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Whoever on my flist cited Tom Hiddleston as a good casting choice for Crowley in the Good Omens adaptation nailed it. I'd love to see that.

Saw Thor, wasn't overly impressed by it, ended up defending Loki to my mother after leaving the theater. Back up off my trickster, Mom. He's not evil, he's just kind of a dick. Anyway it was a whole lot of eye candy, which I'm never going to complain about.

What I will complain about is the Auburn Movieplex. I don't think I've seen one well-screened film there. There is ALWAYS something wrong, be it a problem of focus, a weird line running through the screen for the whole movie, a sound problem, I can't think of one perfectly-screened film I've seen there. And going to the drive-in isn't asking for great quality either. If I want to see something and know I'm seeing it properly, I have to go to Syracuse and pay out the ass for the privilege. Which is why I'm willing to go to Syracuse to see the last Harry Potter. (Though I'd prefer to go to Rochester and see it in IMAX, omg.)

Anyhow, more things than that happened today. The first thing that happened is I went to Aurora and saw a bunch of my friends graduate, and I'm probably never going to see a lot of them again, which makes me more sad than I can really adequately say and it's only going to hurt more when I get back to campus in August and they're not there. :(

Then Julia and Mary and I went to the malls in Syracuse. First we went to the Carousel Center and I spent too much money at Sephora, then we went to Shoppingtown and I found out the fucking Body Shop closed at some point in the last five months so now I have a Groupon I have to use in-store and the closest store is in fucking Rochester. But I also bought used books-- two Discworld books, actually, which I finally am making time to read once I finish this Doctorow book I'm reading now. And then we brought Mary home and went back to the Carousel Center to get shorts. I now own three new pairs of shorts-- get this-- in a 34 inch waist. HELL FUCKING YEAH.

And then when I came home Mom helped me put up the hammock and I spent about an hour reading out on that, which was really nice. And then we went to the movies.

So part of what I bought at Sephora is nail polish. I now own all the colors of the rainbow in nail polish, which is important because I am going to do Nyan Cat nails when I get bored enough to sit down and do fiddly work with them. I am going to put them up on Tumblr and hope they make me famous. That would be pretty cool.

But now I have a headache, and I really have to clean the rat cage, and I should probably start some laundry, and I really want to go to bed soon. So I'm done with LJ for now.
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Threadless is having a $12 sale until 10 AM tomorrow morning. My dad let me get three tees, so I got "Doctor Hoo", "Birds of a Feather" and "Adorable Disaster". I'm excited, I've never owned a Threadless tee before.
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I generally dislike going to the mall by myself but it wasn't so bad today. I think it probably would have been worse if I had someone with me, actually. I got everything done in very little time.

I picked up a pair of ash grey Toms which are going to be my primary shoes once the weather warms up enough to forgo socks, a fan for my laptop which is actually too small because Chuck is 19 inches and the fan is only 17, a sage green eyeliner/shadow pencil (which matches the nail polish Julia bought me on Tuesday), and two books at Borders. I was sad when I got to Borders because they're closing in two days and all they had left was crap, so I picked up some schlocky sci-fi to give me something to do while I waited for my father to pick me up. The one I started reading is about an alien who becomes a rock star. No, really.

Now... I really have to write a paper, even though my cat is napping at the foot of my bed and I'd really like to follow his example. Or maybe watch some more Venture Brothers, except I'd have to wait for Julia to wake up to do that, and I don't know when she'll be up because she was babysitting last night.
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My dad said I'm not allowed to get any more DVDs... so now I want to get clothing.

A brutal Dethklok shirt with a Thunderhorse

A sweet Venture Brothers hoodie

A Monarch t-shirt

I like to wear my fandoms. I always have. Usually I have to do it in subtler ways by trying to imitate someone's style, but these are more blatant, and super cool.

Also I ordered a "soft kitty" shirt, so I'll be rocking the Big Bang Theory fangirlism pretty soon.
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I just spent five hours in the mall.

I saw Tangled with Dennis, and I really liked it.

I got Chuck season 3 and Supernatural season 5 for $15 apiece.

I got The Hunger Games and Valiant.

I got two hats and a shirt.

I also got a massive headache which still isn't going away.

God, I am never doing that again, ever.
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Julia and I went to two different malls today, and did not get trampled in either one, hooray.

First we went to Shoppingtown so I could take advantage of an in-store sale at The Body Shop and I got a ridiculous amount of stuff for $65. Including eye makeup remover, so now I can start wearing eye makeup more often. If I can manage it in the mornings. I might not be up to it for a while.

