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The library position is open for application until the 17th. So I'm having my mother print out the application for me tomorrow at work. I really need to update my resume with my Cleveland Hall job and have her print that out too... and I have to do a cover letter. I've never had to do a cover letter before.

My new glasses will be ready for me tomorrow at 11. I am looking forward to seeing clearly again, as my glasses have been dirty for about a week and I've just been too lazy to wash them with soap. I'm not sure which pair to start wearing-- the black or the silver? I might start with the silver. Anyway I have to find my camera so I can do a ~*~proper photoshoot~*~ and not just take crappy webcam pictures.

I am having a severe problem with writing. I keep thinking of things I want to do, but I can't just sit down and make them happen. I seem to have lost my grasp of the English language and how to make it do what I want it to do. Usually if I have a problem writing in a fandom, I just go read a bunch of fic to help me figure out characterization and voice a little better... but there's so little Venture Brothers fic that I don't really have that option. And I just don't feel like I'm writing any of them very well.

So, failing that creative avenue, I have pulled out my beading equipment and I'm going to make my girlfriend a necklace or something. Probably a necklace, because I know she wears them, I'm not so sure if she'd wear a bracelet. Although I don't think I've ever seen her wear anything beaded, now that I think about it. Whatever, I'm going to make it anyway and she's free to wear it or not as she chooses. I'm not one of those overly-invested people who gets all butthurt when people don't wear the things I make for them.

I am also considering finding out if Evian wants to come to the drive-in to see Harry Potter with me and Julia in a month. I mean, I know she's a crazy HP fan, and she enjoys the company of other fangirls. She just might prefer to see it in Ithaca. Which is cool, I would understand the desire to see it screened crisply rather than on a drive-in screen. But I might as well ask her, right? The worst she can say is no. (Well, no, the worst she could say is "fuck off, I never want to talk to you again," but I've only had one person tell me that in my life, so I'm not anticipating that happening.)

And I just found out that there's going to be a 15 minute Venture Bros. special on July 24. SWEET. I will totally take any and all new stuff to tide me over until the next season starts, which isn't going to be until at least spring 2012. (sadfais.) Buuuuuut... I am selling back some textbooks to Amazon and making enough money to buy the rest of the series on DVD. So I will be going on DVD specials adventures and probably watching everything with commentary like I started doing with Felix. I am looking forward to that.

Depending on whether I get this job, and depending on how we end up setting up our room, I am kind of considering buying a small flatscreen TV to take to college with me next semester. So Mary and I can watch DVDs mostly, I don't anticipate a lot of TV watching, but who knows, maybe I can actually keep up with one of my shows while I'm at school. I mean, we could watch DVDs on her computer, but the sound is really terrible. And if I get a new TV and an HDMI cable, we can just watch everything on YouTube through my laptop on the TV. I COULD WATCH PONIES ON A TV. I don't know, it's still hypothetical. (or, you know, I could just ask for it for my birthday, since Julia got a freaking 40 inch TV for Christmas and I don't want one that's very big at all.)

I am also coming really close to just wanting to chop all my hair off. I'm trying to grow it out now, but it just looks bad and is hard to do anything with, and I either need bangs or layering or something, my forehead needs some coverage because this widow's peak isn't doing me any favors. I really just want to crop it down to the couple of inches I had it at before I went to Wells... but I have to wait it out, it's going to look terrible before it looks better. I'll figure out what I want to do with it a couple of weeks before I go back to campus, I guess. I should just leave it alone and forget about it for the next two months. But I can't just forget about it because it's making me look bad... ugh. If I get the job, I'll do something nice with it, if I don't, why fucking bother, I barely leave the house except to walk around the block and go to appointments, and god knows my therapist doesn't care if my hair looks bad.

Okay, that's enough random babble for one night, time for bed.
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Okay, so out of the eight short essays I have to do by midnight tomorrow, I have one done. I have to at least get the other Science and Religion essay done before I go to bed, and I should really do a couple of the Psycholinguistics ones so I don't have to do all six of them tomorrow afternoon. I have a cup of tea, I should be good to go until at least 2, I just have to focus and stop fucking around on YouTube.

I have been watching Maru and typography videos most of the evening, I've gone out for a couple of cigarettes, and I've spent a lot of time on Facebook. And the bad thing is, I really want to write... just, I want to write about cute boys doing the college experimentation thing, not about the major criticisms of organized religion. I am going to get a lot of writing done once I get home, because I have like four different ideas for adorable friends-crossing-the-line stories, which... what even, I know I'm a sucker for friends-crossing-the-line and also for college settings, but this is possibly going overboard. I don't even care. And I don't care that nobody's going to read them, because I'm going to have enough fun just writing them.

