been arrested six times in the past six months! For little things like noise ordinance violations, not for anything violent or horrible, but still... that's a lot of arrests. I'll just stick with the two I've got under my belt and keep it low like that.

Ah, my family. We all mean well. Really, we do. I don't know what happened between what our parents tried to teach us and how we turned out... they spent too much time with God and not enough with my sisters, that's the simple truth. Going through the Salvation Army Training School while they were too young caused a lot of these problems. That doesn't say anything about me, though... I'm a product of too much internet too early in life, perhaps. xD

My brother's pit bulls are terrorizing the cats. Well, cat. Butcher lived with the pits last summer, so he's not intimidated, but Oreo freaks right the fuck out. The dogs just want to play, they're so sweet, really.... but Oreo don't play those games. Or any games, really. She won't even play with Butcher. Uppity bitch kitty.

xD I don't even know, I think I meant to say something about the holiday when I started this post but it's gone now.
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This weekend was kind of emotionally train-wrecky. Not that I was in one of the crashing cabooses, but there's only so much arguing and sniping and bitching that can go on around me before it just soaks in and colors everything miserable. Some day, I'm going to go back to New Bedford and only do things I want to do, and have the freedom to walk out the door as soon as one of my relatives becomes too much to bear. This was not that time by any stretch.

Everything I brought with me smells nasty like old cigarettes and dusty house and the worst odors of party food cooking. I tossed my blanket in the wash and it dyed everything else in there pink... I'm glad I didn't put in my striped sweater. I'm waiting for it to spin out again so I can get it in the dryer, but I'm probably not going to have it by the time I pass out tonight. And I need to pass out.

I didn't get much out of the party itself-- I went in early with everyone, made the deviled eggs and didn't get sick (but it was close), burned my hand on a metal spoon (because I'm brilliant), then went out and slept in the minivan for an hour. My mom woke me up to eat some of the food we spent the weekend making, and then I went back out to sleep again. I didn't even say hi to my grandfather and stepgrandmother, and I feel kind of douchey for that, but man I just felt so crappy all I wanted to do was nap.

On the way home, for the most part it was... not quiet, but tolerable. I read until it got too dark, and then I watched the first two episodes of FlashForward, which I REALLY like. I mean, I like the premise and the story completely apart from the fact that Joseph Fiennes and John Cho and Jack Davenport are all ovary-scorchingly hot. I don't even know what day it airs, I should probably find that out. But yes, new show to add to my list of love.

After I finished up with that, I had to deal with Rachael listening to country music the rest of the ride home, because my iPod was out of juice. AND my mom and I got into it, prompted by Rachael, about euthanasia, legalizing marijuana, and abortion. If she'd brought up gay rights, that would have hit just about the whole list of Things I Hate Talking To Her About... but luckily we made it home before that happened. I had a small but definite freakout in a lull in the conversation. I am getting pretty good at crying silently. I don't think this is something I should be proud about, but there it is.

I took a bath and I feel kind of better now.... my muscles were all completely tense from the emotional buildup and the poor sleep and everything this weekend, and they're a little bit more relaxed.

Julia's turning 18 on Saturday. I am, to be perfectly honest, kind of terrified to see what happens that day.

Hopefully, financial aid checks should be coming this week. I'm going to pay off my netbook, hand most of the rest to my parents, and see what that leaves me with. I'd like to get a new winter coat before it reaches the point where I desperately need it, and I might get Kings on DVD because I can't get my parents to watch things on the computer with me and I think they'd both be interested. I can't remember if they actually watched it when it aired, but I know none of us watched it through to the end. And aside from giving them money for, you know, not kicking my ass out on the street, I want to take my parents somewhere halfway nice for dinner. And I have to get Julia a birthday present. We'll see how much of this I can actually accomplish, I guess.

I'm skipping Botany lab because a) I don't want to get up at 7:30, b) I know for a fact that if I go out, I'm going to have another dizzy spell, and it's going to be worse than the ones before just because of how I feel, and c) I like the letter C. I'm going to go in for 9, since Julia has a class then, so I can make up everything else I need to do on campus.