Then we went to the Carousel Center, which I have never seen so packed, and we saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1. I am frustrated that I have to wait eight months for the rest of it, but I thought it was really good. It didn't quite get me to tear up, but I know I'll be sobbing by the end of the second one, and I plan to bring an entire box of kleenex to the midnight showing. Then we walked around a bit, I bought a lightweight cable-knit sweater (not as good as a John sweater, too girly) and some long-sleeved tees from Old Navy, and we beat it around 9:30.

So I caught a bunch of good sales, saw a good movie, spent a few hours with my favorite sister, it was a good day.

Now the rest of my weekend must be devoted toward schoolwork, because I haven't gotten any done at all yet. >.>

oh, here's an excellent haiku I found via [livejournal.com profile] wrisomifu:

song of november

ten minutes writing
or ten minutes reading porn?
failboat sails again.
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I'm sorry, is it antisocial of me to say let the arsonist burn? If someone fully meant to burn down my house and everything I own along with it, it's their own fucking fault if they get caught in the fire, and I'm going to save my cat and my laptop and my external drive, not the jackass who set the fire. (Assuming my family members can get out on their own, of course, I would save my mother and father before my cat and my computer.)

God, just thinking about losing everything in a fire gives me the shivers. I have enough problems with the thought of losing my purse and that only has about six things in it.

Yes, I'm materialistic. I am fully at peace with this aspect of my personality. I have a lot of stuff and I like having it. It has taken me a long time to accumulate all of my stuff. Sure, I probably don't need all of it (like... these three years worth of Details magazine? when am I ever going to look at those again, unless I'm hunting for pictures of celebrities in suits?) but I would rather have too much stuff than too little stuff.

...and yes, I am like a Sim when I get something new, I totally get the "New Stuff!!" moodlet and get happy for a little while. :D
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That coupon for Borders? Yeah, I saved $27. Which means out of the seven books I got, two of them were basically free.

Post-mall inventory:

Y, The Last Man: 6 and 8 (I need 7, 9 and 10)
Ex Machina: 3 and 4 (I need 2, 5 and 9)
Transmetropolitan: 6 and 7 (I need 8, 9 and 10)
A Touch of Dead (and they didn't have Dead and Gone, what gives?)

One cute navy blue dress
One purple patterned scarf
One pair of purple patterned boxers

One t-shirt with Spongebob in glasses and the words "it's all geek to me"

Three chocolate bars
One quarter pound of assorted chocolates
One pound of caramel Fiorettos

Oh yeah, and new glasses.

Plus, I got an RDJ movie from SwapADVD in the mail.

Today has been full of acquisition win!

And to keep this from entirely being "HEY I BOUGHT STUFF", a meme:

Give me a character from any fandom, tv show, movie, book you know that I know and I will tell you:

a. My favorite thing about that character.
b. My least favorite thing about that character.
c. One person I would ship them with in their own verse.
d. One crossover ship for them I think would be neat.
e. One crossover universe for them I think would be even neater.
f. Their ship from hell.
g. Their song.
h. The title of their biography or autobiography.
i. The last bad dream they had.
j. How they're gonna shuffle off the mortal coil, if they haven't already.


Jun. 10th, 2010 12:51 am
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Oh, shit. Borders just sent me a 25% off everything coupon. Not 25% off one item, 25% off EVERYTHING.

Do you know how often I get a good coupon when I'm actually going to the mall?

Plus I just got money?

Mommy's going book shopping tomorrow, oh fuck yes she is, and she is picking up the Charlaine Harris short story collection at long last, and I think also whatever Transmetropolitan they have in stock that I don't own, and Ex Machina if they've got it, oh, and I should probably actually buy a copy of Dead And Gone just so I actually have the full series, and you know what? I'm gonna go browse in the DVD section and see what catches my eye.

It's cool, I have a coupon.

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You can get the complete series of Daria on DVD for $28 at Amazon right now.

That's $28 instead of $73.

What are you waiting for? Go buy it before the sale is over!
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Shopping achievements: two cute t-shirts, two pairs of straight-leg jeans that look okay on my ass, thirty Lindt truffles and an adorable little tote bag to put them in, the newest Sookie Stackhouse novel, one free lip gloss and a dark cherry mocha frappucino.

Potential for picspam tomorrow: between 50-75%. Depends on how I feel after I get out of the shower.

My plan for the rest of the night: Go downstairs and watch Iron Man in prep for seeing Iron Man 2 tomorrow night (potentially at the drive-in, along with Nightmare on Elm Street which I don't want to see and She's Out of My League which I kind of do), come upstairs and download and watch Supernatural, go to bed in time to make the 11am mythology study group (last one ever!) and so I can return Matt's books to him.

