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Okay. So. I haven't actually made a post... in 2016 yet. So I have a lot of stuff to cover, if I can remember it all...

January was pretty great, I attended multiple Januarymas weekends, Chris came to visit a lot, I got super drunk and played games and it was awesome.

February... I spent almost my entire tax return on a new mattress for my bed, which is so comfortable and perfect now. And then I was too impatient to wait for Chris to help me set it up so I did it all by myself. Later in the month I made cookies and had people come over to play games and only Brian and my bus friend Steven showed up. I went to see Deadpool with Luc.

March, I got a new tattoo, it's a broken teacup fixed with gold and the quote "there is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in" on my left thigh, and it's absolutely beautiful. I'm so glad that Ginni introduced me to Emily Clute because she does gorgeous work. I'm on the schedule now for my back tattoo with her, and I have claimed art for my right thigh but I don't know when I'll be able to afford it. Then not even a week later, I went to Syracuse to see Fall Out Boy with Emily Knapp, which was fantastic. PVRIS opened for them and I really dig them, they were like... a cross between Paramore and CHVRCHES. We stayed at her ex's parents' house after the concert, which was lovely, but I only got about three hours of sleep. And then on our way to Ithaca we stopped at Wells and got breakfast at Dorie's and ate by the boat house. It was really nice. I had a great time with Emily but I couldn't stay long. We are going to see Panic! and Weezer and Andrew McMahon in June, and after that I will be spending a few days in Ithaca with her. We hope that her douchebag roommate will be gone by then. I also learned how to make quiche with a sweet potato crust. At the end of the month Amanda Palmer did a livestream with Jherick Bischoff and it gave me life, and during it she teased a Dresden Dolls reunion, and then tickets went on sale! So I am seeing the Dresden Dolls in Boston in August with my sister Julia and with [livejournal.com profile] citizenjess who I have been LJ friends with for like a decade but have not met in person yet! So that should be pretty awesome.

April started with me going to New Bedford to see a Mountain Goats concert with Julia in Providence, which was amazing. They played a lot of the songs I listened to a lot after breaking up with Phillip and Shane so it felt weirdly cathartic. The guy who opened for them is named William Tyler and he did wicked cool acoustic guitar instrumentals, very chill and vaguely country-ish-indie-ish. I liked him enough to buy his album. And the tour poster for the Mountain Goats was gorgeous so I bought it and framed it and it is hanging on my living room wall now. April also held Albany Restaurant Week, which is a three course meal for $20, so I took myself out for dinner twice and was taken out to dinner twice and got salmon every time (maple salmon = best, mustard salmon = okay, sushi/sashimi combo = yaaaas). I also drank a lot of cider, lol. Stella Artois cider is very delicious. I went to see Stef Preston's band at the Low Beat about halfway through the month. Toward the end of April was Staff Development Day, which was okay, I got to talk to Adam for twenty minutes and found out he's a huge music fan too, although he's a record collector and I'm a concert-goer. I also got a pair of prescription sunglasses, they're blue tortoiseshell clubmasters and I look totally cute in them.

May began by seeing BORNS at Upstate Concert Hall with Sarah Blakeslee, which was a whole lot of fun and just a really great show. I went to see Captain America: Civil War with Branden, who is just the most miserable and depressed lonely person I know and I was trying to be nice to him but I don't know how much longer I can keep that up. I was supposed to be going with him to see the Dresden Dolls, so now I have to figure out how to get there because I think he backed out but still wants his ex-girlfriend to have a ticket and I'm just... what? I don't even know what's going on there. Whatever. Kristin's mother died like right after Mother's Day, so I went up to Plattsburgh for the funeral and to support Kristin, and that was... surprisingly good, for being such a sad reason I was there? I really got to reaffirm my friendship with Kristin, which is something I had been hoping I could do. I know we're never going to be as close as we were back in college, but we're back on much better terms now, which I'm happy about. We played a lot of games, I sort of made amends with her boyfriend who I was holding kind of a stupid grudge against for about a year but that seems to be smoothed over and I'm just glad he's taking such good care of her. I stayed with Sadie for the weekend, but while I was there I also got to meet Jeanne for the first time and see Mike for the first time since... like 2011, I think? Last time I saw him he was still single because we hooked up, lol. I also had a chance encounter with Mandy, which was wonderful because I missed her and I didn't think I'd be able to see her that visit. And I met up with David and had lunch with him, which was nice. I will be returning to Plattsburgh in July for a longer visit which will be better planned so I can see and spend more time with more people. One of my rats died while I was in Plattsburgh, so I buried River by the Normanskill river, in a very pretty spot. Zoe is depressed without her sister. The day after that was the Workforce Challenge race, which I fucked up by not crossing the finish line so I don't have an official time but I am 99% sure I beat my time from last year by at least three minutes, so I'm calling it a victory. A few days after that I got to see Joywave at the Hollow with my new friend Nate who looks a lot like Pete Wentz, just in glasses. Joywave was very high energy and fun, and I got to take a picture with the lead singer after the show and tell him that his album is in circulation at the library and that I recommend it to people. On Wednesday there was another Reading Music event, this time for Game of Thrones, and the performers were Dork Store Orchestra, and it was really cool. And now it is the final weekend of May and I am alone in my apartment trying to get as much writing done as I can.

