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The weekend did not go as I expected it to.

The PCO did. I was allotted 150 minutes; I finished the test in 25 and took another 20 to completely review every question (but only changed one due to this deliberation). First one out of the room, as I always am for testing. I was out by 10:30, and Spencer and I hit the road to Boston around 11ish, making it to Boston around 3:30 after some traffic on the way. The hotel we stayed at was fancier than my usual, which apparently translates to "no pool and no free breakfast"... this is better? Okay. It was still nice, but the bed at the "less good" place in Burlington was more comfy. And it cost $15 to park in hotel parking! What a racket.

We took the T into Boston, which was super easy. We caught the Red Line two blocks from the hotel and it took us right to Boston Common, where we caught Machops and got slices at Sal's Pizza (Spencer approved greatly, as I hoped he would) and stopped into the theater to say hi to Sarah and Jessica, then took the Green Line from the Common to Fenway to get to the House of Blues.

I was supposed to go to the concert with Julia, but she couldn't make it to Boston. We offered to come pick her up, but she said no. So she transferred me the tickets and I went with Spencer instead. It's the first time we've gone to a concert together and we had a good time! I felt kind of sick from alcohol (just one cider, jeez) and tiredness and too many people, so I stood for Night Riots but spent Atlas Genius's whole set sitting on the floor of the mezzanine with my back against the wall. One of the staff saw me stand up when Andrew McMahon came on and offered to let us downstairs for a better view, which we gratefully accepted, and the view was much better from the first floor. Andrew McMahon always puts on a great show, and I have to say I really enjoyed Atlas Genius even though I was on the floor. Night Riots were okay, not phenomenal. But it was a good concert.

After the show we Ubered back to the hotel (15 minutes vs the 45 it would have taken to get the T back) and ended up staying awake until 2:30am getting frisky and then just too awake to sleep after that. I woke up around 5:30 and got to catch a pretty sunrise over the harbor, but I couldn't really get back to sleep after that. We left the hotel around 10-ish, spent too much time trying and failing to find a place to get breakfast, and ended up just stopping at the Framingham Plaza and getting McDonald's and waiting for Sarah and Jessica to meet us for lunch. (I had to get something to eat while we were waiting because the last real food I'd had was the pizza slice around 5pm and we didn't meet them until 12pm.) We got Chinese buffet with them and then hit the road home.

We made it to Albany around 3-ish and went back out to hit the local Pokemon nests because it was absolutely gorgeous out. We drove up to Troy, did not find Machop at RPI, did find a couple of Kabuto in Frear Park, drove back to Albany, found a ton of Machop at Corning Preserve, and a ton of Charmander at Washington Park. Corning Preserve is actually really pretty, right along the Hudson, so I think we're going to have to make that a regular walking stop because it's always a productive nest.

We also got Ben and Jerry's. Spencer is a total ice cream elitist because he's from Vermont, but I'm never going to complain about getting Ben and Jerry's. (It's a little funny because the very first time we met, we walked Washington Park and then I got a scoop at Ben and Jerry's, not realizing that he couldn't afford it when he declined to get one.) There were also about a million doges in the park/in the scoop shop.

Despite my lack of sleep, I felt really good yesterday. I'd been feeling a little blah/down/dull recently, so the change in attitude was nice. I really hope that my mood is turning around. I could really use the seasonal hypomania about now. I feel like I have a lot that needs to get done and I had no motivation to do any of it for the past few weeks. I want to do better. I'd like to really clean the apartment by the end of the month before Spencer gets all moved in. I know it doesn't really matter, that he'll not care if I vacuum or clean the kitchen cabinets, but I want to get the spring cleaning done. The only room I got done before I lost motivation was the bathroom. I'd like to get the kitchen done, at least. My bedroom isn't too terrible, the back room is going to be partially emptied when Claudia leaves, the living room is not too bad. The kitchen is really the worst. Especially the fridge. Oh, the fridge is REALLY bad.

I also have little things I've been putting off that need to be done. I have mail to send to Ivan, Alicia, I said I'd send something to an Amanda Palmer fan in the UK, I have a Reddit Exchange I'm late on sending (it has to be cat-themed, I was going to make jewelry but I only have two little copper cat charms... also one of my amazing fleece cat toys)... I feel like I'm forgetting something, too. I wanted to get rid of some clothes, which I guess I can do at the same time as I pack the winter stuff away, maybe I can do that this weekend. Just figure out what I didn't wear all winter and be rid of it.

Plus there's the habitual stuff I tried to cement and failed at making stick that maybe I'll have more luck with when the sun is rising closer to the time I'm trying to make myself wake up. It was too easy to just go back to sleep when sunrise was 7am. It should be easier to get out of bed when sunrise is at 6am or earlier. I really do want to be more productive in the mornings. I did well with it for like... three or four weeks and then I started failing hard. I feel more motivated now though. And my mornings are like the only time I have alone, since all my evenings I spend with Spencer, plus all of the weekend time he isn't at work. He doesn't demand my attention, we just have been watching a lot of TV together so I haven't been making time to get my solo stuff done. So... if I can make my mornings time I can use, I can get more done. I need to keep doing yoga, maybe not every morning, but maybe I can find a short video I can do every day instead of various 20-25 minute ones whenever I remember to. I need to keep making time to read. It would be nice to make time to write again. I wanted to write poems for National Poetry Month but it's the 10th and I've written 2.

Yeah, I'm writing poetry again. I'm so far just writing the same dumb lovestruck stuff I've always written, but I'm trying to branch out into.... you know, things that aren't just my boyfriend. So far just free verse. I need to ease myself back into formal poetry. I've been sort of idly on-and-off doodling with fanfic again, I finished a couple of Venture Bros stories, I'm half-assedly working on a Futurama fic, I got reminded that I wrote 2 of 4 chapters of an Archer fic that actually got a decent number of kudos that I could go back and finish... deliberately not thinking about the novel right now, but I'm aware that needs to be returned to and completed. Summers are usually not good writing time for me, so I'll see what I can do in the spring, I guess.

I don't know, I feel good and I hope the good feeling lasts.

I have a Welcome to Night Vale show tonight (that I still owe Lisa money for the ticket, yikes), a dental appointment and a therapy appointment tomorrow, and that's all that's on my calendar for this week. The weather is supposed to be nice except for Wednesday, so I'm aiming to make my 6000 step goal on the sunny days. I made almost 10,000 yesterday, that was cool.

So... here's to spring, and feeling better, and getting shit done.


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