I also kind of want to go back and write more with the spies-- there's a story I started and never finished... actually two of them, one just Riley and Zachariah and one with Connor too. And I was having a lot of fun writing them before I got busy this semester. I really do want to get a lot of writing done this summer because I feel bereft when I'm not managing some creative output on a regular basis. Part of me wants to start writing fanfiction again, it's been almost a year since I finished any fanfiction, but that's mostly just because I want people to read what I'm writing, not because I feel particularly drawn to any characters. The one fandom I actually started writing fic for is tiny anyway. (But I am pretty determined to finish it because... well, because nobody else is going to write it, so if I want to see it done I'm going to have to do it myself.)

My French final went well, at least. I was done in an hour and twenty minutes, when I went to hand the test to Mme. Barthes, she was like "Really? Already? Are you sure you didn't miss a page? You did 25 sentences for the essay?" I just said "I test fast, you know this from all semester long." And I feel pretty confident that I aced it, because I studied hard. Maybe the essay wasn't as strong as it could have been, but she didn't let us use a dictionary like Mme. Staples did for our final last semester. It could have been better if I had more vocabulary. And it wasn't BAD, it just wasn't very good either. She wanted us to write about what the world will be like in five and fifteen years and I'm pretty sure I just said "I hope...." about a dozen times. And used the future simple tense a whole lot.

I am definitely getting my rats on Saturday though. I have to clean off the shelf in my room where Heather Ratface's cage was, but then I'll have plenty of space for them. And I still have to come up with names. Sammie informed me that I was being very heteronormative when I said I didn't want to give female rats male names. So now I'm kind of thinking about calling them 21 and 24. Is that too nerdy? I think it might be too nerdy. I might do it anyway.

Okay, I have wasted too much time on LJ, time to post this thing and get back to work.
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I have a functional phone again, hooray. I also did not get my prescription changed back because it seemed kind of silly for me to be telling the doctor what I should be taking, but if I start backsliding into depression I still have plenty of refills left on the Aplenzin scrip and I'll just start filling those instead of the Wellbutrin. So.

I thought I was prescribed the Lunesta 1mg tabs. I am actually prescribed the 3mg tabs. So when I took two last night, I was taking 6 mg, and that explains why I slept for nearly fourteen hours. It does not explain, however, why one pill won't put me out any more. Because 3mg is the largest pill they make for Lunesta, I'm pretty sure, and if it's a question of not sleeping or sleeping until 2pm every day, I'm going to have to get used to sleepless nights, and I doubt my roommate will approve. I'll have the bottom bunk anyway, I'll hang a sheet from under her mattress so my computerlight (one word, like sunlight or moonlight, haha) won't bother her. I'll just have to be careful not to laugh out loud.

Almost up to 200 downloads collective on the three podfics I posted yesterday. Perhaps watching the download count isn't a healthy thing to do but it's certainly exciting to me, to see how many people I'm reaching. You don't really get that certainty with fanfiction, unless you put a counter in each story (or, I suppose, use AO3), and anyways these are more popular than almost everything I've ever written.

When I went to make my phone payment I had to go through the mall, and the store next to Verizon is Tuxedo Junction, where I once applied for a job and was turned down, where the one person at Cayuga Community College I actively detested worked, though I didn't know that when I applied, and for a moment or three I just stood there looking at the marvelous variety of colors of waistcoats on display. I told my mother I wanted a waistcoat. She probably thinks I'm crazy. I don't really want a waistcoat, or not only a waistcoat, I would like to own a properly tailored suit one day when I can afford such a thing (and when I've got my figure settled, I suppose, since I'm still gradually losing weight), not that this is a particularly new desire, it just happened to flare up today more than usual. And thinking about it makes me think about my future, whether I ever actually will be able to afford a nice suit or if I'm going to be wearing off-the-rack dresses for the entirety of my life, and how long that life is going to be anyways.

My mother is 46. I can't imagine being 46. I can hardly imagine being 30 and that's not all that far off, really. Of course, it's a moot point if the world ends in 2012, but I'll be incredibly miffed if the world ends mere months after I earn my bachelor's degree. Though that would settle the problem of my student debt pretty neatly.

I'm not entirely sure where I'm going with this train of thought. I'm still very sleepy and I'm resisting going out to nap on the hammock by a bare margin, because a nap now just ensures no sleep later tonight. I need something to do besides read fanfic, although I have quite a lot of that to do. And my brain's not entirely functional so maybe I should just settle on the same mindless stuff I generally do on Facebook and bide my time until sundown.
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Well, I really did intend to get sleep last night, but then I got so pissed off I was literally shaking with anger, and then I got depressed, and then I realized, hey, I have 27K worth of awesome fanfiction to beta-read to distract myself from epic fail.