....it is amazing how stressed I can be when I really don't have anything important happening, really. And how stressed I can still be with a calm-me-down pill in me.

I am halfway through Fool's Fate and I have a bad feeling that I'm going to not particularly like how the story ends. I've enjoyed the series so far, but... I'm so sick of my favorite characters dying in, like, everything ever. :/
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In the extraordinarily unlikely event that I ever get knocked up and decide to keep it, I don't want to have a baby shower, because this is just surrounded with drama and bullshit. If my mom wants to throw one for me, I'm going to try to talk her out of it.

I laid down and turned off the lights at about 3 last night (rather, my aunt finally went to bed then), and I didn't get any honest sleep until the sun was already rising. Most miserable night I have spent in a long time, and I couldn't even get online to distract myself. Or bitch about it.

So in the upcoming five hours, I have to help make food, set up for this baby shower, try not to fall asleep or lose my temper during the party, and then another nice seven hour drive to make it home for probably close to midnight. I am SO not going to Botany lab tomorrow. I have to go in before noon to make up my Personality test and pop my head in the radio station to apologize for missing last week's meeting, waking up for 8 AM and walking around a forest is just asking for me to have some kind of fit.

As it stands, I already feel sick from not sleeping and from people being SO FUCKING TENSE and screaming all the time. Working with food, especially making deviled eggs, is going to put me right to the edge of what my stomach can handle right now.

If you're the praying type, pray for me, okay?
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Clearly, you all want to make my life difficult, so I'll have to catch up on fic rec a day when I get home. I'm updating from my aunt's computer because all the wireless networks around here are locked.

Coming back to Massachusetts is kind of like walking into a different world... like Narnia, except with more heroin and Portuguese and fewer fauns. It's amazing what I DON'T know is going on with my extended family, but I was up until 3:30 last night being caught up on all the scary dirt. And a lot of it is scary.

I didn't sleep well. I never do when I have to share a bed. I had a weird involved dream that ended with Butcher swimming toward me in a giant bathtub... I hope Auburn isn't flooding. xD

It's kind of hilarious how some things seem to be hereditary... my aunts fight just like Julia and Rachael do. I am my mother's daughter in more than just a couple of ways.

Mom showed me some old, old, OLD photo albums last night. She used to be blonde when she was little... like, incredibly golden blonde. It was really weird to see my grandmother and grandfather when they were young.

It's been a few years now since Grandma died, but I still miss her so much every time I come back to New Bedford. Vovoa's still alive, but she doesn't even want to see us while we're in town. I'm really glad I don't take much after the repressed side of my family... I'd rather be obvious about my emotions than pretend I don't OH MY GOD MY DAD'S MOM IS A VULCAN. :O SHE'S LIKE... T'PAU OR SOMETHING.

That explains SO MUCH. :O

Oh look, a greenhorn in a track suit! They're like... the talking animals of Narnia? Ubiquitous. xD

Anyway, I have about 40 pencils to sharpen, so I'm gonna go.
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I just hauled all the laundry down and started it up, then carried back 80% of total towels owned to the bathroom and put them in the box in a nicely symmetrical way. :D Folding up my laundry, going to vacuum the second floor (Julia did the living room :D) and then it is me and the internet and Star Trek 2. KHAAAAAAAN.

Something I've been thinking about abstractly for a while but never really unpacked before: Tell me about your favorite canon character (any show/movie/book/musical/folk song/. Not just a name, but a full description that encompasses everything about that character. What you like about them, what they do, little details about who they are... but you can't reference other characters while you're describing them.

It's really hard for me to do. And to try and keep my head on straight. That probably made no sense, but it's been on my mind. Hohkay, Vacuuming starting... NOW

Mid-vacuum thought: someone should make a Spock fanvid to The Sound of Settling by Death Cab For Cutie. Y/N/MFY? Is anyone taking fanvid commisions? (possibly in trade and not money >.>) Inspiration?

