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So. I could have sworn I made a post in January but apparently I did not. Which is crazy to me but I guess I am going crazy. Anyways... things have been going astonishingly well since my last post. I'm crazy happy with Spencer and it's just... really nice to be in a relationship with someone I'm not just mentally but also sexually compatible with (and how!). I didn't realize how much I was stressed out by my incompatibility with Greg until I was shown by example how much easier it is to be with someone I actually do suit well.

December was kind of weird, as I started trying to shift my sleep schedule to match up with Spencer's. He works the breakfast shift in a hotel restaurant so he wakes up at 4am on weekdays, and I've been trying with varying success to make myself get out of bed when he leaves the apartment at 5am. On the days I can successfully accomplish this, I get a LOT of shit done in the mornings-- getting up at 5 gives me time to do yoga to a video on YouTube, read for half an hour, write for half an hour, clean for half an hour, have a leisurely cup of coffee, shower, and do my makeup before work. However, at the same time I was trying to make this adjustment, I was also trying to wean myself down to a lower dose of Ambien, which I could only do because I'm smoking weed regularly again. I can manage to sleep easily with 5mg if I smoke too, and wake up in the morning not feeling groggy as long as we go to bed before 9:30. Easier said than done, though.

Speaking of morning routines... I have been intrigued by the concept of "bulletproof coffee" since I heard about it I don't even know how long ago. ThinkGeek had a sale on a box of packets of essentially that, and I decided to give it a shot. Turns out it's actually pretty excellent! It's basically mixing grass-fed butter, coconut oil, and a couple other things depending on the mix (strictly, bulletproof coffee contains MCT oil, but that shit's expensive, and the packets I bought included organic egg yolk and vanilla) into your coffee in the morning and blending it so it's frothy. I bought a hand frother and a jar of ghee/coconut oil to do it myself, and it's been working pretty well! It gives me a steady amount of energy with no mid-morning crash. (It also cured a mild constipation problem which hasn't recurred since I started doing it, lol.) I've been mixing it into the Death Wish limited edition pumpkin flavor (which I found on sale at Price Chopper last week and grabbed two bags of it for less than I paid for one bag from the website, lol), which I had to get a coffee grinder for because it's only whole beans. But it's pretty good with the butter/oil in, especially if I add a drop of vanilla.

I went to see my parents for Christmas and I thought I would be away from Spencer for an entire week, which would have been the longest we'd been apart since we started dating. Turns out we were only apart for three and a half days, because I had a sort of miserable Christmas and he drove down to see me and immediately turned my vacation around. I had a lot of fun showing him around New Bedford. I brought him to Horta's for the chowder and No Problemo for tacos, both of which he said were the best he'd ever had. We Poke-walked downtown New Bedford and Fort Taber. (Before he got there, my mom brought me Poke-hunting at Fort Phoenix and Fort Taber too... my mom is very supportive of my Pokemon habit.) We stayed in bed all day one rainy day watching Venture Bros and petting Oreo. It was very, very nice. We stopped in Boston on December 30 to hang out with Jessica and Sarah, and then had to head back to Albany early on the 31st because I hosted a game night for New Year's Eve which was actually really successful and fun!

Speaking of Jessica and Sarah.... I've been LJ friends with Jessica for a little over a decade at this point, I think, but last summer was the first time we actually met in person as they were moving from Iowa to Boston. But I am SO GLAD that they moved close enough to see and hang out with on a regular basis now! They're so cool and I have fun with them and it's just really good to become closer friends with awesome people. We've been to concerts and comedy shows together, they've visited me in Albany and I've visited them in Ashland, their pets have (mostly) accepted me (Ben is my cuddle buddy when I sleep over, but Augie still barks every time I show up, haha), I'm just really happy to have them close!

January was pretty good. For my jewelry class we made solar system necklaces, and after using that as a prototype I perfected the design and produced a few better ones to sell. I still have supplies for a few more, I just need to pick up more black goldstone. A Series of Unfortunate Events came out on Netflix, so I re-read the whole series (starting off 52 books in a year with 13 in the first month ain't half bad). Spencer and I both got Pokemon tattoos-- he got a Kabutops on his shoulder and I got an Espeon on my arm. Unfortunately, I seem to be having a reaction to the pink ink. I'm taking antihistamines and keeping an eye on it and praying I don't have to get it laser removed because my skin doesn't like the ink. (I also have to shelve a few tattoo ideas-- can't get a fox or a sunset if I can't handle red ink.) We went to Januarymas on Pie Weekend and I tasted almost every pie-- including a salmon pie which a) I didn't know that was a thing and b) I need to eat it again. I pulled a muscle in my back at the end of the month but Spencer has magic hands and between his massages and a hot pack it stopped hurting in a couple of days.

I tried a few things to help me get my life in order, including Habit Calendar (basically just a bullet journal layout for each month, but it's been useful), Tiny Habits (which was good when I could remember to make myself do it-- basically you have to anchor each new habit to something you already do routinely, then celebrate after you do it every time, and it'll establish the habit pretty quickly. my problem is I'm lazy and I forget the positive reinforcement), and the Dreambook (which I still haven't finished the intensive and thought-provoking first section of, but I've been printing out the weekly schedule pages to keep myself on track at least that far). I've been making small adjustments to my schedule to try and maximize my morning time, which is great when it works and awful when I don't make myself get out of bed promptly, or when Spencer doesn't have work so I stay in bed all morning instead of doing things by myself. I got a Fitbit, so I'm trying to increase my daily step count and my daily water intake-- both of which will be easier to maintain when the weather gets warmer, but are difficult/tedious in the cold.