So I just finished doing that, and you guys, you are going to be blown away by [livejournal.com profile] moorishflower's incredible AU skillz. I am a sucker for AUs, and this one is particularly splendid, with a clever sort of meta-ness running through it, spot-on characterization and just brilliant description all the way from start to (spectactular!) finish.


So, Sam/Gabriel fangirls, keep an eye on Moorish this weekend, and the rest of you... should read it anyways because it's fantastic. :D

And now the sun is up and I think I might be able to sneak out of the house without rousing the mutts or my parents so I'm going to go on that walk, probably not all the way to the lake but at least around the block, because it's going to be way too hot to do it after I wake up this afternoon. So walkies, then sleep, possibly with food in the middle because I didn't actually have dinner yesterday, just a coffee milkshake and a Twizzler pull-and-peel, which is so not healthy and also not very filling, and I should have known better than to not eat after giving blood because I am clearly halfway out of my mind at the moment.

Maybe food first and then walkies. I could have soup! Chicken soup with stars, like I am five years old.

I really wish I could find my earbud headphones. I would ask if anyone has seen them, but unless one of you has been stalking me ninja-style, you don't actually know the contents of my bedroom...

...so I wish the stalker on my flist would speak up and tell me where they are.

and, uh, wow, this makes six posts in as many hours. I am so sorry for clogging up your flists, guys. Go tell me what you love about yourselves and I promise I'll shut up until at least 3pm.
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So tonight has been pretty cool too. I watched the news with my family and didn't even say anything disparaging about Sarah Palin or Glenn Beck when they were brought up in some bit about America being or not being a Christian nation (and you are damn skippy if you think that was difficult, the things I do to keep the peace around here!) and then we played Apples to Apples, which was awesome and also I got to call "going to church" phony, lol. My sister was totally playing to the judge with that one.

And then I came back up here all ready to write some more and I got totally sidetracked into reading this one awesome SGA AU fic that [livejournal.com profile] pocky_slash was looking for, even though someone else found it for her first. And man, there is a serious differential between really good SGA fic and really good fic in any other fandom I read. I don't know what's up with that, but I still do enjoy going back and reading SGA fic now and again, even if it's been over a year since I've watched the show. You never really abandon an OTP, not if you really love them, and I really, really love John and Rodney. So that was nice, and I kind of think I'm going to go back and hit up my SGA saves on Delicious for my favorite ones to re-read at some point in the near future.

And now, I think I am going to try REALLY HARD to finish this ficlet before Glee comes on, and then after Glee I am going to take a bath with one of the multitude of bath bombs I have-- maybe a floral one? I've been sticking with spices and citrus lately, it's time for flowers-- and then I am going to come back and write until I go to sleep. And I might watch this one episode of Big Bang Theory I haven't watched yet, or last week's Fringe, but probably I'm just going to write. IT FEELS SO GOOD TO WRITE, OMG. This Five Acts meme is the best thing that's happened to me in writing terms since the Chuck AU challenge (and speaking of which, I am still working on the sequel to I Know It's Strange, is anyone even interested in it? I mean, I'm going to finish it whether or not anyone cares, I'm just curious), and I did mention that I'm doing the MMoM challenge in May, right?

And awww, I just got wrong-number dialed by a six year old. Well, I'm assuming she was six, she sounded itty bitty. And I'm in such a good mood I'm thinking "aw, little kids!" and not "ew, little kids." xD

I don't know what is up with my mood, but I am not going to question it because I feel awesome right now and only stupid, stupid bipolar people question it when they feel awesome. And I am not stupid. Or so people assure me on a regular basis, and they can't all be lying.

Tomorrow I have... hm, I have a PTK meeting at 11, and then my PTK induction at 7, and I have to read this assigned section of Heart of Darkness and milk an essay out of it by Thursday night, which I can totally do, just not at this particular moment. So I have to shave my legs. Not for the essay, for the induction. I'm finally going to have a reason to wear my blue dress, yay!

...but you know what, I think I'm done with the Decemberists for the day, it's time for something new. I'm thinking.... it's Gaga time.
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People, you are thoroughly failing to entertain me today.

Not that I'll be needing any entertainment for the next three hours, but still: in my free time, somebody should always be around to provide amusing commentary on something.