Plans for the summer coming up: Next weekend I am getting the first session done for my next tattoo, which will be a bluejay wing on one shoulderblade and "squint your eyes and hope real hard, maybe sprout wings" in the shape of a wing on the other side. The weekend after that is the Capital District Renaissance Faire. That Wednesday I am seeing Mumford and Sons at SPAC with McKenna. The weekend after that will be the second session for the wings. The weekend after that is the Panic!/Weezer/Andrew McMahon concert with Emily and Sadie and Colby, which kicks off my eleven day vacation. So day one is the concert in Canandaigua, days 2-6 will be spent in Ithaca with Emily, day 6 I come home to Albany, I'm hoping to be collected on day 7 and brought up to Plattsburgh to stay until July 5, which is day 11. The weekend after that is the library Summerfest which I have to work a book sale for, and I might be house/catsitting for Jendy that weekend/few days. The weekend after that, I'm going to MA for the Modest Mouse/Brand New concert with Julia and her friends. The weekend after that, I am hoping to see Amanda Palmer in Hudson, but I haven't been able to find anyone to go with me yet. The first week of August, I'm seeing Motion City Soundtrack on their farewell tour at UCH. The weekend after that is Film Night at Tanglewood. The final weekend of August is the Dresden Dolls concert in Boston. And that's basically my entire summer.

In more prosaic/less date-based news... I've been going out to lunch 2-3 times a week with my coworkers, mostly Chris, mostly to Kanters Deli. Once we got berry salads and took them to Washington Park, that was really nice. We have switched to centralized ordering of CDs in CMS, which means I have processed about 400 CDs in the past month and a half, but we discovered on Friday that the entire CD budget for the year has been blown and it's not even June yet. So... either we're not getting any new music for the rest of the year or some numbers have to be juggled. I would be okay with not getting any more CDs for a while, it's a fucking pain in the ass doing 150 of those at a time. I bought Superfight and three of the expansions, I'm trying to wait until I get some Amazon gift cards to get the other three expansions I want, plus a case that will hold the whole game, ideally I'll get those before I go back to Plattsburgh.

The novel is coming along... my deadline is the end of June. Right now it's about 430 pages long. I expect my beta-readers to cut a lot of it, but I don't know what needs to be cut. I'm also still dicking around with AU stories-- right now the ones that I'm working on are the Game of Thrones AU and the one where TJ is a sex worker (it's actually cute...) but I need to focus on the actual novel most of all. I have a handful of major plot points that need to be finished, and a couple of chapters need wholesale revision before I can show the novel to anyone, but... I might be able to get it done. I hope I will. I've been having some weird character bleed issues with Quentin's attitude melding into mine sometimes which is upsetting because he's still an asshole even after his redemption, but... weirdly... he was apologetic about it happening? the voice in my head apologized to me? which was FUCKING WEIRD. But... I've been saying for a while now that they're practically real people. This is just bringing that home. So... I just need to finish the novel so I can write about characters besides Quentin and Tyler Jordan. I did finish writing their wedding today, so that's good.

I'm doing 30 Dresses in 30 Days in June, so I need to get all my dresses organized so I know which ones to wear each week. And I have a shitton of mail to send out that I've just been sitting on and not finishing and addressing and mailing. I keep putting it off until the next time I get paid... I'll just make Chris bring me to the post office next weekend on our way to Schenectady for me to get inked.

I feel really tired when I get home from work most days and don't get much done. A lot of sitting in bed staring at Facebook and not writing. I wish I had a way to make myself be productive after work instead of just being a useless lump. I might leave work feeling okay but by the time I get home it's all gone. Oh well. I don't know what to do about it, really. Except develop a sense of self-discipline I really don't have.

I think I'm going to go eat dinner and then go take a cool bath. It's ridiculously fucking hot out so maybe that will help.


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