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Today was the Sex Collective passion party, and it was a lot of fun. I ended up spending almost $60 bucks on various things, but I didn't get any new toys. (I really don't need any more toys, I have a laughable number already.) Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, it was a really successful event.

One of the things I got was a self-heating heart shaped thingy that is going to come in very handy in the next few days, having a heating pad really does make a difference.

Also, today was the first day of the year that it's been nice enough that I can leave my window open and get some fresh air up in this bitch.
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I downloaded the new Mountain Goats album and ordered my ticket to see them in Ithaca on April 2. I love the Mountain Goats!

Also today we did the pigeon pose in yoga and I thought my hip was going to fucking dislocate, but I feel super relaxed now.
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My crush called me "dear".

Okay, so he did it sarcastically, but STILL. The word came out of his mouth, directed at me, and I can't even pretend it didn't make me squee on the inside.

Also I got to call Intelligent Design Theory "science fiction" in class and the teacher said I basically got it right on the button. xD
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Today Felix and I went down by the lake and smoked a bowl and watched the sun set, and it was really nice. And then later we finished season 2 of Metalocalypse, which made me freak out more than a little (will someone just hug Toki already? He fucking needs a hug), and tomorrow I'm going to start watching season 3.

Also, I think I'm coming up to the end of this 30 day meme, but I really like it, so I'm going to keep posting the good shit that happens to me on a daily basis.
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I felt like I was getting sick when I went to bed last night... but I felt perfectly fine when I woke up this morning.

EVERYONE around me is either sick, getting sick, or just getting over being sick. I feel like some kind of minor deity because I've avoided the Wells Plague.

Also I dyed my hair back to reddish-brown and everyone's been telling me it looks really good. Even though my scalp is brown now, lol.
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I went home with Felix and Mary and Colleen and we all hung out with Julia and got high and ate curry and basically had a good time. Colleen made us watch a really disturbing movie but it had a huge scratch in it so we stopped halfway through and watched a lot of Metalocalypse instead. Charles Ofdensen is a fucking BADASS. \m/

Today I am dying my hair back to brown. I get to rinse it out in 25 minutes. It's making my scalp tingle, lol.
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  • Today both my classes were canceled due to snow.

  • I also left work an hour early even though my time sheet claimed I stayed until 2:30, because there was absolutely no one in Cleveland Hall and no one was going to need me.

  • I had lunch with my least favorite and most favorite people on campus. Then I got to talk to my most favorite for a while and he actually came in my room for the first time. The amount of joy I had just from having him in my space was kind of pathetic.

  • Felix and I opened the green book really early in the afternoon.

  • I had hummus with Naveed, and Tyler kept being goofy, and they're just really cute together and he makes me laugh a lot and I like being around them.

  • Tonight was sushi night! My favorite thing was the ahi tuna, but I also really liked the mocktails. The albacore tuna made me gag a little, but considering how much raw fish I consumed tonight, I was surprisingly stomach-settled. It was a really cool event and totally worth the $18 it cost.

  • Felix and Colleen and I went to see the stomp team, Prodigy, perform, and a lot of the girls from JCC are in it and they did a really good job.

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I got my French test back and I got an 88 on it. Not too shabby.

Thoburn didn't yell at us in choir, in fact he said it sounded like we were starting to come together pretty well on a few of the songs.

I made a reusable cloth pad to send to Africa in the Women's Resource Center. My stitching wasn't fantastic but it still turned out pretty well.

I started watching Metalocalypse with Felix and Tyler and I think it's really funny. (Not as good as Venture Brothers, but still funny.)
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Today was MUCH better than yesterday was. Being well-rested makes so much of a difference in my outlook on life.

I put up the Sex Collective board in the main hallway with McKenna's help after lunch... and she really is a nice person, I can't resent her for the fact that she's dating the person I'm stupidly crushing over.

I didn't get much (or any) of my homework done, but I did spend some time hanging out with Felix and Tyler and Naveed, and we made plans to go to breakfast tomorrow, which means I have to wake up earlier than usual so I'll have time to get my homework done before class. (Although let me just say here: how the fuck have I made it through seven years of French without learning the future tense yet? and also FUCK THE FUTURE TENSE, ugh.)

Tomorrow is a busy day, I have classes and work and double choir, so I'm going to go to bed now.
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I test-drove Sherlock down by the docks with Felix today. Sadly he is going to require a filter if I don't want to get a mouthful of ash every time I smoke him. :/ Still, going down to the lake was the high point of a not very good day.
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  • I went to Ithaca to meet up with a guy from OKCupid and do the Ithaca Chili Cook-off. Kevin turned out to be really nice and fun to walk around Ithaca with!

  • I tried mako shark chili. I ATE A FUCKING SHARK.

  • I also had chocolate made with chili powder and caramel and all kinds of nuts, and it was super delicious.

  • I used the entirety of my first paycheck to buy a new pipe, a case, an umbrella that looks like Monet's water lilies, and a plain silver ring. The pipe is blue with colorful stripes and has a deep hook to it. I'm calling it Sherlock.