As it stands, I wasted a buck and a half on a soda that doesn't even have any caffeine in it, four bucks on a way-too-salty bowl of soup, and read through half the first canto of Don Juan, which is entertaining but not engrossing. I have two sources for this essay, and if I can't finish it by tonight then I'll take a letter grade drop and spend all day tomorrow on it. Better a B with lots of effort than a C because I don't give a crap, right?

I just need to not fall asleep for another 20 minutes and then I'll be in class and forced to interact with people. And have to defend my summary of the Enki myth. ("So he ate all the plants and then he got pains all over his body, and Ninhursaga gave birth to a minor god from each place that pained Enki." What the actual fuck, mythology?) It came out to 102 words. I think I may be the person who's kept closest to the assigned 100-word summary... and my first summary kicked ass, so maybe this one isn't too bad either.

If nobody besides [livejournal.com profile] asimaiyat comments on my fic by the time I get home at 4:30, I am going to cry. Just putting that out there. That's not really comment whoring, that's community insecurity, just to clarify. I don't want you to read it just to appease my whorish nature. I just... want people to want to read it, I guess? I need to do things for myself and not for general approval.

Also I am feeling really uncertain about tonight's Chuck from last week's preview. If they do what I think they're going to do I'm going to be pretty upset.

Looks like today is a ranty kind of day! Somebody shut me up, please.
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  • The pill from last night's Chuck looks exactly like my mood stabilizer. It would be awesome if Geodon took away my fear, I would never need Xanax again.

  • My dad said he'd buy my netbook from me for $500 to help me get a real full sized laptop that actually, you know, is worth having. Sorry, Spock, you're just not processing on the level I require. I will be hitting up Newegg over the next couple of days. Anyone got any suggestions? I want something that'll run at least as well as my desktop, which doesn't sound like such a big deal but my desktop has yet to fail me when I push it.

  • I have a tiny bottle of amaretto that I've been saving for a moment of need. I guess St. Patrick's Day qualifies as a need. I could always get Julia to drive me to the liquor store to get something more appropriate. Like, uh, a big old bottle of whiskey. That sounds like it would do. When was the last time I got drunk, anyway? I was in Plattsburgh... the night of the guy in the suit, I think. It's been a couple of months. I'm not an alcoholic or anything, and really I have nothing to do if I do get wasted. Drunk Wii Fit is about the extent of it.

    ...though that does sound pretty hilarious.

  • I'm reading another series by Robin Hobb now, the Soldier Son trilogy. The first book is Shaman's Crossing, and so far it's pretty good. There was one bit that really stood out to me that I think bears repeating:
    I think it is how most men get from one day to the next: they set aside all experiences that do not mesh with their perception of themselves. How different would our perception of reality be if, instead, we discarded the mundane events that cannot coexist with our dreams?

    I need to live more like that, I think. Be more picky about how I perceive the world. And myself.

  • Speaking of how I perceive myself, I have had three people ask me if maybe the reason I don't want to make out with Matt is because I want to make out with girls instead, and three times I have had to explain that I am a concurrent bisexual, okay, I am attracted to both genders all the time, it's not the fact that he's male, it's just him. I wouldn't want him any more if he were a chick. (actually, I can't even imagine that. you know how some people you can kind of easily genderswap in your head? it just doesn't work in this case. am I the only person who does that? I can't be.) So that's kind of frustrating.

  • In my last entry-- second to last? I posted a bit today. Anyway, I might have come off as kind of proud of all my (not really that extensive) experience with drugs, and you know what, I kind of am. I love talking about my drug experiences. I love altering my perception of reality (there's perception again!) and it really makes me sad that I can't do DXM any more because robotripping always, always made me feel better about the world even when I was in my worst depression. And I probably sound stupid saying things like "oh I'm going to miss this drug" but dammit, it's like losing a friend. A friend from a very good time of my life of which I have already lost my best friend, so this is just one more thing I'm never going to get back from those days. Sigh.

  • Today [livejournal.com profile] gyzym posted a really excellent guide on how to give and accept constructive criticism. My comments are usually more of the arm-flailing, "omg" school of thought, but if I ever got a concrit comment I think I would be better prepared to handle it now and not go into a paroxym of self-flagellation or anything extreme like that.

  • Apparently there's a Census jobs test at BOCES tomorrow afternoon. So I can't get wasted too early in the day, I might be getting employed. That would be nice. Unlikely but nice.

  • I should probably go to bed now because I can already tell it's going to be one of those nights that takes me forever to fall asleep and, ha, it probably won't even matter if I miss this class tomorrow but I might as well show up and plead my case, right?

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Dr. Alley called this afternoon... I only just got the message.