Sounds workable to me!
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This is the laptop I'm going to buy.

Anyone have anything to say about it before I actually hand over my credit card? I like to get outside opinions. This looks like a pretty solid machine, all the reviews are good, and the only thing I don't like about it is the battery life-- but seriously, how often am I going to be away from an electrical outlet for four hours? Probably not that often.

The real question is, should I go for the extended warranty? Because I take incredible care of my computers (may I enter into evidence the healthy six year old desktop that can run Photoshop, iTunes and Google Chrome simultaneously without freaking out), but accidents do happen...
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And in today's issue of "Dani is a sucker for a sale"... waking up to an email from Amazon telling me I can get Heroes season 3 and Psych season 3 for $17 each got me right where it counts: in the debit card.

I have this compulsive need to collect the entirety of something, and at a 72% discount, uh... hell yes.

I also got Up for $10.

...so getting up to feed the cats got kind of expensive today. xD

Also, Facebook is making me lazy because I keep seeing posts on LJ that I want to "like" without having anything to say about them... gah!
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Lifted shamelessly from [livejournal.com profile] frontyardninja, who has a truly epic collection.

List all of the television shows you have on DVD, no matter how obscure or embarrassing. Even if you only own one season, list it! Let's see who has what!

I showed you my shelves before but I never listed them all out )

I used to have almost all of the X-Files, but I sold off seasons going back from 9 when I was living on Miller Street and needed money. I've lost more series that way... ah well. And I think I own a couple more anime seasons, but they're all packed away in the basement.
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:( I got cocky and bought a pajama set in large instead of extra large... this worked out when it was long bottoms and a tank top, but not so much with a long-sleeved button top and short bottoms. DAMN MY GIGANTIC RACK. :(

...aside from that little mishap, I got a cute pair of purple leggings that I am never wearing out of the house because, just straight up honestly, people with legs like mine never need to wear leggings in public (even my knees look fat), books 2, 4 and 5 of Transmetropolitan, book 8 of Ex Machina, the last of the Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld, The Complete Sherlock Holmes, a Scentbug from Bath and Body Works, a candle, four different kinds of home fragrance oil (on sale for a buck each, score), vanilla nutmeg lip gloss and body butter, green apple body wash, and the seaweed facial cleanser I've been using a trial size of for the past month and a half and it seems to work pretty well.

Yes, I spent way too much. I should never go shopping without a clear list of what I need because THIS is what happens...

And on the way home, I got a Chuck fic plotbunny... for a Sarah-centric song fic. God help me, THAT's the inspiration I'm getting? No wonder I'm not writing worth a damn any more.

Man, I am using 'damn' like it's going out of style! What's with that? It's the mildest of curses. I am so not hardcore. :(
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I wrote my first Western Civ paper on Galileo, and I totally used the Indigo Girls song about him in my Works Cited. How cool is that? (answer: pretty cool, and kind of hilarious, and I really think my teacher will appreciate it as a source of amusement if nothing else)

So yeah, Galileo. Father of modern science, father of modern physics, father of modern astronomy, father of three bastard children. You don't learn THAT one in your history class. xD He stuck both his daughters in a convent. How's that for responsible parenting? I wouldn't trust him with a baby physics. Those things are awfully impressionable.

...no, I don't know, I'm kind of punchy. I have to finish this and then I'll let myself watch an episode of Fringe, then I have to do a podfic and then I can watch that episode from last season they aired on Monday. I fell behind somewhere, and I'm probably going to be more behind if we go to the mall on Thursday, which I would like to do because... I am a sucker for Aerie and I like free stuff. And also I have a gift card for Bath and Body Works, as if I needed more smelly bath things now, with something coming from the Body Shop AND from Lush...

Aw, the box from the Body Shop is going to get here after I leave on Friday. :/ At least I'll be coming home to something awesome then? Crap, I should probably start packing for the weekend. I have to remember to bring the photo album with all my pictures from middle school. If I was really gumptious, I'd scan some of them in...

Gumptious is a fun word to say. Go on, try it! :D

I'm all excited about things coming in the mail. Besides the nice-smelly things, I have two textbooks, two Sherlock Holmes books from Paperbackswap, and the next two Sookie Stackhouse novels (also from PBS). I mailed out a six-credit DVD last week so I traded in four DVD credits for six book credits and then promptly used all but one of them... because I am bad at waiting for things, and also because as soon as I put the Sookie books on my wishlist someone posted them, so that was pretty awesome. I'm going to be sitting on the mailbox like a pudgy, unbalanced vulture next week.