  • Kevin took me on a walking tour of the Cornell campus, which involved a vertical climb of over 800 feet because Ithaca is a gigantic fucking hill with gorges cut through it. I got to see a bunch of waterfalls that were very pretty, and a lot of different architectural styles through the whole campus.

  • Colleen asked me if I wanted to play one of her NPCs for her thesis RPG... the most important NPC, and the only surviving NPC at this point of the game. His name is Andrew and he is super smart and charismatic, so I'm hoping not to die immediately because hey, I can play smart and charismatic, and he's the only real chance anyone has of surviving this game.

  • I went into Tyler's room and he has the valentine I sent him lying on top of his dresser. I have no idea what he thinks about it, but he obviously likes it enough to want to look at it a week after Valentine's Day.

  • Because I didn't do any of my homework, I have to stay up tonight and try to do it. When I mentioned this to Phillip on our way back to Dodge, he offered to make me a pot of tea to help me stay awake. He asked what kind I wanted and I told him to surprise me, and he made me almond biscotti tea, and it is phenomenal.

  • It is snowing really hard, which is not good, but there is a decent chance that classes will be cancelled tomorrow, at least the early ones, which is good, because if I stay up all night doing my Psycholinguistics homework I'm not going to want to wake up for French... actually, I am entirely certain that French is going to be cancelled because Mme. Barthes has to commute in from Syracuse, and the roads are going to be terrible. I can only hope that Dr. Gagnon is also going to say "fuck it" when she looks outside.

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  • I had an awesome dream where I was a supervillain and I was really good at it. Unfortunately the dream hit a bad point just before my alarm went off so I woke up feeling more than a little bit unhinged.

  • I started wearing the bullet pendant Felix gave me. I need a chain just a little longer than the one I have it on if I'm planning on sucking on it much, which I am, it's the perfect size and weight to give my mouth something to do while I'm thinking/taking notes/zoning out.

  • James stopped by my room and invited me and Felix to come try out his lovely new glass piece, so we hung out with him and Cat for a couple of hours. Tomorrow James is going to come to Ithaca with me for the chili cook-off, and at some point in the near future I have to go home and get Secretary so I can watch it with Cat.

  • JCC had our sushi dinner tonight and it was phenomenal. All the JCC girls are so cool and fun to hang out with, we played charades before dinner, and I had bubble tea for the first time. It was awesome.

  • Colleen ran the first of three nights of her thesis RPG tonight and it was super interesting. I'm only there as an observer, but there were as many of us there just to observe as there were there to play. Also there were cookies, I got to surreptitiously watch my crush for four hours, and he was kind enough to walk me back across campus. (I also got to watch him cuddling with his girlfriend, which wasn't so amazing, but whatever, I am under no delusions that he's even remotely within my reach anyway. I am fully aware that my adoration of him is kind of pathetic, it doesn't stop me from wanting desperately to be close to him all the time.)

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I'm pretty sure I passed my French test all right, today was lovely out for most of the day, and the drag show went fantastically well.

And now my daydream stockpile is freshly reloaded. Just... boys in dresses and girls in pinstriped vests, oh my.

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I got to spend a lot of time with people I really like today. And even though I didn't get to see it, the guy I like wore one of my dresses briefly. Sadly he decided against actually wearing it for the drag show-- he said it wasn't long enough, it is truly embarrassing how badly I want to see his legs-- but I did get to see him in pajamas, which marks the very first time I've ever seen him in a t-shirt. My crush on him is not getting any better, it just keeps getting worse, and I feel like a creep, but I'm honestly happier just being around him, so... I'm just going to keep my stupid feelings to myself and be a good friend, and hopefully that will be enough.
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My job is pretty awesome and I got to help set up a party and slice lemons for cocktails. I wasn't allowed to have a cocktail, but it was still pretty cool. Also, I continue to prove my competence in my classes, and I made my French teacher laugh with the written portion of my quiz. And I finished watching the last episodes of Venture Brothers today, but Felix and I are going to start over from the beginning and watch them with director's commentary, which should be fun.

I can't believe it's already most of the way through the week. It feels like I skipped a day or two.
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I got my laundry done.

...bad thing of the day, I got into the creation/evolution debate with my mother and she honestly believes that the world is only six thousand years old. I'm going to have a genuine creationist point of view to discuss in class tomorrow, at the very least.
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SAGA was super hilarious tonight.

I'm excessively tired all the time these days. I think I need to make an appointment with the med center soon. Now, sleep time.
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I proved my competence in both my classes, my job was super easy today, and I got to check out my crush's very nice rear end when he wasn't paying attention. ♥

Call for the Vagina Monologues is in 72 minutes. I'm excited!
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I woke up this morning, took a shower, and decided I wanted to go back to bed, so I did that instead of going to class.

When I woke up again, I had gotten a text from one of my classmates informing me that the class I had skipped was cancelled.

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I spent a lot of time hanging out with Felix and Tyler today, that was fun, and my crush was wearing a particularly sexy outfit and I got to talk to him for a little while too.

I swear my life has more going on than just my pathetic crushes on all the guys in Felix's suite, but I get to see them a lot now and it makes me happy.

Also I dropped Goddess Worship so now I can sleep in until noon if I feel like it.


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