My MRI was perfectly normal, so now he wants me to have an EEG. Electroencephalogram. Which is too big of a word to fit on a Scrabble board, but it would get you hella points if it did fit. You'd have to do it in parts... gram to encephalogram to electroencephalogram. Which would only work if you're playing expanded rack, because playing with nine tiles on the rack makes for a superior game and also makes it harder to clear your rack.

I have been listening the hell out of TV On The Radio today. [livejournal.com profile] asimaiyat made a pimp post about them yesterday so I downloaded three albums and just, wow, I haven't turned them off since starting to load the songs into iTunes. I may have to make a secondary pimp post, not quite as eloquent as hers, but with more downloadability, because I have an aversion to YouTube music and it's been a while since I've put up some music for you guys, anyway. What was the last band I pimped, Florence and the Machine? It's time for more tunes. Tomorrow, probably.

Neither of my teachers for my completed classes have posted the final grades yet. A) I would really like to know my grade for Ethics, and B) I can't apply to Phi Theta Kappa until the grades go through, and I can't get more money from Wells until I'm in PTK, and I would really love to take out less in loans so it's kind of important to me to get this PTK thing going. And C), seriously, it's been five days, what are they waiting for? Do they want me to beg? Because it's about getting to the point where I will beg them to put the damn grades in the system.

...I have impatience issues.

I might be seeing a movie with Matt tomorrow. At the very least we're going to figure out when we're actually going to see the movie, we've only been talking about it for two and a half weeks now without making any concrete plans. And we can't do it Saturday because he's got a Werewolf game on alternate Saturday nights. A game I'm supposed to be thinking about joining, I should add. He let me borrow the player's handbook and three other books on the system and really, that is so much reading I am not inclined to do. On the one hand, it might be fun to play. On the other hand, shit, I don't do that much reading for classes I enjoy, and I'm also not exactly having the most fun ever with the Serenity game. Maybe a different system would make a big difference... but maybe it wouldn't.

Really, I miss roleplaying online. Specifically I miss playing with [livejournal.com profile] layered. We had so many good original characters once upon a time. Was the first To Die For game in 2004? I think it was late 2004 or early 2005. My god, my RP heydey has been over for as long as a preschooler has been alive.

Am I really TL;DR tonight? I feel like I am blathering. I'm just going to go to bed now, okay? Good night.
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I was just getting all depressed because the snow is preventing me from my god-given right to shop in Syracuse on Thursdays, when I remembered: today's the day the [livejournal.com profile] heroes_slash awards get posted! So that's the one thing I have to look forward to today.

I had a long, complex dream about some post-apocalyptic society searching for gas tank trucks, a farmer's market, and flying with the help of balloons and capes. The flying was the best part. I wish I could actually fly by tying on a towel around my neck and a few helium balloons to each limb. That would be awesome.

...although I am afraid of heights.

I should probably sit down and do the reading for Western Civ. I only have two more classes to go to and then I'm done with it forever. And one more paper, but I need to do the reading first, and it's two chapters about WWII, which I took an entire course on back in high school so this will all be review, hopefully.

I keep checking my email, even though I have no real reason to be expecting an email from anyone besides Matt and I'm not exactly anxiously awaiting an important reply from him. Although maybe subconsciously I am, because whenever I'm not doing anything else I keep clicking over to my email tab... Really I'm waiting for something in the physical mail, but that doesn't get here until around 3:30. That always seems ridiculously late to me.

What I really should do is finish this fic I've been working on since January. Just sit down and write until it's done. I feel more accomplished when I finish a piece of fanfiction than when I finish an assignment for class anyway.

Man, I hate snow. It sucks. It's so unnecessary. I would probably feel differently if I skiied or snowboarded or anything, but the most contact I have with snow is when I get stuck walking through it and it soaks my pant legs and gets into my shoes. Inconvenient!

And it's keeping me from hitting a sale at Old Navy.. and probably also stopping at the Lindt store and stocking up on truffles as rewards for good behavior. Because I work best with rewards. Kind of like a lab rat. And truffles are excellent. Especially the peanut butter ones.... and the orange ones, those taste like the chocolate oranges you thwack into something to break apart. Mmm, chocolate.
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Three additions to the ever-growing library of covers of Hallelujah:

Brandi Carlile
Claire Bowditch
Imogen Heap

Everyone who asked for an icon now has one. Use them or don't, as you see fit, just know that if I do see you using them I'm going to grin most foolishly. :D Now I can close Photoshop and give my poor computer a break while I do the icon drabbles.