Vacuuming end! xD The house will look good when Mom and Dad get back. Even my room is brighter and wider than it was.

I almost lost a fan out the window. At least it wouldn't have taken Butcher with it this summer. xD Julia and I watched him walk along the top of our chain-link fence like a sneaky hunting gymnast. And Xena proved that she's a narc in a sneaky puppy-eyed way.

Okay, movie time, back in two hours. :D Vacation for my brain.
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Best example of FRIEND REQUEST DENIED: my dad totally dissed my aunt by not adding her back on Facebook.



Jul. 31st, 2009 12:11 am
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my sixteen year old sister just walked into my room and said "if I give you the money and buy you weed for life will you buy a morning after pill?"

I cannot even explain what happened to my face but my heart plummeted to the basement, no lie.

THEN she explained that it's for her friend Taylor but oh fuck, I almost had a heart attack just now you guys.


now I just need to find out if NY has parental notification laws... cause it's not like I've ever needed to use any emergency contraceptives, the handful of times I've actually gotten laid involved condoms.

fuuuuuuuuck, my heart rate is still ridiculous.

eta: okay, got it sorted, even found the cheapest place to get it (a grocery store, I am so getting a pint of Ben and Jerry's for doing this) and I'm going first thing when I wake up tomorrow.

I am so, so glad that both my sisters (as far as I know, and I'm afraid to ask Rachael) are virgins.
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I was in the bathroom when suddenly I heard a rhythmic WHAP WHAP WHAP. Having NO IDEA what it could be, I figured an animal (probably Butcher) was walking along something and knocking things over. I went downstairs to survey the damage and was startled at the sight of my mother launching herself bodily at the front door, bright yellow flyswatter flying through the air, and a paper taped to the door that read "USE OTHER DOOR.... HORNETS!!!!"

Via a quick bit of mime and yelling, I was informed that the reason she isn't using Raid or some similar product to kill them is "it's not approved by Cornell Cooperative."

My mother is such a hippie.

I feel much better this morning. :) I'll feel even better if we get this promised storm and the heat and humidity calm down, even if only for a couple of hours.
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I just finished cleaning my dad's car-- threw out all the trash, evacuated stuff that doesn't belong in the seat-back pockets, vacuumed and thoroughly Febreezed-- and while I was out there I let the dogs come run around the front yard and get some air.

I closed all the doors, hauled the vacuum back into the house, and called the dogs in. As pet owners will do, I babbled at them a bit. "Yes, you're good girls! You know what good girls get? Good girls get bones! Open mouth, insert bone!" Then I noticed the light was on in the downstairs bathroom, so I knocked to see who was in there. It was Dad.

"I cleaned your car out for you."

"Thank you. You can have a bone."


"Good girls get bones."


So that's another big thing done. When my mom comes home I'll do her car, except I'm going to have her park closer to the house so I can reach everywhere with the vacuum and not almost everywhere.

Goals for today:
-make last Heroes Slash Awards nominations
-write the Pushing Daisies fic
-open the rest of my Star Trek action figures (this is to be done after things that are actually work)
-online classes
-clean side table

Okay! Good. Doable. Here I go.
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Hello, my lovelies! I trust you all had a weekend, whether spectacular or average.

Personally, my weekend was made of too much good weather, not enough books, and possibly just a little bit too much family. But the perfect amount of fireworks!

We (meaning my father, both my sisters, and my cousin Kristen) spent all day on the Esplanade in Boston, about 1/2 mile from the Hatch Shell where all the ~entertainment~ was going on. We got there at 11 am, and the festivities started... at 8:30. The fireworks weren't until 10:30. I finished the (one) book I brought, thinking I was going to be doing other things, by 1pm. Then I laid around on a blanket, pretty much, for the next 9 hours. My uncle Mike, his friend Al, and my cousin Mikey came around 3 to join us. Mike's other son Jason came with his fiancee around 8.