...and with that thoroughly disturbing mental image, I'm gonna go finish that paper now!
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...I just spent $70 on Lush products.

To be fair to myself, I've been waiting to buy Lush stuff for YEARS now, and I got seven free items and a ten percent discount (hello, sales and promo codes!), so it's not like I did so horribly... but still, woo, that stuff is expensive. I really hope it's worth it!
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I'm putting away my clothes now and I have just made an important discovery:

There is no room left in my panty drawer.

My addiction to Aerie underwear has become so excessive that I couldn't fit a thong in there if I even wore such a thing. It's those damn 5 for $25 sales, and the fact that they just keep making the cutest prints...

Oh well. I am imposing a moratorium on panty shopping from now on. Unless I suddenly lose so much weight that I drop down to a medium, I have enough panties to last me... probably two months of a different pair daily.

....hey, I could stop doing laundry for a while!
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Black Friday shopping: success. :D

I got my iPod Touch with a minimum of fuss. I think the majority of Auburn's police force was standing around inside Walmart. xD

My haul from Best Buy was particularly pleasing: S1 of Big Bang Theory, 40 Year Old Virgin, Iron Man, Fanboys, and The Dark Knight for under $40. Julia got a bunch of movies and the new Mario Bros. for the Wii. :D

I only got one sweater vest from Old Navy, because they didn't have the nice beige argyle one in my size. I got two dress shirts, one white and one black, two v-neck tops in green and red, and a very cute purple and grey sweater. And I got my dad's Christmas gift.

And I got a Star Trek calendar for 2010. Original flavor, naturally. :D

I spent too much money but I am very pleased with the results!

....now, I think I'm going to go back to bed.
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I missed my classes this morning because I couldn't sleep at all last night. This insomnia bullshit is getting more annoying every night. Hopefully the increase in Geodon will work like Dr. Mehrhof says it should and I can get some zz's without resorting to smothering myself with a pillow until I go unconscious.

My session with Lisa today was really weird. Usually I have plenty to say but I petered out before we were even halfway through. She pulled out some artsy therapy thing she does with her kid clients and had me draw on a paper plate-- the me I show everyone on one side, the me I am on the inside on the other side. Aside from proving that my art skills are called "skills" only in the loosest sense of the word, uh, I'm depressed. It didn't take crayons and colored pencils for me to figure that out, but it was kind of... not fun exactly... it sucked, actually, because even the me I show everyone isn't all that interesting. I define myself by what I do, and everything I do is passive, it seems.

Then I drove around with my mom for two hours trying to get things done. My poor mother is so harried right now. My dad has really bad vertigo, I think I've mentioned, so he hasn't been able to work for the past couple of months now. It's coming up on the holidays, which means that Mom has to coordinate the Thanksgiving dinner at the church, the entire red kettle campaign (which starts tomorrow, usually we wait until Black Friday but not this year), and pretty soon all of the Christmas toys and food baskets. Divisional Headquarters asked her if she wanted an assistant officer sent in for the season, but she said no. Her rationale was that training the new person would take as long as just doing everything herself, which, I'm sorry, is bullshit if they send someone even barely competent. She could use the help. I just have to convince her that DHQ isn't trying to plant a spy in the corps, which... isn't all that unbelievable, honestly, those people have it out for my parents.

...so I am pretty much at my mother's disposal between now and Christmas any time she needs someone to stand at a kettle. It's not really winter until I'm freezing my ass off outside some retail establishment!

Julia and I went to Syracuse to get our Aerie gifts, which turned out to be lame-- little bottles of their Katie scent, which none of us like and Rachael can't even use because of her allergies... so those will be going in my boxes to people, heh. We both spent a bit of dough while we were there. I got pajama pants and more panties (seriously, I should know better by now, but those 5 for $25 panties get me every time) and a really cute navy blue cadet cap that matches my coat perfectly. And I got more Christmas cards at Borders, so I can finish up addressing those to everyone who wants one. :D

I also mailed out the box for [livejournal.com profile] sweetxtc666. The Carousel Mall has a post office right inside it that keeps mall hours. So freaking convenient! Michelle sent me a box that I got yesterday, chock full of candles and cat toys and tea and the most excellent homemade peach butter and a pair of mitten-gloves that perfectly match my gray and purple scarf. :D Thank you again Michelle! I am going to go have some toast with that butter on it so I can take my pills and hopefully go to bed... after I watch Fringe. :D


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