I hate being a girl. Just, have to throw that out there every so often and it's about that time. This month, I'm not going to be envious of men, I'm going to be envious of noncorporeal beings.

...I bet it would be pretty nice to be a hyperintelligent shade of the color blue.

Basically, I spent all day making those icons, playing Scrabble on Facebook with [livejournal.com profile] sweetxtc666 (I will take any challengers, bring it, I'm serious), and playing around with my UniCreatures, since those came back into my notice in the past 36 hours. (go click the bebehs. do it. for me.) Complete waste of a decent early fall day, but mostly I wasted it by sleeping until 5, so. That's its own issue.

Tomorrow my family is going to the drive-in. Labor Day weekend means four flicks for $7. Not bad, right? Aliens in the Attic, The Time Traveler's Wife, Final Destination, and District 9. So that's three movies I'm mildly interested in, and one good reason to bring my sound-blocking headphones and watch a couple of episodes of True Blood instead of "how many graphic ways can we kill off this set of young actors?"

cause really, fuck that.

Oops, I'm starting to get belligerent. Time to do something else!

oh here, more music. two covers of "You're So Vain":
Faster Pussycat
The Mountain Goats
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I have been up since 6:30. This kind of blows.

I got half of my packing done, though. So it wasn't a waste of time I could have been sleeping, I was kind of productive...

ohmygodI'msoreadytobeoutofhere. Fuck Auburn already, I am so sick of being lonely. My friends won't know what to think when I'm all huggy and snuggly and stuff, but I need some contact, dammit.

Anyway. 24 hours give or take the usual delay for my family to get anything done. We should be in Plattsburgh by early afternoon. *flail*

In the interim, let us amuse each other:

Ask me my fannish Top Five [Whatevers]. Any top fives. Doesn't matter what, really! I will answer them all in a new post.

OH HAI, EXTRA ICON SPACE! 199 icons, and I still don't have enough! I have a problem and the only cure is more cowbell I don't think there's an Icons Anonymous or anything... xD

Hour and a half until Dr. Mehrhof, and I really want a nap. Recently I haven't been napping so much as going into standby mode, kind of aware, not totally unconscious, but relaxed enough that I might feel rested when I get up. It's weird.

...I think I might bring Supernatural with me. Kelly likes horror stuff, and when she decides to watch a series, it goes pretty fast. I can only imagine what it's going to be like to watch the Winchesters... on weed. So now that's packed too! Yay.

Oooh, my mood icon. Hello Mr. Sulu. Nice body you got there. SWORD. I meant sword.
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I am flat and delicious. and should be eaten with salsa and sour cream. )

I had a dream that I found a kickass header for my journal... yeah, definitely a dream. :P

I want this on a t-shirt. (with bonus alt-text action, whoa)
smash the state? nah. I'll just ignore it and hope it ignores me.

Why is it that instead of dispensing medicine on a weekly basis, doctors usually write scrips for 30 pills? Wouldn't it make more sense to prescribe 35, so it's an even five weeks? Yeah, I just refilled my week-long pill box. It annoys me irrationally much that I always have those two pills left...

uh yeah, I'm going to finish the laundry now...
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Rachael overloaded the circuits on the top floor by running her air conditioner and hair dryer at once. (hah.)

I LOVE Google Chrome. I thought I was going to lose what I had opened, but it came back with every window and tab intact. ♥

Thanks to that slip, though, I lost what little writing I'd been able to get done, so... fml on that count. I'm sorry, [livejournal.com profile] moorishflower and [livejournal.com profile] tiptoe39, I AM working on stories for you, they're just. Not coming quickly. (ba-dum-tish)

Dad brought home some weird new juice, Watermelon Supreme or something... I like watermelon, I like sipping the watermelon juice out of the bottom of my bowl when I'm done eating watermelon, but this juice tastes more like liquid watermelon jolly ranchers than real watermelon. :x do not want.

I think I'm going to do that "music I like from genres I don't like" post later. The thing is, the only genre I really don't like is country, so basically... I'm going to make a country music post. :O I'm finally getting to it because Rachael's at a concert with Keith Urban and Taylor Swift. lol.

I really want to put this gorgeous piece of fanart up on my walls, but my mom is in here all the time and she would be all "wtf is that Kirk and Spock WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU" even though it's totally innocent and sweet. *shakes fist* The pretty, I want to be surrounded by it.

So how's your day been, people?
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Today I feel like a robot that's had its programming wiped. I don't know what the fuck is going on, I'm just so blank but I know something's missing...

Blah. It's the weather. First time this summer it's been cold enough for long sleeves. :O

Trying to catch up with the Company Picnic. It's so much easier to do fanmixes and photomanips than write, haha. Laziness shall not prevail, I have awesome people to throw awesome at.

