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So I met this guy named Spencer on OKC and we've been hunting Pokemon together for a couple of weeks, which has been nice and low pressure and fun. Yesterday we met up at Colonie Center to see Sausage Party, and today he came over to my apartment and we watched Pineapple Express. And... I don't know, I kind of want to kiss him. But I feel like I've forgotten how normal people make a move. He was literally sitting on my bed next to me for almost two hours and I didn't even cuddle up to him or anything. I want to but at the same time the thought of doing it makes me really anxious because... historically, it seems like I stop having fun with men pretty soon after sex enters the equation. And it was making me anxious before he got here. Once he got here it was fine, he doesn't actually do anything that makes me feel anxious or bad, it was just me psyching myself out before he arrived.

I don't know. We don't really have a ton in common aside from Pokemon. He's a video game speedrunner who's never read/watched Harry Potter and doesn't really listen to music aside from video game soundtracks. He works in the restaurant at a hotel so he always has to wake up super super early and can't hang out after like 8pm if he has work the next day. He seems sweet though. I enjoy his company.

I just think it's really funny that I had a character named Spencer that I sent to culinary school and then I met an actual chef named Spencer. The universe keeps giving weird little nods to the things I make up inside my head and it amuses me.

Anyways... idk what's going to happen with this guy. I guess I'll find out.


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