Jan. 1st, 2016

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1/1: Barb's wonderful New Year's party, a rousing game of CAH with old friends and new, a kickass cheese plate I assembled
1/2: Sam's pork and kielbasa New Year's meal, spent several hours with Eric
1/3: Got a lot of writing done in the car back to Albany, shared a delicious dinner with Chris, he set up a closet rack for me
1/4: Rearranged craft drawers successfully, hung fleece over windows to insulate better
1/5: Taught a great jewelry class
1/6: This was a very weird day, I woke up at 4:30am and was basically nonfunctional by 4:30pm, but I did start the day with a Starbucks latte
1/7: Acquired a copy of the follow-up to The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up
1/8: Several boxes arrived, including my Lush order and my Star Wars OT3 Pops
1/9: Did a lot of cleaning and crafting
1/10: Finished the story of the afternoon Quentin and Tyler Jordan kissed for the first time
1/11: Finished a story for Tyler Jordan's birthday
1/12: Got lunch with Alex, cleared the Playaways off my cart
1/13: Woke up early, got a crazy amount of stuff done before leaving the house, came home to yummy crockpot chicken and made cornbread to go with it, refreshed my hair dye
1/14: Had an appointment with Dr. Achar and don't have to come back until July
1/15: Death of a Bachelor dropped and it's flawless, got falafel for lunch with Chris, got a drink after work with Ginni
1/16: First Januarymas party of the year for me, hung out with awesome people I like, played Slash for the first time, ate DELICIOUS venison and lamb and rabbit, played Dead of Winter and won by making a zombie killing robot named Anti-Zombotron 2000, got a wicked intense backrub from Nella, generally had a total blast
1/21: Sadie and Colby came to visit, took me out for Japanese, then came back here with Colby's brother and his GF and David and Nancy for Cards Against Humanity
1/22: Watched a couple episodes of Steven Universe and one of the Flash with Sadie and Colby, made minestrone, then finished a story after they left and before Chris arrived
1/23: ran all over town with Chris trying to get ingredients to make tiramisu, then Januarymas part deux (for me): chai spiced cider, Italian food, cuddle puddle with delicious hairpulling, allowed to give three people man-braids (Andrew, Luc, and Michael), learned how to play Superfight, and everyone liked my tiramisu!
1/24: Spent $97 and saved $125 at Hot Topic (exchanged fancy TARDIS dress for the right size, got the TARDIS coat, a Panic! hoodie, a Sailor Moon t-shirt, some Star Wars cookie cutters), got a couple things at Lush, Chris helped get my laundry done, then after he left I put away a month's worth of laundry, made my bed, took a long bath and read 12 chapters of Chrissie Hynde's autobiography, then painted my nails with [livejournal.com profile] moorishflower's handmade nail polish which is lovely!


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