I think Midol would be improved by the addition of stimulant drugs. Perhaps cocaine. "Are you okay?" "YEAH I'M FINE I JUST TOOK MORE THAN THE RECOMMENDED DOSE :D :D :D"


Gratuitous use of new icon. Mmm, lollipops. :3
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I just realized that there is no point in me having most of what's in my makeup drawers, because I wear makeup quite literally four times a year tops. I don't do it daily, and I haven't in years. This is partially out of laziness, partially out of not caring too much what people think of my looks, and partially out of simple disinterest. Although, with the rise of guyliner, I can't use "why should I wear it if men don't?" as an excuse. xD

Not that there's any point to this announcement, except maybe "oh wow, pack rat is cleaning things up some more?"

My sense of responsibility did not improve overnight. I think this is balls. I should get something from life for making it to another year, and I think leveling up in self-control would be appropriate. Curse you, responsibility, I need you to work on improving you!

WOW, GOOGLE, FAIL. My iGoogle is reporting that it's -39 degees out. Feels more like 70 to me...

Is there a collection of all the scenes with Luke and Sylar anywhere? I need to start my LxS exchange fic, I know mostly what I want to do (don't know if my recipient would object to an AU, hrm) but it won't work so well if I don't have the characterization absolutely pat.

...so, remix authors are supposed to be anonymous until the 26th, but are we allowed to fess up if our remixee correctly guesses who we are? >.> notthatthathappenedoranything. IT'S THE SEMICOLONS, I SWEAR. They give me away every time. xD

[livejournal.com profile] moorishflower, the lizard necklace has taken a status no necklace before has held: I wear it to bed, too. Usually I can't wear necklaces to bed because I'm really sensitive to choking feelings, but this one is just snug enough to hit the line between "oh no it'll get caught on something and kill me" and "oh god too tight get it off!" ♥

Working on my [livejournal.com profile] heroes_slash award votes... I've got a few scattered ones and the last five for Category 1, it'll probably take me most of the week to get the rest done because there are so many nominations. Clearing out the small categories is easy though. xD Working my way from least favorite (Death Fic) to most favorite (Fluff) is like rewarding myself for being good...
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Epic fail: using Google Chome to avoid racking up tabs like on Firefox... ending up with 3 windows and 27 tabs.

OOPS. *facepalm*

I have been let down by a porn community. There was a preview page for a particularly delicious video (mm, Gage Wilson) and then both the link and mirror were dead, and all my google-fu has brought me no luck. D: Dammit.

Walked to the gas station with Julia and the dogs. On the way back Julia and Xena almost got hit by some lady who probably should have turned in her license when she got her AARP card. Seriously, there needs to be an age where licenses don't just renew but need to be retested for. I'm as worried about Granny on her arthritis medication as I am Junior with a 40 or Missy texting while she drives...

I did get a really cute astrological lighter while I was there though. So that's cool.

~din-din tiems~
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News flash: Ryan Ross keeps his girlish figure by adhering to a regimen of cocaine use.

At least Jon Walker just smokes the ganja. And he'd totally be more fun to hang out with. Oh bandom, we had some crazy times together, but I can't say I miss you much.

I'm almost at 1400 words on the remix fic. I just need to connect the beginning to the rest of it, and figure out where to end it (to porn or not to porn, that is the question. whether tis nobler in the eyes of fangirls to utterly smut up a cute fluffy story, or to fade to black, and by fading end the fic?)

Today I am going to make Julia watch Torchwood with me. :D She wants to watch the last aired episode of True Blood, though, so I'm going to send what I have of the remix to those wonderful people who have offered their help, and step away from the computer for an hour or two depending on when she wants to watch Torchwood.

And I have Evil Plans to seal up and get on their way. :3

Oh! And my parents are both going to MA tomorrow... PARTY TIME. It's been a looooong time since I've done shots of Captain Morgan, and yes, I do want to have the Captain in me. (Harkness, Kirk, I can take other applicants with proof of captainship...)
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Things I have found while packing:

-As much as I love it, my poor little black purse is not a weekending purse. I usually carry too much stuff with me, and I become a fucking boy scout on trips. I could survive for days if trapped in the subway... this is only a slight exaggeration

-Two stories I started in class and never finished: Ando/Hiro set at the start of S2, and one titled "First of May" that I think I promised [livejournal.com profile] piping_hot... well, around that date... involving Vortex!Sylar and Narrator!Mohinder on a picnic. Both pretty much stopped mid-paragraph. Oops.