Neil Diamond... I have one thing to say: it is TERRIFYING being in the middle of 3/4 of a million people all singing "SWEET CAROLINE, BA BA BA" o.o Also, after he played it once for the ~live TV extravaganza~ he played it again. Right after the first time. To the same response, or maybe even more enthusiastic. o.o

The fireworks were ASTOUNDING. I saw so many brand-new kinds, I basically had my head craned back the entire time with my mouth gaping open. Part of a firework casing hit Jason in the head. xD It was cool, in the temperature sense, thank goodness. Between the wind and how HUGE some of the fireworks were, people along where we were on the Esplanade were getting ashed on, it was crazy.

I have never seen fireworks spell out a word before, that I can recall, but I definitely saw "RED SOX" in the sky this time. :O

And. Oh man, huge brilliant purple and blue ones that rained down silver. Swirly white ones that exploded into bright balls and then twinkled down, I have never seen a three-stage firework before then! I just. I totally loved them so much. From where we were we couldn't see the orchestra or anything, but we got the best view possible of the fireworks. I have a few pictures that are decent. They'll be up... probably tomorrow because my SD card reader is dead.

We didn't get back to New Bedford until 1:30, and it was shortly before then that I realized I had THE MOST AWKWARD sunburn ever. Primary concentrations: My calves, especially the backs of my knees (motherfucking OW), the top half of my right arm and most of that shoulder, just a bit of my left arm, and a really small bit of the back of my neck. D: And I put on sunscreen too! Suck. It hurts like a bitch but it'll fade.

Today we basically said goodbye to my Vovoa and left.... unfortnately, we took Mikey with us. He's 8. Keep in mind the composition of my house: 45 year old Mom and Dad, 23 year old (for another two weeks) me, 17 year old Julia, 16 year old Rachael. Plus two old dogs and two moody cats.

I'm already sick of him. >.> We'll see how long it takes for everyone else to share this opinion.

Now, I may or may not be able to catch up on my flist (y'all post a lot) so if there's anything important I should know happened to you, tell me! ♥


Jul. 2nd, 2009 11:55 am
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Strange dreams in which Kirk was a kindergarten teacher and McCoy was a priest. WTF?

Sleeping pattern is back to the usual fucked up: fell asleep at 11, woke up at 1, fell asleep at 2, woke up at 4, fell asleep at 5, woke up at 9:30. Thinking strongly about double-dosing Lunesta tonight and seeing if I can sleep the whole night through, or if I'm doomed as long as I'm on Lamictal. It only took me this long to figure out which pill was making me insomniac because stopping taking my medication is a stupid idea, lol.

I have an appointment in 2 hours, and I'm hoping to at least start something by then. I've got the hand-painting fic partially figured out, and really the setup is the hard part, once I get into the swing of it I'm set.

Rachael might be coming to the mall with us today. As long as she's not with her friends she's more tolerable to be with... she really is funny when she's not being a brat. She just turned 16 a week and a half ago. Julia's turning 18 in four months. I feel so old, you guys, my baby sisters are growing up.

Oh, I got my financial aid award total yesterday in the mail... and it's about $1000 more than the cost of tuition. Not to mention the $2500 from the Salvation Army, I am SO paying all my billz especially the $300 I still owe for probation in Plattsburgh omg oops and giving my parents money for supporting my sad ass and maybe, just maybe I will get the iPhone I have been lusting for since it came out. :3

Heck, maybe I'll splurge and get pants that fit, now that I'm not a 38 waist any more. xD

Okay okay getting to writing now, I just had to flail a little bit! :D
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My mother had a dream that ZQ was hitting on her. xD And she had to be a good Christian woman and say "No, I'm married, this is inappropriate, stop!" xD

"But if my imagination is right he's a really good kisser," she added. "He does little nibbly things to your neck... well, he was REALLY coming on to me!"

Well. Everyone says I look like my mom. Come to me, Zachary, come to me.

duuuuuude, why didn't I get that dream? xD


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