Apr. 7th, 2017

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Trying to get back in the habit of posting more regularly, so here goes.

My family came at the beginning of March. It was really good to get to see Dennis for the first time since 2013. Both parents, all siblings, and Rachael's boyfriend Bucky came. My parents brought us out for dinner while they were here, hibachi on Saturday and Indian on Sunday. I didn't spend an overwhelming amount of time with the family as a whole, but my mom and I saw our traditional mommy-daughter movie on Saturday morning-- we saw The Shack, because she wanted to see it and the only other thing I wanted to see was Logan and I didn't know how well she'd like a blood soaked mutant murderfest (although it turns out she liked it because she saw it with Julia after they went back to MA). The Shack was a pretty good adaptation of a pretty mediocre book. Then we drove all over Rensselaer trying to find coffee milkshakes at Stewarts, the one in Defreestville had no coffee ice cream so we had to go to the one by the train station. On Sunday we got family photos done, and my mom insisted on Spencer being in some of the photos, so the two of us nerded it up with our Pokemon trainer jackets and our crocheted Dratinis that Alicia made for us.

A couple weekends later, Spencer brought me to Vermont to meet his dad. My landlord was redoing my bathroom and needed us out for the weekend, so we headed north... and I had a great time. His dad is an old Vermont hippie who grows his own. I got to see the house Spencer grew up in, the bedroom he shared with his twin brother, the AMAZING views of the Green Mountains from his backyard and front yard, and he took me to meet his next-door neighbors who seemed pretty chill and friendly... except I got into a VERY passionate discussion with Maxine about why 50 Shades is garbage and how there's better porn on the internet and how I'm writing an erotica novel that handles BDSM in a much more positive and healthy way... which she asked to read, lmao. While we were in Vermont, we went to the Ben and Jerry's factory (yum!), several great restaurants (one of which had the fish and chips I'd been craving for weeks at that point), we walked Church Street (and the pathetic Church St Mall which is currently in the process of shutting down for massive construction to make it 7 stories, including apartment space), and on our way back to Albany we stopped at the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory (but didn't have time for the tour) and Dakin Farms, which oh my god I've never tasted such delicious sausages holy crap we need to stop there literally every time we pass it, which will be every time we go from VT to Albany.

Around the beginning of March, Claudia let me know that she's planning on moving out by the beginning of May, so Spencer is officially moving in with me by the end of April. We're just waiting for Claudia to get her stuff out to move the (not many) things he has into her old room. He doesn't even have a bed so it's not like we'll need to find a truck to move things, everything he owns will fit in the car over a few loads. We talked to Megan about loosening the no-pet restriction, but she and Ernie are both allergic to cats so they won't let us get a cat (booooo). I don't really want a small pet because I'm sick of tiny things dying quickly, I hate rabbits and guinea pigs and ferrets smell really bad, Spencer hates dogs because he got badly bitten by a collie when he was a kid, so... I don't really know what's left after that. I don't want a bird and I don't care for reptiles, and fish are a lot of work and little return. That's about it.

My morning headaches/dizzy spells have been getting more frequent, and this week I had a dizzy spell that lasted the entire day, which was scary. Usually they go away by the afternoon, but this one just didn't end until I woke up the next day. I'm blowing through my sick time as soon as I accumulate it, and my vacation time is shot because of the two days I had to take off this week. Jendy keeps telling me that I have to save my time and I'm like "hey, I'd love to not be sick this often..." Unfortunately, I'm a little leery of going to the doctor after my last checkup resulted in bloodwork and a mammogram that blew through my entire $1500 deductible in literally one week's worth of appointments. If I had known the mammogram would be that expensive, I would have refused it and just had the ultrasound she ordered to start with, since the mammogram was useless and just told me I have "dense breast tissue" (so... I'm a young woman, basically). I'm pretty annoyed/pissed about how expensive all these tests were to tell me that there's nothing wrong with me when there's clearly something else wrong with me.

Spencer and I have been watching through all the Marvel movies in order to get him ready to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2. We just watched Age of Ultron last night, so we're getting very close to current, and I think I saw Doctor Strange with him (I honestly don't remember if it was him or Greg or Stephen) but I'm willing to re-watch it anyways. We've also been watching through Futurama, and just reached the Comedy Central seasons, and I binged seasons 6 and 7 of Archer so I can watch season 8 as it airs because that just started this week. Superheroes and cartoons is all I've watched this year, lol. I'm pretty okay with that.

I dragged him to see Beauty and the Beast on opening night and I thought it was amazing. Emma Watson did a great job and it was both a faithful adaptation and fixed many of the problems of the original. Quite pleased with it.

I'm trying really hard not to pay too much attention to the complete clusterfuck that is the world at large right now. Trump bombed Syria last night. I'm afraid today will go down in history as the start of WWIII. I'm trying to keep my focus small: me, my loved ones, Albany. Tomorrow I have a major state exam to get my foot in the door for much better paying jobs than I can get at the library, although they're all going to be higher stress than my library job, too. I don't know what the price of my sanity is. Is it $20,000? Cause that's the difference between what I make now and the lowest paid jobs the exam lists for. Plus state workers get super cushy benefits. I could go back to getting therapy monthly or even biweekly. I could pay off my credit cards. I could afford to buy Spencer a gaming rig so he could start streaming. I've been taking the practice tests and acing them all, so I'm not worried about doing well. I have a couple more to go through tonight, and then tomorrow morning is the test, and tomorrow afternoon Spencer and I are driving to Boston so I can see Andrew McMahon and Atlas Genius and Night Riots with Julia at the House of Blues, and then on Sunday hopefully we'll meet up with Sarah and Jessica to do something or at least have a mutually satisfying "holy shit what the fuck" commiseration session.

It doesn't feel like spring yet. I have no drive to accomplish anything. I need the seasonal hypomania to get here.


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