-My little bottle of Love Spell body spray. It's the only thing with jasmine in it that doesn't go sour on my skin... for some reason I just can't wear jasmine in oil form, but this spray is okay and it's a very nice fragrance. So of course I'm not bringing it. xD I just got a new one at Aerie and it's a better summery scent.

-My messenger bag still smells like Plattsburgh on the inside. Yes, I huffed it and felt homesick. Yes, I am that sad. Yes, you can mock me.

-There is nothing more awesome than a USPS flat-rate box. This sucker's gonna be heavy. I just have to hope that everything in it is original because asking would give away the surprise, lol.

-I need a new crossword puzzle book. I like the hardcover compilations of New York Times ones, but I think I've done most of them... maybe there are others in bookstores I haven't been to.

-How many backup pens and pencils are enough? I don't know, I keep sticking them into the bag... you never know, after all.

I really should not screw up my sleep again already, but I'm thinking about staying up, showering around 4, a couple hours sleep, and then getting the rest of the sleep in the car. After all, it's a six or seven hour drive... but sleeping all day isn't what I should be doing any more... ah hell with it, I'm just going to focus on finishing things, when I'm done I'll go to bed, whenever that is...
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I finally ran a full virus scan on my computer. It took TWELVE HOURS. No wonder I don't do it more often. Didn't even come up with any real problems, just cookies from skeevy popup places. Arthur is in good health. ♥

Right now I am SUPERFUCKINGEXCITED because the Black Rose Saga just came up on SwapADVD and I AM ALL OVER THAT. You can't even buy it any more. Oh man when this comes I am going to put a needle right into my vein and mainline Utena until I start seeing Chu-Chu all over the place!

I got to go swimming today. One of the secretaries at the Salvation Army (the really nice lady, not the blind crotchety old man) has a beautiful house in Cayuga and lets us use her inground pool whenever we want. Today's the first time I went, and it was a lot of fun for not actually doing much, lol. I raced Julia twice and mostly just swum around the edges a few times, then laid in the sun for like... ten minutes. I really hope I don't burn. Usually my skin is so pale that I just reflect the sun's rays.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with an opthamologist, and after that (potentially) I am going to Syracuse with my dad and probably Julia too, to get my Aerie gift for the month and my birthday, so Dad can go to the Verizon store, and so I can go ogle the comic book shop some more. Seriously, I just want to spend an hour or two in there flirting with the cute geek with the nose ring geeking out.

The Postsecret exhibit ends on the 12th and I still haven't gotten to see it, but Dad promised that he'd take Julia and me before it closes. So that's exciting.

And I'm going to be gone for the weekend: Friday through Sunday, I'm going to Massachusetts with Dad and Julia and Rachael to be in Boston for the 4th, for the superawesome fireworks and to visit Uncle Mike and Vovoa. And hopefully, I have my fingers crossed, we will be able to visit the New England Aquarium because it's been over a decade since I've been and that place is off the hook with amazingness. I want to see some jellyfishes and some otters!

I made dinner tonight. Hooray for delicious vegetarian curry!
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Question: When did the word "creep" become "creeper"? When I hear creeper I think of vines climbing a wall, not of a skeevy person. I wonder if it has anything to do with Radiohead's "Creep"...

I had a dream about driving through a fairly country-ish area and finding a weed emporium. Like, three stories of store devoted to marijuana and paraphernalia. There was a kind of weed called "I Can Do Zat!" and I bought a gram for $17 (lol), there were bongs the size of twin beds, a bong that made the smoke taste like chocolate as it came out, all kinds of awesome things. The weed section was like a produce section in a supermarket, bins displaying the strains and names and pros and cons of each, it was crazy. Then after leaving there, I was getting ready to smoke a bowl with Dennis and Julia and Kelly when my dad walked in... with a pipe that he'd taken from Dennis years ago, and he handed it to Julia and said "Happy birthday", and then my father got high with us.

It was a pretty awesome dream. :D

Question!: If I type something in the address bar of Firefox, it automatically searches via Yahoo. Is there any way to change it to searching Google?

Notice: The lyrics guessing meme is about to be over. You have as long as it takes me to upload the music to guess! So guess, bitches! I will accept song title OR artist now, you don't have to have both.

Question: If/When you snag icons from other people and not from icon posts, do you check their userpics page to get the credits, or not bother? (I always do, also because it's fun to see if they have any other good ones.)

FUCK. I accidentally closed a tab in which I had FINISHED a comment fic and lost it and ARGH DAMMIT I HATE THAT. D: oh well, rewriting it now, hope I can remember all the good stuff.


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