February I got some adulting done-- I saw a doctor, who sent me to get a mammogram and ultrasounds because she felt something in my armpit lymph node, so I worried about that until I got the tests done and was told that there's nothing wrong with me, and I also saw a dentist, which... I made the mistake of going to Aspen Dental, which I found out later I shouldn't have done, but I have to go back for a cleaning and to have some cavities on my molars filled (from grinding my teeth, from stress, because of politics) and that was supposed to happen in February but the day of my appointment was snowed out so they rescheduled for over a month later (it's March 14, which is just part one of a two part cleaning procedure, gross), and that's just a pain in the ass.

I also resumed writing fanfiction, because season six of Venture Bros was fucking golden and I've always shipped Monarch/Dr. Mrs./21 and they practically poured the ship into my lap with that season. So good. It's been really hard to write anything since the election, but fanfiction is good because it's short and relatively easy compared to the shit I've been writing since 2015 and I actually get feedback on it, unlike the novel.

Speaking of the novel... I've shelved it for now. I was on a very draconian media diet while I was writing it, which was unnecessarily punitive on myself, and after November when I couldn't write anything I realized it would be much better on me to deliberately put it down for a few months and come back to it when I wasn't sick of it, than to keep working on it and cursing myself for how little progress was being made. I'm not sure when I'll come back to it. Maybe over the summer. Definitely not before the summer.

February also included two concerts. I saw PWR BTTM in Providence with Jessica and Sarah, which was a great high-energy queer glitter punk fest, just as I expected it would be. After the concert we found this Mexican restaurant which was playing deafeningly loud karaoke music at midnight and there were toddlers there and it was just very confusing, but the food was good. And then not even a week later I saw Young the Giant in Albany with Julia, which was also excellent and I enjoyed it despite being too tired/dizzy to stand for the whole thing and consequently not being able to see half the time.

February ALSO included eating sushi seven times and bringing four people at different times because this little place out in Guilderland was doing 50% off sushi from February 1-14 and even after the sale was over we kept going back because it's seriously the best sushi I've ever had. We're regulars now, it's really funny, I've never been a regular at a sushi restaurant before. And I like it because it adds something moderately healthy to our rotating dinner cycle of pizza-tacos-whatever I can get Spencer to make for me. Not that I'm complaining about my diet these days, he's an EXCELLENT cook, but we don't agree about most pizza toppings (he likes plain pepperoni, I like vegetables and pineapple and mashed potato pizza and he doesn't like any of those, but we can compromise on buffalo chicken pizza).

And... today is March 1st. My family is coming to Albany to visit this weekend, including Dennis, who flew east from Montana yesterday. I'm happy to have them here but also a little nervous about being able to give them enough interesting things to do while they're here. The weather's been warm the past few days (75 in February was pleasant but WORRYING) but it's supposed to be cold again this weekend. My mom wants to get family photos taken-- and she specifically requested that Spencer come with us for them. I mean, he makes enough jokes about being my husband/housewife, even though we've only been dating for three months. He practically lives with me already, we spend every night together, I've been moving my shit around to make room for him in my bedroom, it's pretty serious. And I like it being serious. I like having someone to come home to. I like spending time with him. I like that he always makes me happier, whether I start sad or start happy, I always feel much better with him around. I like goofing around with him and playing Pokemon with him and watching him play video games for me (he played through Chrono Trigger, which was beautiful) and sharing TV shows with each other (once we finished Venture Bros we started Futurama, plus he wants me to get him up to speed on Marvel movies before Guardians of the Galaxy comes out) and grocery shopping with him and all the dumb domestic stuff that I like doing so much. I really love him a lot and I know he's crazy about me and it's just... very, very good. It's nice dating someone who's 100% into me. Greg was not 100% into me. Greg was maybe 50% into me and I just thought he was better than that, but I was wrong. Spencer and I go really, really well together and I am super happy with him.

Oh, because it's March I'm starting my spring cleaning, but I'm being methodical about it this time. I'm attacking one room each weekend to thoroughly clean. I did the bathroom last weekend-- Drano'd the tub and sink, scrubbed both of them down really well, cleaned the toilet, swept the floor, aired out the bath mat, completely rearranged the cabinet so it's actually usable now, it looks a lot better in there. Next up is the kitchen, which I'm enlisting Spencer's help with, since he knows what he's doing in the kitchen and doesn't mind helping clean. I asked him to handle cleaning out the fridge because that's my least favorite. We have a lot more space in the kitchen now because Chris made a shelf for the microwave (totally opening up that counter) and a set of shelves for the corner by the bathroom with the perfect amount of space underneath for a box for the recycling. The hardest part of cleaning the kitchen will be going through the cabinets and getting all the expired stuff gone, and then figuring out a better organizational system for the stuff that stays. I've barely done any cooking or baking since I started dating Spencer, because he's so willing to cook for me, but I miss it and need to get back to doing it.

...so that's my past three months or so. I'm going to try to update a little more regularly this year, but I think I said that last year too.
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